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  1. Glad you are enjoying them. Try KNYL for your F35s and KTOL for the ANG F-16s. I am sure you are also using the SSJ KPHL.
  2. ShezA

    Introducing simwestFOTOREAL

    Try and drop in my KNYL Yuma scenery and KLGB scenery into it too. Looks like it would blend nicely.
  3. ShezA

    Unable to import CRJ flight plans (FLP)

    Are you trying to open it in the CRJ FMS?
  4. Thank you sir! I have an early rendition of Burbank on my computer. It is supposed to be the next SSJ scenery and Ian already had done some work on it. However, I am waiting for that long delayed DTW to be out the door before moving another scenery...
  5. ShezA

    Are the Flight 1 GTN's a performance hog

    Yes. Google it. I have dbase 1813. You need to update the Trainer and there are specific files to update. Good luck.
  6. Actually I have them all working in P3DV4. The only problem I get is the FPS hit with ORBX Socal and other nearby payware.
  7. ShezA

    No taxiways problem

    For addon sceneries this is not the method. Those addons require special treatment in the source files or maybe by excluding the area around them.
  8. Nice! Are you doing a special mod? Looks good.
  9. ShezA

    P3Dv4 aircraft recommendations

    For SJC-SFO and no A/T or A/P, the Justflight Cessna 152. You can add the GTN650 to it but that is no fun is it...
  10. ShezA

    Milviz PA-30 Twin Comanche

    When I was trying to learn to fly the Just Flight C152 I found out that the reason this is the case is the over-sensitive setup of FSX/P3D to changes in the environment. The solution was to turn down the turbulence settings in Active Sky or whatever weather program to 20-30%. Apparently the base setting is for MS/LM default airplanes. This really sorted out the jumpiness of the aircraft especially the payware models. Shez
  11. ShezA

    Custom key assignments

    I have now mapped all the main functions for MaddogX on to my Saitek Switch Panel. Let me know if anyone wants a copy. You will need SPAD Next for it to work.
  12. ShezA

    4.3 - Dynamic Lighting & SSAA

    I can concur with the general direction of observations. After much experimentation my 28" 4K monitor requires an in sim 4x MSAA and FXAA on to maximize the screen smoothness ay my monitor's optimal 3840x2160. Anything above is marginal in terms of object edge smoothing and not worth the slight performance loss. I can turn off AA in sim completely but only with FXAA on otherwise there are jagged edges.
  13. ShezA

    TFDi 717 or Leonardo Maddog?

    Good points. The one thing which the 717 falls down on is that only Delta fly it so flight choice is scarce. I also agree with the sounds. Very weak, and even worse in the spot view where it is almost silent. The Maddog is a noisy old girl externally compared to the current crop of airliners (although it is silent in the cockpit/front seats because of the rear mounted engines). I have not bought the payware sounds but I use the freeware sounds from the AVSIM Library which are better.
  14. ShezA

    QW 787 final thoughts ?

    It is one of the best simulations for FSX/P3D period. The visuals external/internal, the systems and flight modeling are great (of course, from a pax perspective having flown on a 787 a few times, it is a very smooth flight). Shez
  15. ShezA

    Good Asian Airports for P3D4.?

    OPKC Karachi and OPLR Lahore by MK Studios. And there is a good OOMS Muscat out there. Also FT OMDB which is going to be updated soon I hear (much needed). And of course the upcoming WSSS... Shez