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  1. Gerrish, FWIW I was using the latest SCASM version 2.88.Allen
  2. I seem to have solve the problem.When building SCASM libraries, it appears that the AID (aid1..aid4) values for the objects need to be incremented contiguously (as in Arno's example above). This explains why the process works when the objects are broken up into separate library files, but not if combined together.Here is a little blurb from the FS2000 scenery SDK (same as FS2002)..."When a library object is called, the BGL system first searches its memory-resident libraries. If a library object with the same ID is found, it is called. If not, all available BGL files are searched. The search is quick and efficient because just the header of each file is read. If the ID called is out of the specified minimum/maximum range for that file, the next file is searched. When the object is found, it is put into its own memory area inthe library."In BGLC libraries, you can define the min/max range in the header. I guess that SCASM does this for you when it creates the BGL file.Hope this helps someone else down the road. And, thanks for all the suggestions.Cheers,Allen
  3. Hi Arno. You are correct, I did remove some of the non-applicable code before posting the example.Guys. Thanks for the examples. I tried them (replacing the ObjID statements with my own), and they still don't work.My calling BGLS were compiled with BGLC, not SCASM. Most of the time I use BGLC. I use SCASM only when I create objects with FSDS V2. I am starting to think that there might be some kind of problem in this area (BGLC calling SCASM). What throws me off is why the process works when the library objects are separated into their own files.I'll report back when I find a solution (hopefully).Thanks,Allen
  4. Thanks for the reply Luis.The LatRange() part was put into the SCA file by BglAnalyze, after I disassembled the BGL file (to debug the compile). I do not think that it is really necessary.Are you saying that there is only one "EndObj" statement at the end of the file ? I always thought that there was one "EndObj" statement for every "ObjId" statement. My code compiles just fine. The problem occurs when I try and load the scenery. I also know that my calling method is correct, because it works just fine when the library objects are broken up into separate files.Thanks again,Allen
  5. Nice one David :)I was wondering how you were going to support all those sims. Thought maybe you had gone off the deep end :-lolAllen
  6. Hey guys. I have been battling something for several months regarding the creation of object libraries. I have exhausted all my resources.I get the "Scenery Object Not Found" messages whenever I compile a library SCA containing multiple objects (with the latest SCASM compiler). When I split the file into 2 objects and compile them into 2 separate libraries, they work just fine.Here is a super simple SCA file containing two objects: Header( 1 N80:00:00.00 S80:00:00.00 E180:00:00.00 W178:60:00.00 )LatRange( S80:00:00.00 N80:00:00.00 )ObjID( 0146A176 95F37A12 089DEEEE 31C7E096 )LibObj( PWR 100 SIZE 53 SCALE 1024 TYPE 2 NAME "Test Triangle 1" )BGLVersion( 0800 )Call32( :_tmp_0_Polygon_0 )EndVersionReturn:_tmp_0_Polygon_0TransformEndReturnEndObjObjID( 14A16BC2 09968740 F2458DEF 8F7C755D )LibObj( PWR 100 SIZE 53 SCALE 1024 TYPE 2 NAME "Test Triangle 2" )BGLVersion( 0800 )Call32( :_tmp_0_Polygon_2 )EndVersionReturn:_tmp_0_Polygon_2TransformEndReturnEndObj When I try and call these objects, I get the error on both objects. However, when I split the file into 2 objects (each with Header() and LatRange() calls), everthing works out just fine.Also, if I try and concatonate the files with CATBGL.EXE, I also get the same error.I know that I must be missing something very simple here. But, I have been through all the available DOCS and forums and cannot seem to locate any advice. Seems like I am the only one having the problem :(If anyone has ANY suggestions, I would love to hear them.Thanks,Allen Kriesman
  7. My first flight, after purchasing Fly!, was to be from Burke Lakefront to Put-in-Bay. I was a little surprised (initially) that Put-In-Bay was missing from the scenery.Nice addon !Allen
  8. That is a great story Scott. I really enjoyed reading it.I can understand how your time went by so quickly with Rich. He was an amazing person to talk to, and not just when it comes to flight sims. I only spoke with him a handful of times, but each time I came away with more and more respect for the man.Those that had a chance to know him well, were truly blessed. It seems like Rich had a way of making everyone around him better human beings. When I spoke with Tara at the service, it did seem like they (Tara and Lauren) were at peace with the whole situation. It was obvious that Rich had prepared them well for this moment.Take care,Allen KriesmanTerramodels for Fly IIFly II Beta Team
  9. For those that were/are interested, here are the scanned images from the memorial service pamphlet as attachments. I have included all 4 pages. Page 4 has a nice little summary about Rich.Allen
  10. Hi All.I had the pleasure to attend the memorial service for Rich here in Dallas today. Since there are hundreds (if not thousands) of you that would have liked to attend, I thought that I would highlight a few things that occurred.As Rich would have wanted, it was more a celebration of his life, than of his death.A large portion of the entire service was
  11. Are the locations for the runways, taxiways, buildings, etc. off because you are using up to date data vice FS2002 using data from before FS98 for MagVar? I am not exactly sure of the cause. The problem does not seem to be MagVar related, because there is no consistency among airports in the same region. Sometimes the rotation is slightly off. Sometimes the rotation is dead on. Occassionally, the problem has to do with the scaling of the airport skirting.I have come to the conclusion that the FS2002 runway/taxiway locations are not as accurate as georeferenced aerial images.In your undertaking, you will need to make sure you adjust any and all NAVAIDs associated with your airport to coincide with your rearranging/moving the above.Yeah, I have already taken this into account.In fact, I had already tried change SetupLoc() in the past to set the startup locations. The problem was....that I was developing across a network. I was using AFINSTALLER to update my facilities changes. I forgot that I had installed a local copy of FS2002. AFINSTALLER was updating the local copy of FS2002, instead of the version installed across the network.Fortunately, the reply from Luis caused me to revisit the process.Allen
  12. Thanks Luis,I don't know how I missed that one, it was right there in front of my face the whole time :)Cheers,Allen
  13. I am overlaying airports on top of aerial imagery. Since the default FS2002 runways/taxiways do not line-up in most cases, I have 2 choices:(1) Try and modify the airport skirting image to align better with the runways.(2) Move the FS2002 Runways and Taxiways to overlay the skirting.After battling back and forth on this for some time, I am going ahead and moving the FS2002 runways, taxiways, markings, and AI paths (for accuracy).As expected, this causes the user aircraft starting position to be off when you use the "World | Go to airport..." option in fS2002.I went into the AFDFILES and changed the RwyLoc() values for the airport in question. However, these values only seem to apply to AI traffic, not the user's aircraft.Does anyone know which BGL files (or folders) contain the user aircraft startup locations for a particular airport ? I thought for sure that it would use the same locations as the AI traffic (in the airport facility files, AFDFILES).Thanks. I have struggled with this for some time.Cheers,Allen
  14. It is really unbelievable. That body of his just refuses to give out. It is not uncommon to see Cancer take someones life in just a few months. Rich has been fighting it for so long. And, he probably has it worse than anyone I have ever known.Simply amazing. I hope that he is not suffering too much.Cheers,Allen Kriesman
  15. Marijo,I totally agree with what Arno said. You really cannot go wrong with either one.Personally, I use FSDS because of it's simplicity. FSDS V2 will give you everything you need to design high quality scenery for FS2002 (with a shorter learning curve).On the other hand, if you think that you may expand your scenery design outside of FS2002, then you may be better off learning Gmax. I have heard that the GMax interface is very similar (if not identical) to 3DS MAX, which is somewhat of an industry standard for creating 3D objects.Allen
  16. As someone who has quite a bit of experience in this area, here are a few comments of mine :)I think most people that design freeware scenery builders, do so for themselves at first. Eventually, they decide to share their work with the community.Developers usually enjoy their work, but hate writing documentation. Most freeware developers that I know, release minimal documentation, and hope that some enterprising user will take it upon himself to go a step further.Perhaps a commercial vendor will come along and fill the gap, but I doubt it for the following reasons:Firstly...These kinds of tools have very high development costs. Even more importantly, they appeal to a much smaller percentage of the Flight Sim community, as opposed to aircraft and scenery packages. As a result, there is a much smaller commercialware profit margin.Next....Supporting these types of tools is typically much higher (per user) than for packaged scenery or aircraft sets.High development costs + high support costs + lower sale volumes = Bad business decision.The creation of freeware development tools is usually done by those that enjoy doing it. When the enjoyment stops, so does the development and support. I would bet that there are several nice scenery building packages that have been created by Commercial vendors. However, they realize that it is not in their best interest to release them to the public (either as freeware or payware). For them, it is much better to sell the finished products (aircraft & scenery), then to have to sell and support the scenery builders themselves (not to mention that they would also be hurting their own business). IMHO, the best thing that could happen to the FS world, would be for more interested user(s) to help out the freeware developers with improved documentation and support issues.Just some thoughts on my part. Perhaps others have differing views. Cheers,Allen KriesmanTerramodels For Fly II
  17. When I want to package the scenery, I have to make a response file firstYep, this is a bug that has been reported several times. The more people that know about it the better.Also, I seem to remember that some people had TM2.mlf entries that were too long for TM22. And, this was causing the crashes. I can't remember for sure, it has been a LONG time since I have been in the Terramodels code.You bring up some important points that any new scenery designer should take note of.Cheers,Allen
  18. Jeff,Same thing here. Out here in Euless, I shot up out of bed a couple of minutes past 8:00am, but did not know why at the time. I don't remember hearing anything, but it must have been loud.Allen
  19. I _really_ want to see Fly continue to improve, to gain new users, and to prosper.Believe me, there are several of us developers on the beta-team that would love to continue the Fly legacy.Rich is quite aware of the opportunity. Unfortunately, TRI has completely shot down any possibility of releasing the source.The problem is indeed the shared code. That is, a portion of code (about 10% as per Rich) is shared among TRI products that deal in a first person perspective.While 10% might not seem to be much, I believe Rich once told me that there are about 1.5 million lines of code in the Fly2 engine. So, 10% is still a significant amount.This is all quite a shame. I have spent a very significant amount of time doing low-level development for both Fly2 and FS2002. The Fly2 development platform is by far the most intuitive. I will really miss it.On the positive side, Rich and the others on the Fly team have shown us the right way to build and support an open-ended software product. It would not surprise me to see many of their ideas/principles applied to flight sims of the future.Also, hats off to the ROTW team. They are still doing some really incredible stuff for Fly2.Cheers everyone,Allen Kriesman
  20. Thanks guys !Yikes, I am glad I asked. I'm not sure that I could have ever cracked that naming convention.Allen
  21. I currently have some VTPm2 code, that uses named textures. But, I want to have my textures blended with the surrounding landclass textures.From the great information I have read here (from Dick and othes), I am hoping that this will work, if I replace the named textures with "253" (I use seasonal textures).I am guessing that when FS2002 sees a texture "253" for a LOD13 cell, it will search for an appropriate texture, using the same naming convention as those created by RESAMPLE. Correct ?If this is true, then what is the format of the files created by RESAMPLE ?For example, here is one of the Niagra Falls example textures:003101031321011Su.bmpI know about the seasonal suffixes. But what is the format of the rest of the file ? I assume that it is some combination of LOD8 and LOD13 cell quadrants.I am not using RESAMPLE to create the bitmaps, so I need to mimic it's naming convention. That is, provided that I am understanding the use of "253" and custom landclass textures correctly.Thanks guys,Allen
  22. Nice post Lefteris.I pretty much feel the same as you. After seeing Rich suffer as much as he has for some time now, a large part of me was hoping for a quick and easy way out of this life for Rich. I really get the feeling that he wanted some closure on some things, before moving on. The FlyII patch.....Christmas with the family.....I don't mean to speak of Rich in the past tense, but it seems like now he is ready for his extended rest. For this I am thankful.Given the same situation, I would be pleased to have a fraction of his strength and courage. In fact, when the time comes (hopefully much later), I will be a stronger man from knowing Rich and his struggles.Take care,Allen
  23. what are you doing as far as photo terrain.Hi Jay,Right now I am kind of in the prototype stage with VTP polygons. I have managed to align the images nicely, and make good use of transparency. Unfortunately, I am not really happy with the blending of the airport images, with the surrounding standard landclass textures. I will continue to try some different methodologies until I get it right.I am currently using VTP Method 2 to draw my images. I may try using the images as custom landclass textures, to better blend them with the surrounding textures.Cheers,Allen
  24. Here is another one for you (www.dfwmaps.com). These are very high resolution color images, and may be worth a look. The 2001 aerial data has the road labels embedded in them, but you might want to look at 1999 data.Another option is to download Terraserver images and color them yourself. This is what I am currently doing.Cheers,Allen (live in DFW area)
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