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  1. hmuller

    Single Engine Taxi FSL A320

    With all due respect to you and your friend, but I have been flying the A32F family for more than 10 years and the FSL does NOT simulate single engine pretty well. I don´t know if it's the P3D engine's fault or FSL problem, but now it's NOT correct. And you never have to use the pedals to keep the real one straight during taxiing.
  2. hmuller

    Is it worth buy FSLabs a320

    Simply not.
  3. Thank you Dave, appreciate it. Best Regards.
  4. Here it goes: Tks
  5. Thank you Dave,but my thread is still there and along with that of other users, after 90 days I asked again: "any news about the fix?" Silence... So, I moved on ... Have a nice weekend!
  6. You must be kidding, Mathijs told me to wait 3 weeks to fix a problem in the F-14 and it's been almost 9 months and not even a word.
  7. hmuller

    Waiting for the 'Bus?

    Me too, Win7 Ultimate x64 here.
  8. hmuller

    A question for FSL Fan Club

    Same here, after months it was the only way to install and run FSLabs on my machine (P3Dv4), completely shutdown W Defender and getting rid of AV .
  9. hmuller

    A question for FSL Fan Club

    17 here Avsim, but of course you didn´t see...
  10. hmuller

    A question for FSL Fan Club

    Yes I did! At first they even helped, but then with the forthcoming launch of the A319 and the huge number of people with problems with crashes,etc. they did stop respond, said they are in study or analysis ...
  11. hmuller

    A question for FSL Fan Club

    You´re right, the FSLabs support told me exactly the same and I did it, but even then the ucrtbase.dll crash occurred and I continue to wait until now for a solution... But thanks.
  12. hmuller

    A question for FSL Fan Club

    Agree, but in my case I got to do a complete clean install and I installed FSLabs with nothing else and even then, I had the infamous CTD ucrtbase.dll (as well as several other users). The curious thing is that I have almost all top addons and I NEVER had problems with none: PMDG, Qualitysim, Majestic, Milviz, etc. ONLY with FSLabs and only on P3Dv4. (I´ve never had a problem with FSLabs A320 with P3Dv3).
  13. hmuller

    A question for FSL Fan Club

    You can not compare PMDG with numerous products and with the time it is in the market with FSLabs that throughout their history have only two products (Concorde and A320) and have only now released an addon for their A320 (A319). Not to mention the number of sales. Btw, I've never had problems with PMDG, Majestic,Milviz,Leonardo´s MD, A2A 180, Metalmesh F-15, even Captainsim, but this FSLabs is driving me nuts...
  14. hmuller

    A question for FSL Fan Club

    Just for you, I just counted 32 pages of crashes in the FSLabs crash sub forum and you said "I don´t see many"... Respect the problem that others have with this buggy software.