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    Flight simming, astro-photography, nature and landscape photography, exploring Colorado ghost towns, ATVing, enjoying my horse ranch "Dolce Far Niente".

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  1. Wilson

    unable to uninstall FSX

    Try going into Task Manager and see if there is an applicable process or service running that can be stopped. I have run into uninstalls that got, uh, stalled. Just a thought, Wilson
  2. I can't believe this has gone on as long as it has. Of course, Kevin is correct! We all have our opinions of what is best. And they are just that -- our opinions. And, yes Jose, it IS just your opinion. And, yes Jose, you ARE entitled to your opinon and we apprecitate your input. But, yes, you ARE stating your opinion as fact. If you simply added, "In my opinion. . ." to each of your "facts", as Jim did is his earlier post, then we could all move on. Jeez! Wilson
  3. Always cold and dark for me. For me, that is half of fun of a good "simulation" of the real thing. Once at assigned altitude and on autopilot, there is not a lot to do. Oh, wait! "Pour a beer and make a sandwich and some chips!" Wilson
  4. Wilson

    Choosing A Flight Simulator

    Wait a minute! I thought that we were supposed to spend thousands on systems to get 20 fps. Jeez, how am I going to explain this to my wife. . .
  5. Wilson

    Affinity Mask

    You might want to check this out. I would go for the second grouping of expert mode. http://www.gatwick-fsg.org.uk/affinitymask.aspx?SubMenuItem=hardware Wilson
  6. Wilson

    Flight Beam and FSDT Help

    I see the update now. I did not scroll down beyond the original link that you sent. Not being a computer hex-head, after reading the current signature rules, I would have thought that . . . "You are allowed to place up to two images in your signature. These images cannot exceed 500 pixels wide by 125 pixels high. You can put up to five URL's in your signature that link to your web site, blog, or other sites." would slow things down a lot more than a one liner about one's system specs. But then again, that is why I don't try to produce a flight sim website. Regards, Wilson EDIT: Sorry, didn't mean to hijack this topic. Will be silent now.
  7. Wilson

    Flight Beam and FSDT Help

    Jim, You might want to update that signature rules link. It states that if you put your system specs in "My Profile", they will show up under your avatar. That is no longer true. That may be why some people are still putting them in the signature. BTW, what is wrong with putting them in the signature, especially since they no longer show up under the avatar? Just curious. Wilson
  8. Wilson

    No GA AI traffic UT2

    Did you set both traffics to zero in UT2, also? All traffic should be set to zero, both inside and outside of the simulator, when running VoxATC, I believe.
  9. Never mind. Problem solved. Wilson
  10. I installed the FSIServer upgrade yesterday. The install went fine and I was running FSI with no problems. Today, when I clicked on "Update Weather", it was taking 2-3 minutes or more to download, and twice it never downloaded. I still have FSXServer on my system and have been using that, since updates take about 10 seconds. I don't think it is a firewall or AV problem, since license validation works and it does connect to the server most of the time. Any ideas on what to check? Wilson
  11. @ Paul Elliott Man, you gotta upgrade that Intel 8086 processor and boost your ram higher than 64k! I'd go all the way to 128k if I were you.
  12. Wilson

    KLM's Lost & Found service

    Afraid so. According to DDB & Tribal Worldwide, the agency responsible for the ad, the dog is a hired actor.
  13. Wilson

    KLM's Lost & Found service

    Unfortunately, it is not real. It was done as part of a commercial.
  14. Wilson

    Banning babies from flights?

    Uh oh. I think this thing may be headed south. . .