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  1. Thanks,guys. Yes, I looked at the 320 manual pages and found those items.\ Dave
  2. So what does SRS mean in the FBW A320 ? And what is the signifigance of the "green dot" ? Dave Hinson
  3. I do believe (and this has happened to me) that if you delete these liveries, the nest time you have to download an MSFS update, they will all be reinstalled. Dave Hinson
  4. When using TB Pushback with Experimental version, my joystick rudder control for ground steering does not work. Dave Hinson
  5. I just keep program at Main Menu when I leave off flying. Seems to be OK. Dave Hinson
  6. I would love to use Discord, but other than seeing what others are writing, I am sometimes told "not authorized to message in this item". Also, I used to be told that I could 'claim thie folder", or something like that. I there some document toshow how to use this app ? Dave Hinson
  7. Unfortunately, I cannot use experimental version as it messes with my ground steering by rudder (or nosewheel). Is there any solution ? I would really like to use VNAV. Dave Hinson
  8. re. nvidea containers: The video never said what to d0o(if anything) about multiples Dave
  9. I also have five NVidea containers running. Do we delete four of these ? Dave Hinson
  10. This program interferes (As I believe is well known) with my Thrustmaster rudder controls (I cannot use rudder control to taxi). Am I wrong ? David Hinson
  11. I tried to use this product with FBW a 320 Development and a Thrustmaster stick. It has been noted that this product interferes with sticks rudder control so you cannot taxi using this product. Anyone find a solution ? Does a keyboard rudder control work ? Dave Hinson
  12. Does it make any difference if you start MSFS2020 on XBox or just clicking the .exe file ? Dave Hinson
  13. I would like to reopen this topic. I am still having this problem (and it is not with reverse thrust, but the fact that my throttle positions are always reversed, i.e. Idle position on throttle is always full throttle). Same for old Thrustmaster Flight Stick X and new HOTAS 4. TM is not able to help. Is this a problem withTM controllers or with MSFS2020 ? Dave Hinson
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