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  1. Some screenshots from my recent flight from Amsterdam to Las Vegas with the QW787. With the start of the summer season KLM operates 4 weekly direct flights from Amsterdam to Las Vegas.
  2. JRR


    There is no KLM return flight from Sint Maarten to Amsterdam. The routing for KLM785 is EHAM-TNCM-TNCA-EHAM. So if you want to fly from Sint Maarten to Amsterdam, you should fly via Aruba.Jasper
  3. Quito, Ecuador and Mexico City Rwy 05L/05R might be challenging as well.Jasper :-wave
  4. PMDG modelled the normal 737NG. PrivatAir uses the 737 BBJ with additional fuel tanks.Jasper :-wavehttp://online.vatsimindicators.net/820020/2926.png
  5. This one is from October 2005.JNBAMS04 FAJS/03L VASUR1A VASUR UZ23 ETULI UQ1 TAVLA UG655D DANAM UG655 MERON UG655G ONUDA UG655 GARIN UG655D SEB A403 SARKI UM726 MABOX UM622 ADEXI UZ928 GIANO UL12 ELB UM729 MOLUS UN853 DIK UA24 BUB UG120 HELEN EHAM/18RFlight was flown with a B747-400, registration PH-BFB.Jasper :-wavehttp://online.vatsimindicators.net/820020/2926.png
  6. Hi Marcus,You can use this site for flightplans starting from the USA to various destinations:http://flightaware.comTodays route is:PSM ENE TAFFY N165E VALIE NATX KORIB NATX BABAN UN544 DEVOL UN546 STU UP2 NIGIT UL18 MID UN615 XAMAB UL612 MOKIP UL612 MILPA UM135 TOPJasper :-wavehttp://online.vatsimindicators.net/820020/2926.png
  7. Koen, can you give us a hint about the routing? Entry to LKKV via the L984 to OKG or via the L132 to BADUG?Jasper :-wavehttp://online.vatsimindicators.net/820020/2926.png
  8. You can also use this site: http://www.planningchart.demade by a Lufthansa A340 captain.Jasper :-wavehttp://online.vatsimindicators.net/820020/3.png
  9. Is your power supply sufficient? I can't see it in the specs. I think you need at least 400 Watts.Jasper :-wavehttp://online.vatsimindicators.net/820020/3.png
  10. Great set of shots John,I love the F18 Hornets :-hahJasper :-wavehttp://online.vatsimindicators.net/820020/3.png
  11. Mikkel,I believe the Milan Malpensa scenery is made by the guys from ISD project.http://library.avsim.net/download.php?DLID=43767Jasper :-wave
  12. There's also another sollution which worked for me. When squawkbox asks you to search for a multiplayer session, type in the internal IP adres like, instead of only pressing search and then press "join the multiplayer session".
  13. Go to the control panel > Regional Settings > Options and change the decimal character from a comma into a period.Reboot your computer. Setup a flight and connect to VATSIM. Your position should now be OK.
  14. Here it is ;)http://www.planningcharts.de/Jasper :-wave
  15. KLM431 EHAM-UGGG B738/M-SDFGIRWY/SN0445F330 ARNEM UL620 OMELO/N0445F350 UL620 PEMUR UL984 DIBED/N0448F370 UL984 NM UM991 VILUR/K0895S1110 B494 URMT B145B UGADA R11 GUSLI/N0442F290 UR11 OBORAJasper :-wave
  16. I don't have the real flight plan for you, but I did my best to create one for you. KLM569 EHAM-HTDA B763/H-SDHIRWY/SN0464F330 ARNEM UL603 TESGA UZ729 BOMBI UN850 ODINA UM727 AMTEL UL995 TEA UL982 SOR UM620 BONAR/N0462F330 R2 ATMUL UR611 MRW/N0465F370 UR611 KTM UA727 GAGNI A727 KNA UA727 AVONO A727 LOW UA727 NV UB553 DV DCTJasper :-wave
  17. I don't have the real route for you, but I made a generic route for you. HLF5922 LGIR-EDSB B738/MN0447F380 MIL UL613 KOR UN138 KRK UL995 BRD UW97 AME UM872 URBAN UW95 TZO UL995 PEPAG UN851 LOKTA T713 SUL SUL2MJasper :-wavehttp://vatsim.pilotmedia.fi/statusindicato...tor=OD1&a=a.jpg
  18. Hi David,I have the same problem here. I'm flying a long flight with the B737-900 (OMDB-EHAM 2755nm). I'm sure I entered the correct weights and fuel. My optimum FL is now 337 and the maximum FL is 326.Jasper :-wave
  19. JRR


    TRA5447 EHAM-LIME B737/MN0449F390 ARNEM UL603 TEBRO UZ738 AMASI UL607 ABUKA UN850 ODINATRA5448 LIME-EHAM B737/MN0443F380 ABESI UN851 TGO UL608 BUB UG120 HELENJasper :-wave
  20. Great paint GaryI like this livery!Jasper :-wave http://vatsim.pilotmedia.fi/statusindicato...tor=OD1&a=a.jpg
  21. JRR

    Malev FP's

    Not all the flights are operated with the 737NG, but the routes are the same.MAH610 LHBP-EGLL B737/MN0442F360 TORNO UY50 ABETI UL610 VADRU/N0439F380 UL610 BATTY UL608 LOGANMAH617 EGLL-LHBP B737/MN0448F370 DVR UG1 KONAN UL607 SPI UZ714 BOMBI UL984 SULUS UZ650 VEMUT UZ37 RINIG UL175 STO UY33 TPSMAH522 LHBP-EDDF B733/MN0438F320 TORNO UY51 ARSIN UL851 LNZ UT161 SUBEN T161 PSAMAH521 EDDF-LHBP B733/MN0441F310 SULUS1D SULUS UZ650 ODNEM UM748 BERVA UP974 ALAMU UY33 TPSMAH554 LHBP-LFPG B734/MN0440F340 TORNO UY51 ARSIN UL851 SITNI UL856 DERAK UM982 TINILMAH557 LFPG-LHBP B734/MN0439F330 NIPOR UH101 RANUX UN858 SOGMI/N0443F350 UN858 PIMIS UL984 SULUS UZ650 ODNEM UM748 BERVA UP974 ALAMU UY33 TPSMAH580 LHBP-LEMD B733/MN0442F320 PUSTA UY562 GOTAR UY570 GRZ UP976 DETSA UM984 EVANO/N0445F340 UM984 DIVKO UN852 MAMES UN975 RAMON UH120 CMA UW96 TERSAMAH581 LEMD-LHBP B733/MN0445F330 PINAR UN870 QUV UM985 NOSTA/N0448F350 UM985 GEN UM859 DOL UP735 ZAG UM986 TPSJasper :-wavehttp://vatsim.pilotmedia.fi/statusindicato...tor=OD1&a=a.jpg
  22. I followed your advise Lee and I deleted the other MES from the database. I loaded up the 737 to rebuild the approach again and this time I had no problems with the place bearing distance point. A strange thing is that the deleted MES (Mesnali) is the second MES in the database and Mesta is the first MES in the database, so I don't understand why the FMC automaticly selects a navaid which is 1300NM away.Thanks for everyone's reply, now I know where the problem is related to.regards,Jasper :-wavehttp://vatsim.pilotmedia.fi/statusindicato...tor=OD1&a=a.jpg
  23. Yesterday I encountered a problem with the place bearing distance point function on the FMC. I was flying online to LGHI (Chios in Greece) and ATC told me to fly the standard VOR/DME procedure for runway 01. So I entered in MES which is the starting point for the approach procedure and I checked the legs page to see if the right point was selected which was the case. After that I created a place bearing distance point from MES on the 121 radial at 9 DME, so I entered MES121/9 and placed it on the legs page. To my suprise the point was about 1300NM away from MES. So I went to the fix page and entered MES as a fix and created 121/9. The right point showed up on the ND, but when I brought the point to the legs page it was again 1300NM away from MES. After all I decided to fly the approach on the old fashioned way with the ND in the VOR mode. Are there users with the same kind of problems? Is it a know issue, or did I do something wrong? For the information I used FS2002, I have the service pack installed and I'm using the 0308 Airac cycle.regards,Jasper :-wavehttp://vatsim.pilotmedia.fi/statusindicato...tor=OD1&a=a.jpg
  24. Same problem here.The PFD, ND and EICAS screens freeze in the VC when I undock the FMC to drag it to my second monitor. When I don't undock a panel, everything works fine.Jasper Rom :-wavehttp://vatsim.pilotmedia.fi/statusindicato...tor=OD1&a=a.jpg
  25. I think the server is bussy. Yesterday it worked for me :)Jasper :-wavehttp://vatsim.pilotmedia.fi/statusindicato...tor=OD1&a=a.jpg
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