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  1. Yet another when airline passengers go wild

    Alcohol, men and women, and high cabin altitude, is a deadly combination, not to mention many of these nut cases take other meds that clearly warn the user not to mix with alcohol. When I was departing a twin aisle jet in Atlanta, a man in the other aisle started to yell and curse at an older woman who could not move quickly, who was holding up the line (O'tooles Observation: the other line moves faster....). I swear to this day, had I a Glock or been an air marshal I would have shot the guy with point blank in the forehead for spilling his venom at the poor woman. No man had better attack a woman or lay a touch on a woman or interfere with an argument between a man and a woman when I am around. I followed the word not allowed as he was chasing down the older woman just to perform more invective on her. The other passengers who saw this did nothing other than mumble under their voices, other than one other man who had the courage to speak up.....
  2. System Requirement Help

    LOL, I played with it yesterday after I posted, it was hilarious, I wonder if anyone out there reads whats gets churned into it. I made a similar program for myself, and had fun with it. The way we we are truly supposed to query is: How may I help you not yes or no questions that lead to nowhere. People need to feed each other with data, discuss it, and come to an understanding vs. getting stuck in yes/no, on/off games. That is the difference between being human and a machine, and I feel automation, except for simulations where we control the flyable universes we create, I feel automation will never be able to create a entity with emotion and a multi dimensional awareness of our universe.
  3. Cloud

    Think that mountain out there is doing us a high five!
  4. Super real looking sunset flight

    I love the Eclipse in Xplane11 and think it is one of the best payware products I have ever purchased. It flies right on the numbers from takeoff to cruise to touchdown, has a great VC, great interior, and great external views.
  5. While in Tucson be sure to visit the Pima Air Museum:
  6. Super real looking sunset flight

    Like me, another Aerobask Eclipse fan I see! John
  7. Why I can't decide

    P3d has generally honored most of the issues and challenges that were inherent in FS9 and FSX. I introduced Soft Horizons in FS9, Land-class Assistant in FS2002, and extended both to FSX. P3D seems to have incorporated their fixes to address such issues such as hard horizon edges and inaccurate land-class. Soft Horizons came from a tip, an email from a Microsoft employee, who pointed to the bitmaps that controlled haze and sky color when I was working on their betas way back then. I even kept to myself a "Mars Horizons" image file and once posted the Jupiter 2 from Lost In Space flying over very realistic desert vistas that Dr. Smith was bored with and wanted to escape from, LOL.... Right now I have to say that X plane inches out over P3D in the open platform, realistic flight dynamics environment, just by a mere smidgen. Their atmospheric rendering is more believable, their auto-gen, ground AI and in air AI is fantastic, except for the dark contrails issue that I wish they would address in the 11.20 release, it is not even posted as a known bug. Their adaptation to photo-real scenery is amazing, but their default cities are not as believable as P3D's in all areas of the world. So what do I do? I use both sims, and I use Xplane because I feel crosswind handling and tricks skilled pilots use such as slips to increase descent rate and deal with light crosswinds are spot on. P3D is more entertaining with more realistic city centers on arrival, whereas Xplane11 IMHO is more realistic in the flight levels looking at the world to the horizon. As Forrest Gump says, that is all I have to say about that John
  8. Why I can't decide

    What a great, current and enlightening article? It just makes me feel with P3d and Xplane, I made the two best choices....
  9. Why I can't decide

    In 1984, when I bought my first computer, the "portable Commodore SX-64" with a built in five inch screen (, LOL, I dreamed of what flight sims might become. I bought the computer at my oldest brother's urging for $500, he told me over and over again how important it was to learn computing. I did NOT want to become a computer nerd or video game Nut. But my brother insisted. I had just come home from a month long trip to Europe in 1984, which tanked my bank account leaving about $600 left over. I made the plunge, and bought the computer simply because of Sublogic's stencil graphic flightsim. As time went on I studied simming in earnest. I switched from a Commodore to an Atari ST, a color knockoff of the Apple computer. I got the Atari ST for the next version of Flightsim, which had framerates that jumped from the 4-8 fps of the C64 to over 18fps, so "fluid", LOL! To backtrack, in 1983 I interviewed at a hotel, I wanted to move from a low paying retail, part time job to a higher paying, full time job at a hotel. I was asked if I worked on computers, I said no, and never heard from them again. Two years later, after my brother had me buy a computer, I was still fresh and learning, I went back to that hotel. Once again, I was asked if I worked on computers, to which I replied "I own one". I was hired on the SPOT. I became their Rooms manager, and programmed all their sales and marketing data using code similar to Fortran or RPG. I was not, and still am mostly not, set out to be a programmer. I became a business systems teacher, traveling worldwide for the tourism industry, and along the way joined Avsim and got to know Tom Allensworth. During my brief visits at home, and picking up a beautiful bride during my journeys, who worked for an airline (of course but we did not join the mile high club), I passionately simmed and eventually was asked to be a forum mod. I was given high privleges but due to my work at that time, I just could not handle the dual pro bono roles. I pleaded with Tom to make me a Muggle again, and he did. Maybe I will become a mod here again if asked, I believe in fair and open exchange of our community and hobby. To get to the point, I just love Xplane11 and P3DV4 to death. They both have different approaches, but great hands holding up us student pilots, wannabe pilots, and real pilots in simming. Simming is not a "shoot 'em up" hobby, although I love the way some warbirds like the Spitfire, Mosquito, Mustang and Lightning are commemorated in the hobby. The other day, when I saw that Austin was including a FAR 103 ultralight in his sim, I was in sim heaven and rushed to get their beta. I have already put an ultralight trike out their for FS9, FSX and P3D. Now both sims have come full circle and they compliment each other. I think a hard core simmer must try both, even the other sims that are growing and out there. Thanks for letting me rant about simming and being a bore. WARNING, DO NOT READ THIS POST MORE THAN ONCE, MY BORING ALLITERATION MIGHT HYPNOTIZE YOU AND MAKE YOU THINK YOU ARE HARRISON FORD, PILOTING THE MILLENNIUM FALCON, AND LANDING ON THE TAXIWAY TO AVOID JABBA THE HUT AND THE BOUNTY HUNTERS...
  10. Why Aircraft Are Designed The Way They Are

    Love videos like this! Thank you for sharing. John
  11. I was in Avondale, Arizona when I heard what I thought was the sound of a light jet flying above me, a gentle whir of a turbine. I looked up and was shocked to see that it was a Pilatus PC12 turning final into Goodyear Airport, an airport where I flew a brief ten minute flight in a Robinson R44 copter at an airshow in Goodyear in the mid 2000's. A graceful propjet, I have the Carenado PC12 for Xplane11. John
  12. Live Streaming of "every inch" of Earth Coming Soon

    One must remember "Waaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaleeeee" and the image of a planet earth shrouded by a cloud of geostationary satellites. Nasa's secret to end global warming.... :)
  13. Live Streaming of "every inch" of Earth Coming Soon

    Simply put, we would all be little Trumans in the Truman show, with Jim Carrey and his goofy face laughing his word not allowed off watching all of us little ants running around looking for our soulmates in Fiji. Truth is, I think we are almost there now. My ex wife and I found that whenever we were watching a certain TV show or movie, conveniently Cox Telemarketers would call right at dinner time trying to sell us something specific to the show we were watching, for instance HGTV, did we want to get hooked up with a refi lender referred exclusively by Cox. The media has been prying way too deep into the personal wants and desires of their consumer market, they are there to seduce, not to enlighten. John
  14. System Requirement Help

    What it comes down to is what your machine is dedicated to. I don't think my system was a fate of luck, I paid 1K for it. I strolled down the aisle at Fry's and I looked at the most expensive systems and their prices, I already had a great and reliable Samsung 22 inch monitor from my old system, so I just needed the box. The itty bitty MSI Vortex was perfect for my small apartment, it is not one of those huge, threatening transformer towers that might jump up and enslave u, LOL. My entire sim footprint is about 30x30 inches including the monitor and computer, and it sits on the corner of my apartment's breakfast bar, my control unit is the wonderful Logitech 3D Pro which I just rave about because of it' ergonomics. As a systems engineer by profession now retired due to illness, I apply and stamp the KISS principle in my simming path, keep it simple. My computer serves just five purposes: Taxes/Business, Simulation,Web Crawling, Art, and programing those little applets I might like. And remember Eliza?:
  15. Over Arizona Farmland

    Wasn't my idea, blame the folks at Xplane for putting this bird together for their coming 11.20 release. They must have read my mind for I have always felt if I wanted a fixed wing ultralight I would have bought one of Dennis Carley's real Aerolight 103's or would have found a sim one for P3D or Xplane, and Austin delivered. How I purchase payware, I buy aircraft that fill various niches, such as Ultralight Class (The Xplane11's coming Aerolite 103 or my own ultralight trike for P3D), single engine class (The Carenado 337 or Alabeo 177), the dual engine class (such as Alabeo Cessna 310 or Carenado Seneca), the propjet class (such as the Pilatus PC 12 for Xplane or the Beech 200 for P3D), and finally the light jet class (such as Aerobask's Xplane Eclipse or Carenado's Citation 550). I have spent a lot on these things but I think of it in several different ways. If I go to a rock concert which I still do every so often I am out $100 for a two hour show and I am done with it. But with these add-on aircraft they are the gift that keeps on giving, the builders who work hard get their money for their CAD projects, their flight dynamics and so on, and we in return get many hours of endless entertainment or instruction based on their work. Good job to all the developers who have sold me product since I started simming back in the 'ol 80's... John