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    Weather; Flight Simulation; golf; bowling; Star Trek (series, movies, RPGs); Star Wars (movies, RPGs); Astronomy; Archaeology; Geology; Action Adventure; Disney Animation; 3d Graphics.

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    Collaborator on Fly!II Seawind aircraft with F2FDesign Group (paints by Steve Brown), assistance from Laurent Claudet of ROTW and inputs from Wayne Roberts; Fly!II Seneca V aircraft with ROTW and F2FDesign Group.

    JetLineSystem GTA2;; Windows 10 64-bit; Intel i7 8700k; 3.40GHz; 32GB RAM; nVidia GeForce GTX-1080i 11 GB RAM; Logitech Flight Yoke System, extra throttle quad., Thrustmaster pedals ( Back-up is a Thrustmaster T.Flight Stick X joystick).

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  1. Ok, well are you headed back into the original Fly! / Fly! 2K version, or Fly! II? If the original, very little survived the AVSIM Hack Attack from last year. Almost the same thing for Fly! II. Original TRI Patches are simply not available on AVSIM, since they will not allow any of us with those patches to re-post. Let me know which version you are looking at returning to (Origi...