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  1. I am curious how flyers have enjoyed wide body airliners over the years. I have three favorites--my all time favorite was the TWA L1011. Just loved flying in it, and on approach to JFK once from SFO our pilot announced we were doing an autolanding to the suddenly hushed cabin passengers. Yes, I was a bit nervous too, it was my first such landing, in 1982. I just loved the look of the L1011 head to toe, it looked so nice the way the rear engine was faired into the tail, unlike the DC10 where it just stuck out. My second favorite was the Boeing 767, I loved it because of its economy seating, there was only a window and aisle seat, felt like first class when I flew on one from Pittsburgh to Frankfurt in 1995. My first flight on a 767, in 1987, we flew at FL410, the highest I had ever flown at that time, and it seemed like we were in space, the clouds looked so small below. I still have an 8mm video of that flight, archived to mp4, on my computer. My last flight on a 767 was with Hawaiian, nonstop Honolulu to Phoenix, with my wife and daughter, and we had such a nice flight and enjoyed the service on that airline, some of the best I have ever had. Last, but not least, the iconic 747. I first flew on one in 1980, last flew on a 747-400 coming home from Heathrow to Phoenix last year. Whenever I flew in a 747 I felt I was making some type of statement to those on the ground below--look at me, I am going somewhere far... I have crossed the Pacific and Atlantic on a 747, but the Pacific only twice (roundtrip of course). My last US city to city experience in a 747 was way back in 1994, Dulles to SFO, where one of my colleagues in first class snuck back to coach and gave me a can of beer.... John
  2. Cactus521

    X Plane 11 shakes

    Might be your controller. Xplane11 did not like my Saitek Controller nor another controller I bought. I finally had to settle on the Logitech Extreme 3D Pro, which solved the shakes that I saw. I have not had a problem since. You can try adjusting some of your controller settings to see if that helps. John
  3. Cactus521


    I am wondering if anyone remembers this cartoon series from the late 60's/early 70's. It was one of the few cartoons I enjoyed (along with Road Runner and the Flinstones, lol). Every episode the pilots in the Skyhawks would be solving a crisis. It was not on the air long, just curious if any simmers in my age range, or others have seen it? John
  4. Thanks, tried it for the first time in Xplane11 in the Aerobask Eclipse 550, on approach into Reno, ILS 110.90 16R. Worked very well, held the runway heading and glideslope very well, I was able to autoland practically with just slight inputs of thrust. John
  5. Yes, seems like they took it off for some reason, might have had some issues...
  6. Cactus521

    Basin and Range, Photoreal

    I used to manage the hotel accounting team for Harrah's Lake Tahoe--lived there a year but did not adjust well to the cold climate well and became a business systems instructor for their owner at that time, Holiday Inn, where I was based near Washington DC and out of Atlanta. A beautiful, often missed part of Nevada is Great Basin National Park, east of Ely near the Utah border. I went there in 2013, it was the highest I had ever driven, over 11,500 feet, and the Aspen trees at that altitude were glorious. John
  7. Nice video, what is the Zibo 737 all about, and how did you get those wing views? John
  8. Their website shows it as released. I have the 550 for P3D, excellent aircraft. Since I do not like to overlap aircraft between both sims, I probably will not get it for Xplane11. I have the Aerobask Eclipse which is almost as fast, and it's a fun aircraft. I do have one Carenado title for Xplane11--the PC12, the "Swiss Army Knife" of aircraft, a fun aircraft to fly. One day I was at a grocery store in Phoenix and I heard the sound of a jet engine nearby, overhead. I looked up and was surprised to see it was a PC12, I was surprised at the engine sound, I was sure it was a bizjet. It was on approach into Glendale Arizona. John
  9. Not often seen, Jasper's beautiful scenery as I head south over the Canadian Rockies in the Eclipse 550 at FL300 John
  10. Cactus521

    Windows, FSX, and P3D on same SSD ?

    I do not see why not--I had FSX and FS9 on the same drive on my old system. But I should caution, if you can upgrade Win 7 to Win 10, do it as soon as possible. My old system died when it went into an upgrade loop--problem is during the upgrade Microsoft pulled their files as they no longer supported Vista. There was no way out of it and I lost the entire system and some payware (thank goodness Carenado let me redownload most of it except for my V35 Bonanza which does not show up in my download history for some reason). Upgrade if Microsoft offers an upgrade path, otherwise disable Windows update well before Microsoft pulls support for Windows 7. John
  11. Cactus521

    It's Washington but not DC

    Very nice to see an LSA soaring over Washington! John
  12. Cactus521

    For Douglas DC-8 Enthusiasts

    Wonderful screenshots... My first trip to Europe from JFK was on a chartered Douglas DC8-63, Transinternational owned by TransAmerica (which later changed its named to TransAmerica). They were chartered by American Institute for Foreign Study which took us high school students on a week long trip to the Alps in 1977. We flew via Munich to Milan on the way there. On the way home, due to headwinds, we flew from Munich to Vienna to pick up some passengers, then from Vienna to Shannon, and finally Shannon to Gander then on to JFK. Long flight, then I had to fly home to SFO via Dallas on a 707 and 727. In terms of hours it was the longest series of flights I ever flew, although not in terms of distance. The DC8-63 had a very steep attitude on takeoff and could also reverse two of its four engines in flight to slow down, as we did coming into Milan over the Alps. The sensation was like coming to a stop mid air, made worse because we were above the cloud deck. We flew rather low to and from Europe compared to today's modern jets--FL290. John
  13. Over Nevada's stark yet beautiful Basin and Range desert, and the Bonneville Salt Flats in the distance.... John
  14. I have always hand flown my approaches and landings in Xplane11. I am wondering about approach mode--how well does it work in Xplane11? I used it in FSX but it was always a trick having to capture and hold the glideslope, always had to capture just right, from underneath. John
  15. Cactus521

    PC Pilot or Computer Pilot?

    I think I bought both Magazines way back when, Computer Pilot asked me if I would allow my freeware on their Magazine but I cannot recall what they wanted since I released a few titles and one ultralight trike over the years, until I quit due to bandwidth issues some years ago. PC Magazine Italy also took another program of mine for distribution a long time ago, Mirrorart, on their CD that came with their magazine. I believe I even gave them permission to translate my readme into Italian and at least one user sent me a nice email. I quit buying all Magazines when diabetes made my eyes worse but now that treatment has greatly improved my vision back to when I was young I buy magazines again. Good luck on your decision and remember you can always buy standalone issues of Computer Pilot if an article catches your fancy. John