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  1. Glad you figured that out ;-) Pete Mac Paint PMDG Graphic Designer
  2. Rolf, I took a look at the fuse 3 alpha and it behaves as expected. Make sure you're not using pure black (RGB values 0/0/0) for the alpha as that will not work. You can try an RGB value of 44/44/44 as a starting point and adjust down as desired, but stay away from black. Pete Mac Paint PMDG Graphic Designer
  3. Yeah, a LOT of time, sometimes! Pete Mac Paint PMDG Graphic Designer
  4. I'll do a bit of experimenting on my end and get back to you. Sorry for your problem. Pete Mac Paint PMFG Graphic Designer
  5. No, there is no problem with the spec 3 file. It's possible your spec 3 file is corrupt. Is it possible for you to re-download the paint kit and use the spec 3 alpha file from that? Pete Mac Paint PMDG Graphic Designer
  6. On further review it's probably simpler to check your fuse 3 alpha. You're overwriting that file with your fuse 2 alpha. In essence you have two fuse 2 alphas and no fuse 3 alpha. Check to make sure you're actually using the fuse 3 alpha. Pete Mac Paint PMDG Graphic Designer
  7. Rolf, Just saw your reply. Looking at your pics it seems that you are using the same alpha for fuse sections 2 and 3, tha'st why you're seeing this effect. My suggestion is to go to the commons folder and COPY the fuse 1, 2 & 3 alphas found there and modify those to suit your repaint. Make sure to use the proper file names when you save. Pete Mac Paint PMDG Graphic Designer
  8. Make sure to include all three spec dds files for your livery in your own repaint folder. If one of your custom texture files is missing then the default spec dds is used. Make sure when you save your dds files you are flipping vertically and not horizontally. Hopefully you've fixed you issue already but if not one of these suggestions will. Pete Mac Paint PMDG Graphic Designer
  9. I believe there is an option to have lights illuminate the ground. Not sure if it's in the FMC or a FSX option.
  10. In the texture.common200LR folder is pmdg_777_misc. Top right is the inner cowling texture. Pete Mac Paint PMDG Graphic Designer
  11. This is a strange problem! I see this line ONLY when both of your fuse_2 and fuse_3 textures are loaded. If I mix and match your fuse textures with any fuse texture set then I do not see this line! I've checked your texture map but your good on edge coloring. The join between fuse_2 and Fuse_3 take place on the fuse_3 map and you have complete coverage over the joint area. I've check file formats and all is as it should be. If you haven't done this, my suggestion is to start over by using known good fuse_2 and fuse_3 texture maps and from your master texture, cut and paste into these new maps. You're doing everything correctly. I seem to recall having this problem once or twice and starting fresh with different fuse cut maps fixed this. Let me know how if this works or not. Pete Mac Paint PMDG Graphic Designer
  12. Fix coming. Pete Mac Paint PMDG Graphic Designer
  13. You might try rename the VP-CAL texture folder to one you have already installed that is know to work. See if ithe problem follows the livery when renamed. That will tell you if the issue is tied to that livery, which I can't imagine how. Pete Mac Paint PMDG Graphic Designer
  14. Can you just send me texture fuse_2 and fuse_3? I can see what's going on if I can load them into my sim. Pete Mac Paint PMDG Graphic Designer
  15. I've been unsuccessful in reproducing this. Do you see this edge in all liveries or just in the one you're working on? If you see it with all liveries then it's a driver problem. If it just with the livery your working on then it's on your texture map. I got caught out thinking that one of my maps was fine until Jason pointed out to me that when he viewed the map at high mag he noticed that my artwork did not extend to the edge of the map, crating that white gap. Pete Mac Paint PMDG Graphic Designer
  16. I've seen it on both my MacBook Pro, which has Radeon graphics, and on my desktop, which has a GeForce card. I'll mess around with my driver settings and see what setting triggers it. Pete Mac Paint PMDG Graphic Designer
  17. If you are sure you have no gaps in your texture map edges then it's most likely a driver issue. This drove me mad during development of the NGX where I was the only ones the group seeing this gap. Turned out to be a driver setting that is the root of this. Happens on the T7 to if I muck about with settings. You might try adjusting v-sync. I forget off hand what the exact driver setting can cause this. Pete Mac Paint PMDG Graphic Designer
  18. Mac_Paint

    Etihad livery

    I'll put that on my to do list. Pete Mac Paint PMDG Graphic Designer
  19. Doh! Fixed! Update available soon for both pax and freighter. Pete Mac Paint PMDG Graphic Designer
  20. Acknowledged. Should be fixed for SP1. Pete Mac Paint PMDG Graphic Designer
  21. I'll have a look see. Pete Mac Paint PMDG Graphic Designer
  22. I seem to recall a message thread during the beta test period that posed this question and the tech team pilots responded that this is how it looks out of the cockpit. Pete Mac Paint PMDG Graphic Designer
  23. The way I do it... Creat a folder which I name Left. Work on one side of the aircraft only and place all work into that folder. Once I'm happy with all elements I creat a special layer in that folder which I name Alignment. On this layer I will zoom in to one of the doors and I add a square of color aligned with the bottom of the door outline. I then will duplicate the entire folder and name it Right. I then flip that folder vertically then move the entire contents of that folder using the align square to align with the bottom of the door outline on the right side of the aircraft. I then go to each layer that has text and or any graphic element that needs to be flipped then flip that layer horizontally. Any cheat line you create on the left will be aligned across the nose with the right when you correctly zoom in and align your color square. As far as the aft alignment goes, it's trial and error. Nudge, launch in FSX, take a screenshot. Open in Photoshop and nudge some more. I've taken days sometimes to get complicated art to look right but that's the nature of the beast. Pete mac Paint PMDG Graphic Designer
  24. Mac_Paint

    PMDG address

    You can send us all your old, dirty bank notes. We'll put them to good use, LOL. Pete Mac Paint PMDG Graphic Designer
  25. Fill the alpha layer on the decal texture map with black. Pete Mac Paint PMDG Graphic Designer
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