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  1. That's interesting news Rene. For some reason, I could not duplicate the problem.Thanks for sharing.Allen
  2. Hi Markus,I am afraid I really don't have any suggestions for you, as I have completely forgotten everything about Fly! and Fly2K (and do not have it installed). The Fly2K editor is much different from the integrated FlyII editor. Hopefully, there is someone around here still using Fly2k who can help you. Also, there are no conversion tools that can be used to convert Fly II models and POD files to Fly2k format (at least none that I know of).From a development standpoint, Fly! and Fly2k are very different from Fly II. Unfortunately, I just could not afford the time to support Fly2K, after Fly II came out.Take care,Allen
  3. Mare,I wish I could help you with V1.0. However, it is completely differerent from V2.x (which is Fly II only).I have not looked at 1.0 in a year or two, nor do I even have the source or documentation anymore. I have been working on V2.0 for so long, that I really can't remember a thing about 1.0.I do know that V1.0 did not have the integrated interface that V2.0+ has. All the objects created with 1.0 had to be placed with the Fly! editor.Sorry,Allen
  4. Here you go. The table contains the 1st 3-letters of the base filename. I do not know about the rest of the characters, but it gets me where I need to be.http://home.att.net/~mesh64/nlcd_mapping.htmlI don't know who's web page this is, but thanks for the information !Allen
  5. It seems like I remember reading a post, where someone cracked the land use texture filename format in FS2002 (SCENEDBWORLDTEXTURE folder).I want to replace the default Land Use textures in FS2002 (they are too colorful and unrealistic for my area).Any suggestions ? Maybe I am just imagining reading this somewhere.Thanks,Allen
  6. Thanks for the detailed explanation Richard. You just cleared up another point of confusion for me.Allen
  7. Ryan,Sinced I only learned this recently also, here are a few places to start.FS2002 Custom Terrain SDKhttp://zone.msn.com/flightsim/FS02DevDeskSDK15.aspNice LandClass link, can't remember by who. This page has links to other nice pages and utilities.http://home.att.net/~mesh64/landcoverintro.htmlI would read the MS Document "Creating Terrain and Land Classification", which is part of the Terrain SDK. Pay special attention to the discussion of LOD.Also, watch out for the TEXTURE folder problem (see my recent post).Good Luck,Allen
  8. I tried those numbers, and RESAMPLE aborted itself. I thought the joke was that the RESAMPLE app would not handle numbers of this precision without being in exponential form. I will them again though (must have had a typo).DFW looks a whole LOT better now. Thanks for the help.Allen
  9. Rhumba...CellXdimensionDeg = 0.014705882352941176470588235294118CellYdimensionDeg = 0.011029411764705882352941176470588Thanks for the laugh :)Allen
  10. Thanks guys for the advice. I did indeed have a texture folder.Now that you mention it, I remember reading about this somewhere. Boy does it cause some strange effects. I must have wasted 3 hours on the problem. Although, I also don't ask for directions, until I have been driving in circles for 3 hours either :) My wife can verify this to her dismay.On a side note, I wrote a program that takes detailed land classification images (TIFF files) from the USGS, and converts the TIF files into RAW files containing the translated land classes (NLCD to FS LC).I was planning on having this very detailed landclass scenery generated, from my 13,500 x 10,127 pixel image files (NLCD data). I knew that I had to generate an LOD 5 area of 3.75 degrees x 2.81. What I did not know, was that an LOD 5 region only samples points every 1.2km. So basically, my very large and detailed image, is no better than a 256x256 image.I don't see how you guys found this stuff out prior to the year-late SDK's. I tip my hat to you.Cheers,Allen
  11. I have been playing with redoing the DFW LandClass for some time now. I had been having problems, so I took it down to the smallest, simplest example. No matter what I do, I get a generic looking terrain. and not the expected city textures.For my test, I put all the same landclass values in the binary input file (256 rows x 256 columns filled with a decimal 101 value). When I fill the value with 101 (city texture), I get a moon like landscape. When I fill the value with 106 (suburb), I get a similar landscape in another shade. This is really crazy. I have read the SDK, and have a good understanding of the process. I even tried LandClass assistant, but achieved the same results.I am wondering if the RESAMPLE.EXE that I am using is causing problems. It is the version from 6/28/02 that came with the Terrain SDK.Any advice would be welcome. Here are some screenshots and other information. Remember, the RAW input file is 65536 bytes, all filled with the value 101. First, the INF file (brackets removed)....DestinationLOD=5NorthLat=33.75SouthLat=30.9375WestLong=-97.5EastLong=-93.75DestDir=.DestBaseFileName=TESTSourceType=ClassU8SourceDir=.SourceFile=new.rawLat=33.75Lon=-97.5NumOfCellsPerLine=256NumOfLines=256CellXdimensionDeg=0.0147058CellYdimensionDeg=0.0110293Here are the values from the LOD 5 calculatorAnd, hear is a screenshot showing the problem (area around the airport should be city texture 101, but it is not).Thanks guys! I must be missing something rediculously simple.Allen
  12. Trip,If you don't mind me asking, what kind of cooling fan are you using to run your Northwood 2.2a at 2.72Ghz ? Are you just using the boxed retail CPU fan ?I was considering trying to implement a very similar setup. Cheers,Allen
  13. Awesome pics Todd. Thanks for sharing.Glad you made it back OK. It's nice to know that I can always hit the computer's reset button, when I am having trouble gaining altitude out of Tahoe :-lolAllen
  14. Hi Gerrish,Thanks for the info regarding SCASM. I remember Rich (Richard Harvey) mentioning that Fly II changed to the SMF format, because it directly translated to the native Direct X commands. Personally, I have never had a look at the DirectX SDK (OpenGL yes, but DirectX no).Looks like MS is following suit.Cheers,Allen
  15. Hi Jim,I've been lurking and studying up on FS2002 internals for quite a while now.I have some ideas that I have been tinkering with, but nothing definite yet :)Allen
  16. Boy, I have spent a good part of the last few months learning and using SCASM, which is a quite a bit different from the SMF object model format used by Fly II (of which I am very familiar).I decided to look at the new floating point BGL Opcodes used by FS2002, which are recommended for new FS200x development (as you know).I was surprised to see that creating a new object using only Floating-Point BGL opcodes, is almost exactly the same as the SMF object definitions used by Fly II. It looks like you could easily take a Fly II SMF object and translate it right into the floating-point BGL opcodes.Go figure. I could have saved a couple of months of work if the Scenery SDK (with the new Opcodes) had come out a little earlier :-(Cheers,Allen
  17. Hi Dan,And where did you learn all this wonderful stuff ;)Nice to see the schooling is coming in handy, heh heh.Allen
  18. Agreed Larry. Rob and the gang have done an incredible job with the SF 260. I believe they have set a new standard for payware aircraft in the FS2002 world.Allen.
  19. Rob,The works you guys produce are second to none. I truly hope you have the success you deserve from this product.Based on these thread comments alone, it looks like you guys are right on track.The panels are also amazingly "Fly-Like". IMHO, they are the best use of panels in FS2002 that I have seen yet. I especially like the multiple 2D views.Cheers and great work,Allen
  20. Boy do you speak the true Chris !The scenery SDK for FS2004 needs to be out 6 months to a year BEFORE the actual product is released.FS2004 sales will go nowhere fast without freeware and commercialware support.I am all for progress, but please get those SDK's out Microsoft !Allen
  21. Guys,Regarding the bleeding of terrain thru ground polygons/taxiways.I have seen this phenomenon (see pic) with some of the MS default taxiways. But, it seems even more present when I create my own with the SCASM taxiway commands.This example is with the default MS mesh (elevation points).Does anyone have any idea what might be causing it ? It seems like a Z-Buffer issue. I am curious as to any work arounds that might be available, either thru DirectX settings or SCASM commands.Thanks in advance for any explanations or advice,Allen
  22. David, one more thing.I do not think I have your Email address. Could you send me it at akriesman@usa.net ? Thanks.There is also something else I would like to discuss with you.Cheers,Allen
  23. Hey David !I will try and Email you from home later tonight. I have been working on something similar. I would be glad to share my findings with you.Take care, Allen
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