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  1. Some screenshots from my recent flight from Amsterdam to Las Vegas with the QW787. With the start of the summer season KLM operates 4 weekly direct flights from Amsterdam to Las Vegas.
  2. JRR


    There is no KLM return flight from Sint Maarten to Amsterdam. The routing for KLM785 is EHAM-TNCM-TNCA-EHAM. So if you want to fly from Sint Maarten to Amsterdam, you should fly via Aruba.Jasper
  3. Quito, Ecuador and Mexico City Rwy 05L/05R might be challenging as well.Jasper :-wave
  4. PMDG modelled the normal 737NG. PrivatAir uses the 737 BBJ with additional fuel tanks.Jasper :-wavehttp://online.vatsimindicators.net/820020/2926.png
  5. This one is from October 2005.JNBAMS04 FAJS/03L VASUR1A VASUR UZ23 ETULI UQ1 TAVLA UG655D DANAM UG655 MERON UG655G ONUDA UG655 GARIN UG655D SEB A403 SARKI UM726 MABOX UM622 ADEXI UZ928 GIANO UL12 ELB UM729 MOLUS UN853 DIK UA24 BUB UG120 HELEN EHAM/18RFlight was flown with a B747-400, registration PH-BFB.Jasper :-wavehttp://online.vatsimindicators.net/820020/2926.png
  6. Hi Marcus,You can use this site for flightplans starting from the USA to various destinations:http://flightaware.comTodays route is:PSM ENE TAFFY N165E VALIE NATX KORIB NATX BABAN UN544 DEVOL UN546 STU UP2 NIGIT UL18 MID UN615 XAMAB UL612 MOKIP UL612 MILPA UM135 TOPJasper :-wavehttp://online.vatsimindicators.net/820020/2926.png
  7. Koen, can you give us a hint about the routing? Entry to LKKV via the L984 to OKG or via the L132 to BADUG?Jasper :-wavehttp://online.vatsimindicators.net/820020/2926.png
  8. You can also use this site: http://www.planningchart.demade by a Lufthansa A340 captain.Jasper :-wavehttp://online.vatsimindicators.net/820020/3.png
  9. Is your power supply sufficient? I can't see it in the specs. I think you need at least 400 Watts.Jasper :-wavehttp://online.vatsimindicators.net/820020/3.png
  10. Great set of shots John,I love the F18 Hornets :-hahJasper :-wavehttp://online.vatsimindicators.net/820020/3.png
  11. Mikkel,I believe the Milan Malpensa scenery is made by the guys from ISD project.http://library.avsim.net/download.php?DLID=43767Jasper :-wave
  12. There's also another sollution which worked for me. When squawkbox asks you to search for a multiplayer session, type in the internal IP adres like, instead of only pressing search and then press "join the multiplayer session".
  13. Go to the control panel > Regional Settings > Options and change the decimal character from a comma into a period.Reboot your computer. Setup a flight and connect to VATSIM. Your position should now be OK.
  14. Here it is ;)http://www.planningcharts.de/Jasper :-wave
  15. KLM431 EHAM-UGGG B738/M-SDFGIRWY/SN0445F330 ARNEM UL620 OMELO/N0445F350 UL620 PEMUR UL984 DIBED/N0448F370 UL984 NM UM991 VILUR/K0895S1110 B494 URMT B145B UGADA R11 GUSLI/N0442F290 UR11 OBORAJasper :-wave
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