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  1. Jerry_K_Thorne

    Pro Pilot 99 on Windows XP

    It seems I have not missed anything until today. I too, kept my old Win98 computer from the late 90's just to use PP99 on it. Today, I have a really FAST Lenovo laptop with Windows 8.1 on it and it recognized the Sidewinder Precision Pro joy stick in USB mode. I went to the driver in the 8.1 control panel and used the testing and calibration program and it works just fine, but PP99 does not see any joystick at all. Now I guess it is time to examine all the config and INI files in PP99 to see what I can learn. I see this posting was in 2002. Are you guys still out there? Jerry K. Thorne Now in Palm Bay, Florida 706-270-3437 cell phone web site. works for email
  2. Jerry_K_Thorne

    PP99 patching problems.

    Remember that ProPilot 99 was developed to run on Win98 and Win98SE with Voodoo video cards. You may never get things going as they did in the "good old days". That is one reason I still have a desktop computer still running Win98SE with a Voodoo 5 video card.A number of folks have visited here to tell us of newer computer operating systems that have never run PP99 with all its original features working properly.Jerry K. ThorneEast Ridge, TN
  3. Jerry_K_Thorne

    Best wishes to all

    Doc,I like your straight forward attitude about life and things in general. I have been having a few easy days at home, but that changes on Christmas Day when I head for Florida to see some friends down that way. I will be hanging out down that way until New Year's day when I will once again go "over the river and through the woods" to get back to home base. I will avoid the interstate highways as much as possible. I have seen the INCREDIBLE traffic jams that develop as a lot of folks head out of Florida all at the same time.Jerry K. ThorneEast Ridge, TN
  4. Jerry_K_Thorne

    Short Final, Honest, a Short Final!

    * you are so eloquent with words Doc!Jerry K. ThorneEast Ridge, TN
  5. Jerry_K_Thorne

    Do not read.......Test only

    Your test worked, and there are still some of us who hang around here.Gary,Are you also a real-world pilot? Jerry K. ThorneEast Ridge,
  6. Yep, we still be here...the hard core sim flyers that had the best Win95/98 flight sim around with more features before the other programmer guys had to follow suit! PP99 had good flight models. You guys would respond to the glitches we found with a good patch to make it better. It was a good collaboration between ALL of US and ALL of YOU at Dynamix.Thanks, Joe!Jerry K. ThorneEast Ridge, TN
  7. Jerry_K_Thorne

    Something different in the air!

    As I publish this reply, I am wondering who is viewing this thread so much without any replies? 118 views, but only 4 replies as I write this on October 21.Even when I post a roll call, only a few of us old die-hards check in with a posted reply! Who is out there in LURK mode? And why is the system clock for this server set to Central Time, or Standard Time?Jerry K. ThorneEast Ridge, TN
  8. Jerry_K_Thorne

    Something different in the air!

    South London Airline Group (S.L.A.G.) S.L.U.T.S.It's a joke, Luis.A fictitious airline with the SLAG logo imposed on well-known airline photographs.Jerry K. ThorneEast Ridge, TN
  9. Jerry_K_Thorne

    Something different in the air!

    Doc,I did not get it until I clicked on the four links on that "HOME PAGE". Classic photos updated with the SLAG logo!Jerry K. ThorneEast Ridge, TN
  10. Jerry_K_Thorne

    Alaska trip in a Cessna 182.

    Well, really, it was completed way back when, but I have finally posted all the photos and came up with 50 pages at the final count. am heading over to Mississippi tomorrow and on to Texas on Thursday. I will be in the Dallas area Thursday evening and Friday morning. Round Rock will be my weekend hangout, then back to the DFW area on Monday next, etc. I should be back home by the following Friday, August 14th.Jerry K. ThorneEast Ridge, TN
  11. Jerry_K_Thorne

    Alaska trip in a Cessna 182.

    "FOR THOSE WHO DON'T KNOW, but I bet most flight simmer's do, on the sectional flying charts there are 30x30 degree lat/long squares."Dave, That is 30 minutes of ONE Degree per block, not 30 degrees of latitutude or longitude. Thirty degrees of LATITUDE is the difference from Saint Augustine, FLORIDA and the south coast of ALASKA - or 1/3 the distance from the equator to the north or south pole of our little planet (1,800 nautical miles = 30 degrees of latitude).Jerry K. ThorneEast Ridge, TN
  12. Jerry_K_Thorne

    Alaska trip in a Cessna 182.

    Dave,Your weather story and the tall tower incident reminds me of the day trip I made to Fort Pierce, Florida and back to Chattanooga on May 12, 2007. The weather caught us that day south of Atlanta. You probably saw the same tall tower I mentioned in my report on this web page: at the blue GPS ground track line crossing Interstate 85. The tall tower was just past US 29 and I-85 off to the left of my flight path that afternoon.Jerry K. ThorneEast Ridge, TN
  13. Jerry_K_Thorne

    Alaska trip in a Cessna 182.

    Have any of you been looking at my web site lately? My friend Wendell sold his Cessna 182 and delivered it to the new owner in Anchorage, Alaska. The trip from the Chattanooga, Tennessee area to Anchorage took five days in July. I have posted most of the photos from the trip on my web site. There are still a few pages yet to be published. If you want to "ride along" on the trip, you can go to my web site at this page to get to the Alaska menu. K. ThorneEast Ridge, TN
  14. Jerry_K_Thorne

    Now for something completely different:

    Overhead during a rather quiet evening on Minneapolis Center.Unknown aircraft: Minneapolis Center. Still there?Minneapolis Center: Engineering to Bridge. Aye, Captain. Tricorder readings indicate carbon-based units still infest the planet.Jerry K. ThorneEast Ridge, TN
  15. Jerry_K_Thorne

    Now for something completely different:

    Doc,I like your use of the term "Stand UP" in the post for the web video. We know what that pilot will be doing after his flying days are over!After so many commercial flights across in my 36 years in my industry, it is good to see a change in the usual "welcome aboard" greeting from the Captain.Thanks for posting that link!As for me this weekend, I am working on some new web pages for my site showing the exploits of my hangar mate and another friend flying off to Alaska during July. I have a couple of sample pages posted, but there are over 400 photos to process and add suitable descriptions for them. I will post back here when I am finished.Jerry K. ThorneEast Ridge,