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    I am a VATSIM Supervisor and a C3 controller at KZLA/KZAU/OMAE.

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  1. ShezA

    Maddog sounds

    So I bought the sounds and they are very good. BTW I think they have two cockpit versions now. One quiet as in normal and one louder. Having sat up front pax cabin in both the MD80 and DC9 I think the normal CFG is good for the MD and the louder for the DC. It is a completely different sound experience (decibel-wise) when one sits at the back of these two aircraft.😣
  2. Well said. This whole 'Study Level' definition is a moving target dependent on the expectation of the user...
  3. ...and while we are at it, the new JustFlight tiddlers C152 and PA28....
  4. ShezA

    Maddog sounds

    Thanks mate!
  5. ShezA

    Maddog sounds

    Thanks. What is the merge?
  6. ShezA

    Maddog sounds

    The one weakness of the Leonardo Maddog. Any suggestions for a good sound set for this model?
  7. ShezA

    P3D 4.4 TomatoShade

    Yes it should. Then try and run the TS install.
  8. ShezA

    P3D 4.4 TomatoShade

    If you have made changes to the shaders in the past then TomatoShade will not initialize. Google this topic or check here on AVSIM for solution.
  9. ShezA

    P3D 4.4 TomatoShade

    Did you ensure you have the original shaders installed?
  10. I guessed this was the issue with the TBs. Kept rolling to the left and then realized that the rudder trim was the only solution. So I have my Saitek Yoke and throttle stack etc. for flight functions and took my TH Hotas joystick and assigned the rudder trim to the throttle. I turned the throttle sideways so that the throttle would go left and right and voila I had a rudder trim....😉
  11. ShezA

    Ingame Vsync vs NVI Vsync

    This is one for the gurus but I think G-sync does not affect P3D. Could be wrong.
  12. Agree. The Conquest 441 and the Duke are excellent sims.
  13. ShezA

    8X SS A new Fan

  14. ShezA

    Ingame Vsync vs NVI Vsync

    I have tried out both and it appears I am seeing a pretty good response with the internal VSync but because my monitor is at 60Hz and I lock at 30fps I am forced to do half refresh rate in Inspector and set Triple Buffer there.