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  1. Hi, If the "2D transparency" to 100% setting didn´t work , give this a try: Open the aircraft's panel.cfg and find a window labeled "Light Sensor". For example in the 777 this looks like this: // // Light Sensor // [Window18] BACKGROUND_COLOR=100,100,100 size_mm=4, 4 position=0 nomenu=1 visible=1 ident=499 zorder=99 gauge00=PMDG_777X!LightSensor, 0, 0, 4, 4 You need to add this line: alpha_blend=0.0 after zorder=99 to make the white box disappear.
  2. Please, is there any Marshaller or Gate (Stand) visual docking guidance system in the LatinVFR Miami v5? Thanks!
  3. Exactly, it also happens with default scenery SBRJ Rwy 20L (only 20L/R NOT 02R/L) and any third part aircraft (PMDG,FSLabs, CapSim) in P3Dv4. Sad that they didn´t fix this in V5.
  4. I have exactly the same problem and that option is enabled in the IvAp Configuration tool."Enable IvAp <-> FSUIPC SDK"). Using the last FSUIPC (registered). Any tips? Thanks!
  5. I had exactly the same problem today with SODE 1.65, I fix installing SODE Version 1.6.3, until scenery support send me the official fix.
  6. Really? Check out this video: "no VR would not be in there at launch MAYBE later on that´s perhaps a longer term goal..."
  7. Exactly !!!! Same here, there´s NO way back to flat screen 👍
  8. Exactly !!!!! Same here, immersion hits visuals,it is really a game changer.
  9. I tried the same, It´s excellent, thanks for the tip Yurei.
  10. Hello, Please, helicopter pilots using Thrustmaster Hotas Warthog, what did you assign as collective in P3D (throttle, slider,etc). Thanks in advance.
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