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  1. Well in my case bandwidth is free (no cap), while HDD/SSD space costs money. So having a giant cache taking up precious SSD space would only make sense if there was a noticeable benefit.
  2. A lot of reviewers and non-simmers ("gamers") consider games these days unplayable if they ever drop below 60 FPS. That's why there are so many complaints about the frame-rate in MSFS. Those coming from X-Plane and especially FSX/P3D on the other hand are used to flight sims barely running over 30 FPS (in fact, many still limited the FPS to 30 Max to avoid micro stutters), so seeing a flight sim run at even 35 - 40 FPS is mindblowing. On my system, there isn't any one setting that causes the frame rate to tank, but the cumulative effect of all the different enhancements between High and Ultra cause a somewhat noticeable difference between the two presets. I started with the recommended High, but cranked a few things up to Ultra. Still getting very decent frame rates.
  3. Oh dear, just a few days in and we're already editing .cfg files to fix things...
  4. That's amazing! Almost as amazing as the fact that they thought only developers might want to change planes without sitting through two loading screens (one to get back to the main menu, one to load the new flight).
  5. This is what my city of birth in Sweden looks like in FS2020. Honestly prefer P3D. Even though that's also wildly inaccurate, at least there are textures on the ground.
  6. AMD specify 85C as the maximum safe temperature for the 2700X. Anything above that will shorten the life span of the CPU significantly and cause throttling. You should ideally be well below that, perhaps under 70C.
  7. Found a cleaner, more permanent way to skip the silly non-skippable intro splash screens without having to download anything or modify the game files. https://www.reddit.com/r/MicrosoftFlightSim/comments/icrc4c/psa_to_skip_the_intro_videos_and_logos_set/ There are instructions further down in the thread on how to do it for the Microsoft Store version.
  8. Make sure Terrain Level of Detail is cranked to 200, if your system can handle it. This will improve the quality of distant photogrammetry somewhat.
  9. Yep for the photogrammetry you actually have to adjust the Terrain Level of Detail, since it's essentially a fancy mesh at a very high resolution. Cranking that up to 200 will improve distant photogrammetry somewhat. Still doesn't compare to custom made 3D objects with hand-crafted LODs, though. With the photogrammetry the sim has to kind of guess which polygons to remove based on distance.
  10. I had already read about the blue bar bug, so after it ostensibly started downloading but with just the blue bar, I hit Alt+F4 and restarted. After doing this twice, I got the white bar instead and it started downloading properly. Not a good first impression. I have a 250Mb/s connection but the download speed is nowhere near that according to the task manager. The issue seems to be that it's downloading a lot of tiny files, which creates a huge amount of overhead compared to downloading the data in larger chunks. Another annoyance is that it keeps playing music in the background when downloading, so you can't listen to something else while it's downloading. Fortunately you can mute Flight Simulator specifically under the Advanced system settings in Windows 10. This sim probably needed to cook another 3 months in the oven, but hopefully things will work OK once the initial issues are solved.
  11. The new atmospheric model makes a big difference. It has a huge performance hit at higher settings, but Medium looks almost as good and works fine on my GTX 1070. It does make the old semi-3D billboard clouds and cartoon-ish colors of the regular model look extremely dated. I'm still very torn on TE for P3D, as I already purchased all the regions for XP11 and OrbX are offering no crossgrade discounts. The way the autogen blends into the scenery (PBR?), the smoothness, the flight model etc. makes XP11 almost perfect for me, minus just a few things, most importantly the AI air traffic and ATC. I'm hesitant to buy the P3D versions only to be faced with blurries, stutters and endless tweaking... It's interesting how I've almost become "attached" to the old OrbX regions when flying P3D. They feel like "home" in all their imperfection, superimposed roads and repeatedly tiled textures...Switching to TE would be almost like saying goodbye to a good friend.
  12. How does it compare to the X-Plane version in terms of traffic (cars, trucks etc.) on top of the photorealistic roads? Does it render smaller bridges as a 2D texture across the water, as a 3D object or does it just cut small bridges out of the scenery? How well does the autogen blend into the scenery?
  13. I think OrbX and other FS/P3D/XP developers are suffering more right now than they will once the new MSFS actually comes out, because everyone is holding off purchasing expensive addons. It seems simmers have this expectation that MSFS will be everything to everyone, right out of the box. Every single square mile of the world and every airport will be indistinguishable from reality, making scenery addons obsolete. The flight dynamics and systems will be so realistic that nobody ever needs to buy a study level aircraft again, and the weather simulation is so realistic it will not only replace all weather addons, but also the National Weather Service. All for ~$60 without ever having to buy any addons or DLC. Did I mention it will run at 120 FPS on Ultra settings on a 2013 PC because The Cloud™? Once the sim actually comes out and it's no longer new any shiny, I think the flight sim market will stabilize and divide itself between the different sims based on customer preferences and priorities, and the strengths and weaknesses of each sim. There will be plenty of room for addon companies like OrbX to enhance every actively developed sim, though those enhancements might not be the same for every sim. One last thing, I absolutely love the OrbX Central. It's so much faster to re-install everything from there than to run 50 individual installers, copy and paste each serial number individually, click next a dozen times etc. I wish there was an option to select multiple addons to install at once, but it's just 2-3 clicks for each so it's almost as fast.
  14. Still occasional crashes. It can work fine for several flights but if you happen to approach some airports like S43 at some specific trajectory and speed, it still triggers CTD's. I guess I could turn off components and graphics settings until it stops crashing but I'll just wait until the actual underlying issue is fixed instead.
  15. Same here, I can definitely trace the crashes to OrbX "Flow" modules, although OrbX themselves deny there's a problem. Either way, the hotfix should hopefully make it a moot point.
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