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  1. Have to enjoy those flights that transition from desert to the greenery of Northern California
  2. Nice route of flight John
  3. xp11

    I bet the guy on the tail of that plane taking the picture was freakin' out a lil bit!
  4. I ran the test, performance was standard with my Rig. The graphics did not "Wow" me, I did not see much new. The UIEngine "Valley" Benchmark from several years ago impresses me with the same graphics detail, to me it seems graphics have not evolved that much, and the Valley Benchmark gives me 70fps at max settings. For Me, Xplane11 and P3D are the true standards to measure computer performance by. If your system can run them well, then your system is good. I know I am happy with my results, just wish I had a a little more VRAM on my video card.... John
  5. Thank You! The Cascades are near and dear to me, spent many summers with my semi-professional church school choir taking bus trips up from Napa, CA singing in towns from California up into British Columbia and Alberta. I even cut a record album with my choir in 1970, which I still have a copy of. We'd sell our albums (the choir cut two more in my absence) at our concerts and we paid for the cost of our coach rental and tours with the sales of the albums. Near Crater Lake, my parents and I used to camp every summer at Howard Prairie Lake, near Mt. McLaughlin, not far from Ashland, Oregon, home of the annual Shakespearean festival. John
  6. Out of Chilliwack, British Columbia up to FL220 and down the beautiful Cascade mountain range. On the route of flight you'll recognize Mt. Baker and the North Cascades National Park, Seattle, Mt. Rainier, Mt. St. Helens, The Three Sisters, Crater Lake, Mt. McLaughlin, and Mt. Shasta. John
  7. On final into Albuquerque, nice wing view....
  8. I remember seeing the marble quarries last year as I was on my Trafalgar tour, just outside of Pisa, Italy. When I was in Venice last year I visited the often missed island of Burano, which has interesting colored houses. A lot of my trip is available for view on Facebook. John
  9. XP11

    Very nice mood for this screenshot, thanks for sharing! John
  10. Wonderful wintertime shots of Schweiz!
  11. xp11

    Nice angle and love the updated Cirrus in Xplane11.10!
  12. Nice set, I have flown a Light Sport Zenith Aircraft out of Stellar aircraft before, on the same day my oldest brother had heart surgery. After my flight with a CFI, I drove over to Chandler's hospital to visit with my brother who was still in ICU. He enjoyed my company, I shared the details of my flight with him. For a challenge Stellar is a fun airport to fly out of in Chandler with its short runway. John