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  1. AdvancedFollower

    Aerofly Goes Vulkan!

    Yay! Finally ATC, AI traffic, dynamic weather and water masks, 10 months after leaving Early Access. Oh wait, never mind. Yawn.
  2. AdvancedFollower

    IPACS Latest News Blog

    Seems like Vulkan finally solves the micro stuttering issue this sim has had since the beginning.
  3. AdvancedFollower

    Cost of flightsimming - per day of use - over 4 years.

    I spend maybe €900 when I build a new PC (often, some components can be kept from the old one). Also, the PC is used for other things as well, like other games, labs and learning, DAWs etc. Hardware peripherals - well, I used the CH Pro Pedals for over 10 years before switching to Thrustmaster T-Flight recently (the plastic rollers/tracks were just totally worn out on the CH pedals)...Currently on my third yoke (Saitek Cessna Yoke). I do own most of OrbX's catalog, as well all the GA's from A2A, a whole bunch of Carenado/Alabeo and more. This is probably my biggest expense in terms of pure flightsim "investments". Probably comes out at about €30 - 40 per month if you average it out.
  4. AdvancedFollower

    System upgrade?

    You can see under the Processes tab which process is hammering the disk, it might not be P3D but some background task. However I don't think the HDD is the limiting factor. That iMac is essentially a 2012 mid-range notebook stuck inside a desktop LCD screen. With just a GTX 680MX GPU and Ivy Bridge (IIRC) CPU, it's not going to perform great with modern sims/games.
  5. AdvancedFollower


    Would love to see some actual progress from the AF2 devs. The "placeholder" clouds are still there after several years of development. No dynamic weather. Still very basic systems simulation. No water masks. Still no ATC. All it really has going for it is the photographic scenery, and now, VR hands...Yay! I guess.
  6. AdvancedFollower

    Need New Image Hosting Site Please

    I self-host using Lychee on a Raspberry Pi 3.
  7. AdvancedFollower

    GTX970 - GTX 1070

    Went from a GTX 970 to 1070 early last year. It depends entirely on the game/sim. P3D and XP11 saw a small to moderate improvement. Some 3D shooters and other "AAA" titles saw a huge improvement. Two reasons to wait might be: -Prices are still recovering from the crypto mining bubble. I paid €399 for my GTX 1070 in Feb. 2017, you absolutely shouldn't pay more than this - the card launched for €419 / $379 in 2016! -New cards might be just around the corner. While I wouldn't expect the price/performance ratio to be great due to the lack of competition, it's always annoying to buy something new only to have it surpassed within months.
  8. AdvancedFollower

    The State of Flight Simming

    Very few developers write their own engine from scratch these days. Only a small handful of engines actually dominate in PC gaming. Licensing one of those combat sim engines might be the way forward.
  9. I think LM have made great progress on the ESP code. Apart from TrueSky (which was just middleware) and autogen alpha fade, FSW was far behind P3D v4 and IMO it would take years of development to bring it up to par. Personally I don't think we need multiple sims trying to modernize the ancient ESP/FSX code. A new engine, built from the ground up for multiple cores and modern GPU's sounds much more attractive to me. Even the old landclass based scenery system seems outdated now that scenery data is so much more accurate than what was available in 2004 - 2006.
  10. AdvancedFollower

    The State of Flight Simming

    I don't think it's economically feasible for any developer to cater to all the wildly different needs, wants and desires of every flight simmer. That's precisely why there are so many addons for P3D and XP. What the core developers have to do is open up the simulator to modifications as much as possible, and then stay out of the way and let publishers and developers choose how they want to distribute their add-ons, without forcing upon them royalties or certain distribution models. Compare the number of people working on the core simulator to the total number of people involved with every add-on you have installed. You will see that it would take an enormous development team to give you a sim with the weather engine, flight dynamics, scenery, systems simulation, ATC etc. etc. that you get thanks to dozens or even hundreds of addons installed... and that's just *your* customized flight sim setup. Mine is probably completely different, with different priorities, demands etc. and a different set of addons.
  11. AdvancedFollower

    The State of Flight Simming

    I think the flight sim community / industry in general is doing fine, certainly better than when MSFS was fist discontinued. The difference now is that we still have options - P3D, X-Plane and even AFS2 to some extent. When MSFS disappeared, there wasn't really anything to take its place (X-Plane wasn't nearly complete enough at the time). FSW was already doomed from the start because they tried to create something "outside" of the established Flight Sim community and "infrastructure". I'd be more worried about the future of DTG - TSW is doing pretty poorly and Train Sim is becoming what FSX SE is, more of a relic than an actual, updated product. I'm a bit sad that the TrueSky technology won't be used, because that was the only aspect that looked promising, IMO. Maybe LM and/or LR will overhaul their weather engines eventually. They both rely on transparent texture billboards like it's still 2002.
  12. Not worth the cost IMO, especially as RAM is ridiculously expensive right now due to the shortage. Also, your system uses DDR3, so if you spend a lot on exotic, factory overclocked modules, you won't be able to use them in your next system. P3D v4 does not yet use 32 GB of RAM, and there's no benefit in having tons of RAM just sitting unused.
  13. AdvancedFollower

    How do you evaluate a newly-purchased airport?

    Typically slew mode to check of any misaligned textures or objects, obvious texture seams/borders etc.
  14. AdvancedFollower

    Joining 2 SSD drives.

    The only drawback with this is that Trim won't work. Also there's some slight CPU overhead since it's a software solution. But it's a lot more convenient than having a bunch of tiny 120 - 240 GB SSD's that you can't do anything useful with on their own.
  15. AdvancedFollower

    Determining the "Active Runways" for Takeoff / Landing

    I look at the windsock and then head down the turf or dirt in the direction that's more toward the wind. Unless it's one-way ruwnway with a big mountain at one end, or a strong incline. Then I take off downwind or stay on the ground :)