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  1. Very nice route of flight!
  2. Nice Appalaichan and upstate NY scenery.
  3. p3dv4

    Very nice, I've seen the Aurora Borealis once, one year in Napa California when we had unusual sunspot activity. The color was shifting between red and maroon, it was wonderful to get a chance to finally see these shimmering curtains of light in real life.
  4. Those are some very nice screenshots!
  5. I plan on leaving 11.05 as is, I'm happy with it as it is and I have no need to upgrade at this time. Although I do not have any add-ons, most of my time investment is with my west coast photoreal scenery that I created. It's a pity though that it takes too much space, I wish I could have added it to the file library like my FSX/P3D Colorado photoreal scenery.
  6. I decided to opt out of the latest Xplane11 upgrade. I tested it and got OOM issues with it, but I do not have them on 11.05. Since I opted to use photoreal scenery for most of my Xplane11 flights I decided 11.05 was a good stable release for me. I only have 8GB of RAM and 3GB of VRAM. I let Windows manage my HDRAM. I have found no limit on the number of hours I can fly. What seems to absorb most of Xplane11's memory is the state data it captures. Xplane11 has a very good replay feature built into it so I know that also takes some memory. Don't know if that helps, I have every feature I can think of maxed except logging, which I have disabled. I was coached on how to tweak 11.05 for performance and advised to stay away from 11.10 if I did not like it. John
  7. Reboot your computer, then force a hard shutdown. It should clear out the windows hard drive cache, in case you have an embedded virus. Do not let Windows do a DSKCHK. John
  8. When I was on a flight waiting to depart from Bozeman Montana, a 737-300, we had a compressor stall at the gate when the engine started. Same thing, but much louder inside the cabin. I was not particularly worried, no one panicked on that flight. But I knew some people would not make it on the replacement CRJ-700 they brought in because it had fewer seats. Instead of going to the gate I went to the customer service desk and booked my seat that way. A lot of passengers complained because the airline claimed it was an "Act of God" and thus the already seated passengers on the replacement aircraft took priority. I got home very late, my wife was very worried, since I did not have a cell phone back then. Many of these incidents go unreported. I was on another aircraft that had a ground accident, and I searched the accident records and never found a report. The airlines hide some of these accidents to avoid lawsuits, and if you read the carriage contract it allows them to get away with a lot. But fortunately for all of us, the industry is getting safer, safer and safer. They learned from these mistakes, especially after the Concorde disaster. John
  9. I flew on this same aircraft earlier this year. It's the second aircraft I've flown on that has gone thru this engine issue, fortunately, there is more redundancy on four-engine aircraft. That's why we will miss the queen of the skies......
  10. Very beautiful night shot. One pic can go a long way.
  11. FSX

    Greenery at its finest.....
  12. I finally settled on a Logitech Extreme 3D Pro. It works outstandingly well in both Xplane and P3D. There is a built-in null zone on the joystick. However I found a conflict between the default controller USB driver in Windows and Logitech's driver, so I removed the default driver in Windows. The Thrustmaster site did not have any drivers available for download with their product. It just was not a good product for $20.00. The Logitech controller works very well. Gateways did have a bad problem with USB. My first Gateway fried as soon as I tried to use Xplane with USB. I exchanged it for another Gateway at Best Buy, after all, they have a decent return policy. That Gateway lasted forever. It finally died after Windows update tried to install itself, it got stuck in a loop. Had I had my Linux chip installed I probably could have recovered it, I still have it in case I need to do a rescue on my old hard drive. For me Gateway and MSI were very good products. So was my homebuilt system with an IWill motherboard, which still works some eighteen years after I built it. John
  13. I was feeling a bit lonely last night, so I invited a friend of mine in my apartment complex to go to the store with me. He was really jazzed for some reason, he wanted his girlfriend to see my flight simulator setup. Although I have two good flight simulators, my sim desk is a bit messy, after all, it is a small apartment. But I had my new Logitech Extreme 3D joystick for him to try. First I fired up P3D. I had already taught my friend to fly the sim well, except for takeoffs. Once I got the Twinstar into the air over Ely Nevada, I turned the sim over to him. Boy, he sure remembered a lot of my lessons. He started doing barrel rolls. He must have watched me do one and he just picked up on it. You have to remember when you do a roll to give some reverse elevator as you invert. He had a blast, so he turned P3D over to his girlfriend. Women do love flight simulators, we always debate it here. At least nerdy women do, and I love nerdy women who love flight simulators. Then I said, let me show you another sim. I had ordered from Pizza Hut last night for all three of us, I like hosting Pizza Parties, reminds me of ET. I fired up Xplane. He said: "Why the heck didn't you show me this first?". But it was my scenery he liked because I flew him over where we live. Everyone wants to fly over their house, and I had used Ortho4XP twice. First I used Bing as a source, but it was way too vibrant. Ortho4XP defaults to Bing. But I also did not like downloading a bunch of copyrighted images, so I started to delete them on purpose, without even thinking about it. Then I switched sources to USA_2. USA_2 is IMHO the best photoreal scenery because of the coloration, it is closer to real life. As usual, I am indecisive when it comes to Xplane vs. P3D. It's how we present both sims that sell them here. The competitors to both sims have a very tough road ahead of them, but I believe they may make it if they try to explore different aspects of flying. But if they simply try to copy Xplane and P3D, they won't have much luck. I simply haven't found any better sims but to each his own. But a caveat, my favorite "flying" sim is still No Limits 2, the coaster sim. It's like....uh....what did we used to say?--flying on rails! John