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  1. I found a solution that does not solve the problem but helps.
  2. I wonder if there is a way to improve the readability of the various marker labels in MSFS 2020. The text (white) is sometimes difficult to read especially when viewed against a clear background like the sky for example. Jean-Jacques
  3. Merci Eric pour tes vols très détaillés et instructifs. J'apprends beaucoup tout en m'amusant ! Jean-Jacques
  4. Merci TAZ pour ces exercices de navigation. Je m'amuse tout en m'instruisant. Jean-Jacques
  5. Me too, as a passenger, from Brussels to Genova in 1963 for our honeymoon 😍
  6. X-Aviation.org sent me this flash sale announcement on saturday Jan 14 at 22:00 west european time, valid during only 8 hours. When I read this mail on sunday morning, the 20% discount was not valid any more. These people do not realize that the world does not end at the last MacDonnald on the east and west coast. I always have a good laugh at people's stupidity 🤣😂 MU-2 v2 Flash Sale Today only. Hurry before it ends! Jean-Jacques
  7. Was flightsimming on a Sinclair ZX Spectrum (which is still in my attic) Jean-Jacques
  8. Same for me, followed by a Sinclair ZX80 Jean-Jacques
  9. Charlie, that's exactly how I used to pronounce it when talking to my collegues in Denver. They finally adopted the same pronounciation while talking to me. Jean-Jacques
  10. Yes, I have seen it too. Nice surprize from the developer 😁
  11. Yes. It is very twitchy when I launch the Seminole after having used another plane. I'll reinstall it to-morrow for another try because I like the steam gauges. Jean-Jacques
  12. I just purchased the seminole. My bad, twice. First for buying a carenado product and maybe secondly for buying it from the marketplace. The autopliot altitude hold does not work. I must admit it is a beautiful airplane, but I moved it to my hangar. Jean-Jacques
  13. Heureux d’avoir pu vous aider. Glad I could help you. Jean-Jacques
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