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  1. When I first tried this title, I was bummed, fps were poor. But only when I first tried it out, might have been a background process I had running, because the fps and smoothness of this Carenado XPlane11 title are awesome. I love the autopilot, and love having an aircraft that can handle a big payload. I try not to repeat titles I have in P3D in Xplane, so I have a reason to fly both sims, so I felt the PC12 was the best option to try for the sim. Enjoy the screenshots! John
  2. Cactus521

    Start me up....

    Only thing missing is the song....
  3. Cactus521

    Persian Golf operations

    Good screenshots, wish I had enough hard drive space for DCS, looks like a great sim! John
  4. Cactus521

    Rising Storm 2: Vietnam

    Love the mountain formations in Vietnam, John
  5. Cactus521

    Call The Ball

    Nice, hopefully not a missed approach! John
  6. Cactus521

    Chicago to Los Angeles

    Nice flight route, loved the wing view! John
  7. Cactus521

    KMBS to KTTF

    Very nice, love the flight over the greenery. which is a sight for sore eyes for those like me who live in Arizona. John
  8. Climbing up to the service ceiling of the Eclipse, FL410.... John
  9. Cactus521

    Been following this for some time

    Yes, the Airbus design is very cool. The question will be whether any of these can be mass produced, and whether our current air traffic control system can handle them. I probably see these as maybe being popular with airline pilots who choose to live in suburbia and then choose to commute to a major airport for their flight duty. I do not see many home users having them, with the possible exception of John Travolta and Harrison Ford, who like anything that flies.... Me, I prefer my car to the airport, I like to know what I am leaving on the ground so I am sure to return to it when headed home..... John
  10. A passenger's POV on a tour over San Francisco and its landmarks, including a Golden Gate Bridge flyby.....sort will have to see.
  11. Cactus521

    Arizona Maricopa County flight

    High compliment of someone who goes by the title: Prepar3DFan. No worries, I am a P3D fan as well. John
  12. Cactus521

    Been following this for some time

    I did not know where to place this post, it's not a video I made and I did not think it appropriate to place it there. These aircraft are the wave of the future. Unlike, the Moller Aircar, the Ehang 184 looks like it might fill a practical need, especially with the coming breakthru that Samsung has made on Lithium batteries. Brushless electric motors, which evolved out of the RC hobby, are very powerful. The electric motor on my old Radian RC glider was so powerful it could do two things--get the glider to over 500 feet high in less than a minute, and when run in my living room, the prop blast blew the curtains off the curtain rods, a prop of only six inches, actually a bit less! So I thought I would share this and see what our hobby thinks:
  13. Cactus521

    FSL back at it again

    Judge not lest ye not be judged
  14. Cactus521

    FSL back at it again

    I think you are the pot calling the kettle black, and I will leave it at that.... I have been around a lot longer than you have.