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  1. Donstim

    Just a personal musing of FSX:SE

    I would have thought, as a Forums Administrator, that you would have been aware of the many posts about FSX-SE's improved VAS handling (well, not exactly accurate, but I'll get to that in a minute) over the boxed FSX version. You are right that there is a very severe VAS restriction for any 32 bit piece of software when faced with the demands of complex aircraft/scenery/weather in the midst of high def textures. The boxed version of FSX made that restriction even worse by holding on to every bit of scenery you fly near, making flight time a very good predictor of OOMs. What FSX-SE does that is different, in my understanding, is that it releases scenery details from the cache when it is a certain distance away. If you watch a VAS log in FSX, free VAS just keeps shrinking throughout the flight. In FSX-SE, however, free VAS will shrink, but will then recover as scenery details are released. No more sure OOMs after X hours of flight! As I've said in each post and in the beginning of this one, this does not fully resolve the OOM issue as FSX-SE is still a 32-bit piece of software and hence VAS is limited. But it really does help, and for me at least, makes it much easier to complete a long flight in a complex aircraft (FSLabs A320/PMDG 737NGX) with complex airport and general sceneries (Orbyx, Blueprint, FlightBeam, FlyTampa, etc) with AS2016/ASA2106, on VATSIM. I don't dread hearing that FSUIPC nearly as much. I've never been one to care much about frame rates. I limit mine at 32 and am happy above 20-25 for takeoff and landing at complex airports.
  2. Donstim

    Just a personal musing of FSX:SE

    Sure, they are "essentially" the same sim -- FSX. But the improvements are not to be taken too lightly. I saw some performance improvement, which was nice, but not the main reason I switched. me. For me, flushing the terrain cache was significant as it allows me to operate the FSLabs A320 (and PMDG 737NGX) into all the complex airport/scenery/weather add-ons I have without the dreaded OOM crash. Not that it is a 100% solution for OOMs (I can still experience them if I'm not careful), but it greatly alleviated them for me. The performance improvements and some of the other fixes were nice adds to that. FSX-SE and FSX boxed may be essentially the same sim, but they are very different in terms of playability for me.
  3. Donstim

    Just a personal musing of FSX:SE

    Yep, that's what FXS-SE is. And the changes reading from top to bottom are relative to FSX boxed.
  4. Donstim

    Just a personal musing of FSX:SE

    Sad to see how much misinformation is still being given out regarding the differences between FSX and FSX-SE. See the full list of changes here: While the fix that flushes the terrain cache helps a great deal with the dreaded OOM issue, you can still have them with complex aircraft combined with complex scenery and weather, especially when using large texture sizes. The performance optimizations, terrain cache flux, and other fixes are enough to keep me using FSX-SE while waiting for one of the newer sims to prove itself better!
  5. Donstim

    FSW is 25% off on steam - U$18.74

    Well. it doesn't put me off, but it won't be replacing FSX-SE for me until it has the capabilities for (i.e., not necessarily in the core sim, but capability for third party developers to add) real world weather, jet airliners to PMDG/FSLabs standard, connection to VATSIM, detailed airports/other scenery/mesh/textures/etc at least on par with FSX-SE and runs at least as well as FSX-SE. I fully realize that it is in early access and may be there for some time. It would be nice, though, if at least a general roadmap of what they have planned as far as the capabilities I've mentioned as well as any others would be made public instead of being so closely held. I purchased FSW during a previous sale partly based loosely on a Steven Hood interview and partly just to invest in what I personally consider the best chance at being the simulator that would replace FSX-SE for me. It ain't anywhere near that yet in this early access form, and without a roadmap I don't know if it will ever get there, but I'm hoping! In the meantime, you GA flyers, beta testers, and tweakers, have fun with it!
  6. Donstim

    I'm in....

    I agree with VeryBumpy. Hopefully, Dovetail will work the same magic on all the missing features as well. When I can fly a complex jetliner (PMDG, FsLabs quality) online with VATSIM into detailed airports with great scenery, day or night, in real world weather, I'm in. (Note: I have purchased FSW, but have not yet installed it. The purchase was more of an investment and show of support for further development. For now, my limited sim flying will still be on FSX-SE.)
  7. Donstim

    PACSIM Salt Lake released!

    6.27 GB in my installation
  8. Donstim

    Jordan King: First impressions

    Still waiting....though the silence may speak for itself.
  9. Donstim

    FSL A320 now generally available

    I'm running DX9 on FSX-SE and satisfied with my first couple of "training" flights. This may change later when I fly into the most demanding airports I have, but for now I'm sticking with DX9.
  10. Donstim

    one engine inoperative landing

    If you are landing in icing conditions, then you should have engine anti-ice on. If you have an inoperative engine, anti-ice should only be used on the operating engine. If you can land using flaps 30, then use Vref30. If you are landing using flaps 15, then use Vref 15 ICE.
  11. Donstim

    one engine inoperative landing

    Vref is the reference landing speed. Vref ICE is the reference landing speed in icing conditions. As stated in the QRH text that you quoted, you should use Vref ICE if you will have the engine anti-ice on during landing or if you have used wing anti-ice at any time during the flight. To get Vref ICE you simply add 10 knots to the normal Vref. (A different Vref for icing conditions is only needed when landing using flaps 15.) Don S.
  12. Donstim

    Corrupted Controller Commands

    This may not help, but you might try removing the fsuipc.dll from your modules folder, starting FSX and see if that helps. Then you can put it back and see if it still works okay. That worked for me when my controller commands got corrupted.
  13. Is Windows Error Reporting reporting actual errors that are occurring or not? If so, turning off error reporting does not stop the errors from occurring, it just significantly reduces (but does not eliminate) the effect of the errors on FSX usage. There are plenty of products out there that do not have this issue, why do they occur with this product? I have not had to permanently disable portions of my operating system to get other comparable products to work properly. Whether you agree with me or not, that is an important factor in my decision on where to spend my money. Best regards, Don Stimson
  14. Donstim

    Win 10 and undocked panels

    Thanks for spending all the time on this Rich. You must like troubleshooting! I always get the drivers direct from Nvidia. Now for the drum roll....Steve, I used the restore button in the Nvidia control panel. Before trying to customize them again for FSX, I powered up FSX-SE and the 737NGX. Lo and behold, I can now move undocked FSX windows over the second monitor! It works a little differently than it did in Windows 7 in that it now has a window border around it, but it works! I have to tell you, I really didn't think this would have any effect and was just going through the motions to report back to you! Thank you very much!!