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  1. They look really nice in MSFS 2020. Thanks for posting some pictures.
  2. Couldnt really see it too well, if you are referring to what was happening at the top right of the screen, might be glass reflections. Tried turning reflections to OFF to compare?
  3. Iris Simulations are working on a Grob G103 at the moment.
  4. Cirrus clouds was brought up and talked about on the Q and A video yesterday.. Right nearr the end they talked about weather etc and Cirrus was brought up and answered
  5. When you do a backup, where do the files go as I clicked on Backup but have no idea if it made any or not, or does it not do the backup until you click on install? Thanks Edit! It is fine, I found the location now. Makes a folder in the documents folder and puts them there.
  6. @KL791, @AoA Thanks for the advice about the sound file. Much appreciated from you both.
  7. kkskogoy1.wav is one of the sounds in the install package, for the global package, and when i play that sound file on its own, that is the sound i hear in the sim so thought it might be linked to one of the AI ships. I saw some tugs or perhaps trawlers, in the Solent a few miles away which when I flew past then played the sound even louder as i moved around them so I am sure that sound file is linked to them, but will try and work out what they were to see if theres any sound linked to them in the files. Was really just interested in knowing if there was a setting in the cfg I could change to make the sound fade away over a distance and not just keep playing all the time no matter how far away I seemed to be as even from miles away it was still audible. But no problem, it could be P3D related as I can not try it on FSX to see if its the same there also.
  8. Sorry I had to post this here in the FSX forum, because this might P3DV3 related with this addon and wanted to keep everything in one place, but I noticed that when I was at Southampton EGHI airport in the UK, I could hear some very loud engine sounds in the background which I then realised was related to one of the sound files that I had installed in the package. The file playing was this one. kkskogoy1.wav I did see some tugs in the solent after some investigation which I think might have been where the sound was coming from, but they were many miles away and the sound was playing as if it the tug was almost next to the plane on the ground, so just wondered if there is a sound setting I should put in the cfg or whether this was a P3Dv3 related thing or if not, I guess I can just remove the sound file so that it does not play it. Any ideas anyway would be great. Thanks Craig
  9. Great job guys. I really like what you are doing with it all.
  10. Prepar3D also comes with a hi res version of Norfolk, VA which you do not get in FSX out of the box so to speak.
  11. I believe its the surrounding scenery as well.There are some screenshots of the scenery dotted around in the forum. The pictures of the guys hanging off the jet blast fences by the road make me laugh.Craig
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