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  1. I think OrbX and other FS/P3D/XP developers are suffering more right now than they will once the new MSFS actually comes out, because everyone is holding off purchasing expensive addons. It seems simmers have this expectation that MSFS will be everything to everyone, right out of the box. Every single square mile of the world and every airport will be indistinguishable from reality, making scenery addons obsolete. The flight dynamics and systems will be so realistic that nobody ever needs to buy a study level aircraft again, and the weather simulation is so realistic it will not only replace all weather addons, but also the National Weather Service. All for ~$60 without ever having to buy any addons or DLC. Did I mention it will run at 120 FPS on Ultra settings on a 2013 PC because The Cloud™? Once the sim actually comes out and it's no longer new any shiny, I think the flight sim market will stabilize and divide itself between the different sims based on customer preferences and priorities, and the strengths and weaknesses of each sim. There will be plenty of room for addon companies like OrbX to enhance every actively developed sim, though those enhancements might not be the same for every sim. One last thing, I absolutely love the OrbX Central. It's so much faster to re-install everything from there than to run 50 individual installers, copy and paste each serial number individually, click next a dozen times etc. I wish there was an option to select multiple addons to install at once, but it's just 2-3 clicks for each so it's almost as fast.
  2. Still occasional crashes. It can work fine for several flights but if you happen to approach some airports like S43 at some specific trajectory and speed, it still triggers CTD's. I guess I could turn off components and graphics settings until it stops crashing but I'll just wait until the actual underlying issue is fixed instead.
  3. Same here, I can definitely trace the crashes to OrbX "Flow" modules, although OrbX themselves deny there's a problem. Either way, the hotfix should hopefully make it a moot point.
  4. So I have to disable OrbX airports for it to work? For me, the sim crashes halfway through loading over OrbX scenery on 11.50, both with Vulkan enabled and with regular OpenGL.
  5. Is it compatible with OrbX TE and airports? Just wondering whether it's worth spending time troubleshooting or if I should just wait for OrbX to update when 11.50 final comes out?
  6. I know there are many weather engines for X-Plane that are designed to represent the current weather as accurately as possible in real-time. However I'm not looking for real-world weather, but rather a configurable semi-random weather generator. Basically I want to be able to choose roughly what the weather is going to be like, but not details like the exact height of each cloud layer, the wind direction down to a single degree, the exact temperature and so on. I still want to be surprised by the weather (maybe the wind is slightly stronger than expected, it's hotter than I thought, or there are some rain showers even though I selected a warm summer day, and so on). When you create the weather yourself in the sim, there are no surprises like that, you always know exactly what the weather is going to be. Real world weather on the other hand might not always fit with what you actually want to do in the sim that day. Maybe it's because I started flight simming with Flight Unlimited III, which always had that option: Is anything similar available for X-Plane? If not, is there something like an archive or .rwx files for various conditions that I could download and categorize for my own use based on the type and severity of the weather?
  7. There's always something new and shiny just around the corner. Who knows what LM and Laminar Research will have announced by the time FS2020 comes out...Or what new companies might have entered the scene. Besides very little is known about FS2020. The trailer and screenshots actually show very little of substance, and non-cherrypicked areas might look much worse. I've been a long time P3D user (FSX before that), but X-Plane with OrbX TE and a few basic addons and tweaks is really something special in terms of visuals, performance and immersion.
  8. Aerofly FS 2 is already very niche and limited in scope compared to X-Plane and P3D. This won't change when a new sim comes out. I'll continue to enjoy AFS2 when I just want to do a quick flight without spending a ton of time setting everything up, waiting for it to load, worrying about correct procedures etc. It's probably going to remain a casual sim for its lifetime, the "placeholder" clouds and weather (which is how it was referenced to in a post by IPACS themselves) are still there two years after the sim left early access.
  9. Of course we can only speculate about the reasons. My guess is that the conversions ended up requiring more work and time than they anticipated. It seems airports aren't coming out as fast as we would have thought ("hot on the heels" of PNW?). Maybe sales were also lower than expected due to the new MSFS announcement making people wait rather than going all in with XP11. It's a bit unfortunate that they couldn't at least keep a 20-30% discount (40% was rather generous). For someone who's still 50/50 between XP11 and P3D, this makes it a bit harder to justify switching sims fully.
  10. I made a few comparison shots of Global vs Default mode. Shots over various spots in FTX NA, regions only, no FTX Global installed. https://roughlyit.hopto.org/lychee/#15637959136244 The left image of each scene is Default, the right one is Global. The only difference I can pick out is that the larger industrial/warehouse type buildings have a darker, split roof in Default mode and a more realistic (IMO), lighter roof in Global mode.
  11. I'm in the same situation, as I have FTX Regions, but not FTX Global. I compared screen shots, and the roofs definitely look different depending on which option is selected. Just wondering if it's safe to use Global mode inside FTX regions...
  12. It's out! Hopefully it was worth the wait. Probably going to get it provided initial impressions from others are favorable. It's exactly the type of aircraft I've missed in AFS2.
  13. Did you go into the options and turn down Stability Augmentation to 0? That would be a good start if you think the aircraft feel like they're on rails...
  14. Just a few more shots on a quick hop from W16 to KCLM.
  15. I took some shots at lower altitudes: Things are a little bit "fuzzy", but I love how the autogen almost looks hand-placed even when you just take a shot at some random location in the middle of nowhere. Synthetic textures are always going to look better in terms of clarity and resolution, since each tile can be edited to perfection and storage space isn't such a concern. However photographic scenery can capture nuances and little details unique to each area, where as landclass-based scenery just provides a generalized "impression" of the area.
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