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  1. Tom, I have tried following your directions, but always get an error message to the effect of, "You are not allowed to use that image extension on this community." I used Jim's suggestion for hosting, copied the url as you suggested above, but still come up with a message that it is an unacceptable file. The upload was a standard jpeg file. What did I miss in your instructions? Thanks, Wilson Tom: Never mind. I just had to find the correct url from the website. Got it posted. It was easy, once I figured out which to use. Thanks for your instructions. Wilson
  2. Same problem here, but only on the port engine. Aircraft rotates about 90 degrees to the right every time I press the starter button, as if there is super torque in the starter. Handbrake was engaged. Starboard engine starts normally.Only way to avoid is to use Ctrl E.Wilson
  3. Ditto all the above.Flight One is THE class act for online flight sim purchases. A few others come close and are also great to work with. Some are still using 1950's management styles ("We are right and YOU, the customer, are wrong.) and are WAY behind.But Flight One is, uh, Flight Simmers' Number One.Wilson
  4. Andy,Also, if you haven't already tried using your mouse wheel, instead of clicking, give that a try. You can use it in almost all cases where you use a click of the mouse, such as changing heading or frequency on the radio.Wilson
  5. Just read the review for this latest version. I have a question that I thought would be addressed in the review, but wasn't.I have read numerous times that usb headphones were taboo for us flight simmers because of the resources they consume. That is, as opposed to headphones plugged into a soundcard.I would be interested in knowing if there was any loss of performance or stuttering as a result of using this usb headset. If not, maybe it is time to throw away that soundcard (just kidding). Also, does using a usb headset like this mean that you need to disable the soundcard?Thanks for taking the time to write this review, much appreciated.Wilson
  6. LOL. Come on, give him a break.From the sentence structure and grammer, I am assuming that English is not his first language.I bet he speaks English better than you speak his native language. :-)I have made the same mistake before understanding what the poster was trying to say.Wilson
  7. Hi, guys. I don't use it, but noticed the post. Have any of you tried the patch that came out a few days ago?http://library.avsim.net/esearch.php?CatID...til&DLID=103828Maybe that will solve your problem.Wilson
  8. Hmmm, wonder if it could have been a "hole punch cloud"? Sort of like one of these . . .http://forums.avsim.net/user_files/164420.jpghttp://forums.avsim.net/user_files/164421.jpghttp://forums.avsim.net/user_files/164422.jpg
  9. Jim,I'm with you.I've been running 2.0 since it came out with no problems. I suspect that it is a system-specific problem, or may not be a 2.0 problem at all.Seems like a lot of us may have system-specific configurations that can cause problems. I, for example, cannot upgrade to XP Service Pack 2. I paid the MS Support fee, but even MS Support finally gave up (plus, refunded my fee). Fortunately, that means that I missed the, uh, opportunity to upgrade to FSX. FSIX is working fine on my system, so I will just keep it that way.But ranting won't cure my problem, either.My next Vista system will probably take care of any existing problems. Of course, you can also count on some having problems with that, as well. Part of living with computers, I suppose.Wilson
  10. Confused:I, like Glenn, am running the Microsoft Sidewinder Pro under XP with no problems. It is recognized immediately upon plugging into a USB port.I have not tried running it through the game port, so can't tell if that is your problem. Since it comes with a USB adapter, you may want to try using it through a USB port.Wilson
  11. :-lol Now THAT is hilarious!Wait, come to think of it, my pager fps IS higher.Wilson
  12. John,Thanks for responding.Okay, I believe that I understand. I didn't explain that I was speaking of mailing a check, as opposed to PayPal.So, as I understand it, Kathryn will take my U.S. check and hide in the trunk (boot) of the car. Robert will then drive the car over the border to Seattle, open the boot and let Kathryn out, hopefully still breathing. She will then take my check and deposit it into the U.S. AVSIM bank account at Bank of America, Seattle branch. Viola! No currency exchange fees!So, one final question before I send the check. Does Kathryn have to hide in the trunk going back into Canada?:-) WilsonP.S. Wouldn't it have been easier for me to send the check to Virginia and someone just let Kathryn know to post the deposit?
  13. I just saw the donation post on the main page. It prompted me to remember that I still haven't made that donation.I am still questioning whether some part of a donation from the U.S. isn't lost. I have already explained my ignorance of currency exchange, but I find it difficult to believe that U.S. dollars can be sent to Canada and then be returned/spent by a U.S. organization with no exchange fees incurred.Is one U.S. dollar donated to AVSIM equal to one U.S. dollar available for AVSIM to spend?I am guessing that just because it is "Bank of America" probably doesn't have anything to do with exchange rates in a foreign country.I just don't understand why AVSIM has a Canadian bank account.Tom, do you mind indulging me and explaining that?Thanks,Wilson
  14. Randy,Thanks for the reply. Yes, I figure that it must be a recent scenery installation.But, as I said, I have uninstalled every add-on scenery and am still having the problem. The last scenery installed (and only recent one) was KRDU2010. I removed it from the scenery library menu and then removed it completely from the additional scenery folder.One odd thing that I noticed. I deleted the FS9.cfg file and let it rebuild. When I go to any runway after a rebuild, it is correct. But if I then go to another airport, the problem returns. There are time when the error is as much as 110 degrees.Still no luck.Wilson
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