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  1. Doc Bryant

    The Pro Pilot experience

    My two favorite flights using Pro Pilot 99 are just noodling about San Francisco Bay area and the CJ demo flight down the Grand Canyon.Doc Bryant
  2. From's twice weekly ezine of things aviating....Salt Lake Center:"Airline 123, you bound for Vegas?"Airline 123:"Yup."Salt Lake Center:"You a [DC-]10?"Airline 123:"Yup."Salt Lake Center:"Well, I guess your passengers need a 10 to take home their winnings?"Airline 123:"Nope! Our passengers can take home their winnings in a Cessna 152."Doc Bryant
  3. No, it's not the man with three buttocks....Here's a link to a YouTube video made by the Brits for a cancer fundraiser...How to Marshall Fast Jets... Happy New Year's you all, lurkers and lurkerettes!Doc Bryant
  4. Doc Bryant

    Best wishes to all

    Jerry,I am going to do a little travelling shortly after Christmas. With two friends I will be headed to Dallas for a concert by the group "Trans Siberian Expressway" at the Reunion Arena. One of the party in my group whined about my choice of hotels. It was fifty bucks more expensive than the hotel he favored. It was also twenty miles closer to the concert venue. Since I was in charge of the logistics, I compromised on his choice and made the reservations. The conversation went something like this."I need three rooms for Friday night.""We can accommodate you sir.""Well, I need three kings, two smoking, one non smoking.""Yes sir. We can do that, anything else?"by this time my banter with the reservations person had made us great friends..."You wouldn't happen to have a suite lying about unused on Friday would you?""Why yes sir, we do.""You know, I think I would like that. Put Mr. H in the non smoking room, Mr. R in the smoking king, and I will take the suite.""Would you like suites for the other two gentlemen?""No, one whines about spending money and the other owes me money. Put them in the cheap rooms."Doc Bryant
  5. Doc Bryant

    Best wishes to all

    Ahh yes, it's party season. I have been to two thus far. A miserable one that I was paid to attend, and one hosted by two chefs. The food was so good there I did not bother with dinner later on that night.Tomorrow night's party will be a true drunk front moving in. It's hosted by a wine merchant.I have already received my Christmas present, so no need for me to behave!Doc Bryant
  6. Doc Bryant

    Brother Maynard

    Dan:I have already started the training and rehabilitation program with Sqeek. I have also been offered a six week old German Shepherd puppy and two other dogs. I have told all the prospective donors that Casa Doc is a one dog house.If I can attach it, I am thinking of having a bronze plaque made for the back yard. I recalled a similar stanza concerning a Scottish regiment in WWI that gave their all defending a patch of ground in France. I wish I could remember more of the details as it was a very moving piece about dedication to duty.Doc Bryant
  7. Doc Bryant

    Brother Maynard

    Friends, I just wanted to let you know that Brother Maynard, my senior dog who has graced my home for 15 plus years (we are trying to pin exactly how old he was) died sometime during the wee small hours of this morning.Now I am stuck with that #### eat anything Squeek.Doc Bryant
  8. Doc Bryant

    Short Final, Honest, a Short Final!

    Dan, She is good looking. Alas, her looks don't overshadow her behavior. Thinking about that sentence makes me wonder if I don't have the Paris Hilton of dogs? Substitute "eat or destroy" for the verb denoting action that Ms. Hilton is most known for as in, "Paris Hilton is definitely attractive, but she will eat or destroy anyone in sight."It got cold the other night, so I placed an old mattress cover on the back porch for the dogs to share. Squeek destroyed it. The back yard now looks like a cotton field after the stripper* came through.But, she does have her looks.Doc Bryant*stripper, a mechanical device to remove cotton bolls from the cotton plant. Not a lady of suspect dancing skills showing equally suspect breasts for financial renumeration.
  9. From those wonderful folks at FinalRomance in the air is alive and well. While on a CAP flight I heard the following over departure control:Control:Bonanza 123, squawk 4567.A short while later ...Control:Bonanza 123, do you have a passenger named [woman's first name] aboard?Bonanza 123:Affirmative.Control:Can you put her on? We are holding an important message for her.Bonanza 123:Stand by.[pause]Bonanza 123 (woman's voice):This is [woman's name].Control:We have been asked to relay a message to you from [man's name] in [aircraft number]. Are you ready to copy?[pause]Bonanza 123 (woman's voice):Yes.Control:[Man's name] sends the following message: "Will you marry me?"Bonanza 123:[garbled transmission]Control:We didn't get that. What is your answer?Bonanza 123 (woman's voice):I would be honored.Control:Bonanza 123, we copy and will relay.[pause]Cap Flight 2237:Cap Flight 2237 offers best wishes to the bride.Delta 0000:Delta 0000 offers best wishes to the bride.Control:Bonanza 123, Cap Flight 2237 and Delta 0000 send best wishes to the bride.Bonanza 123 (woman's voice again): Thank you.CAP Flight 2237:Nice to know romance on the airways is alive and well. Over 3,000 hours up here, and I never heard anything like that.Control:Me either. We have never played cupid before.Doc Bryant
  10. Doc Bryant

    All I want for Christmas is....

    Dan,I was doing my student teaching in Las Vegas, NV towards my Masters when Grand Canyon Airways or some such outfit flew a Ford Tri Motor on their scenic flights around the Canyon and Hoover Dam. I used to see it every weekend just tottering along. I was a grad student, I had no money. And had I had it, I would have flown in it.Doc Bryant
  11. This beats asking for "my two front teeth" if you are old enough to remember that song.... Bryant
  12. Let's catch you up then Dan....Brother Maynard is also getting very gray. He's got arthritis now, but once he gets on his feet, he's pretty mobile. I give him some sort of Doggie Vioxx which helps greatly. He also takes some other pills, which I guess help.Squeek is the new addition. She's been here five months or so. I found her at work. She is a female Australian Shepherd. She rules the roost. Or eats it. She has eaten the low voltage wiring harness for my air conditioner twice. I also note she has munched the wires to the irrigation system. And recently she tore up the cover to my spa. If she wasn't so cute and obedient otherwise, she would be history. I have been working 65 hour weeks since January, all on the night shift, so I do not have the time to pay attention to her like I should. Brother Maynard is low maintenance. He just requires space on my bed and food. Plus of course the dog party when I go to bed or get up. Squeek gets her attention at feeding time and when I go to work.See attached picture of her sitting on the spa. The spa cover no longer looks that good. And in the background is the air conditioner which she ate. It now looks armor plated.Doc Bryant
  13. I still have the hardware lying about, and all the other stuff too. Although it's covered in paperwork on my desk top. Not the computer desktop..the real desktop.At least its safe, my new dog hasn't found a way to eat it yet.Doc Bryant
  14. Doc Bryant

    Can we do this in any flight sim

    I do agree Brother Luis we've had quite enough of Boeings into buildings, not to mention the other smaller craft that have whacked structures. Although with the exception of the aforementioned Boeings and perhaps a very few of the smaller aircraft, coming to a full stop in a building was probably not something the pilot in command really was hoping for in an emergency situation.However, if one had to actually look outside whilst taxying around the tarmac in that good looking shiny aluminum tube, it might more closely simulate the real world. What with the problems of incursions onto active runways, pilots might be able to use this as a training aid, as much as the ability to manipulate the knobs and type their way into flight!And then there's always the slight (grin grin) amount of joy in hearing that your fellow ace of the base went nose to nose with the potty truck on the ramp. After all, everyone knows poop in the prop is a funny thing especially if you are out of debris range!Doc Bryant
  15. Doc Bryant

    Something different in the air!

    Maybe it's set to Central Time because I am in the Central Time Zone? I have always thought the world should revolve around me, so at least having one thing set in my favor gives me some small amount of hope that the rest shall follow in good time?Doc Bryant