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  1. JTEK99 the point is "we" don't have to expect anything from ANY developer as long as they don't show us screenshots or announce features (etc.)however, if someone show's us screenshots and says "the fps will be at the same level of the default cessna", "this will revolutionize fs" i don't have to believe it but i expect it to be real, since that's what has been announcednow i'm really looking forward to the end product, bugs won't be a problem for me, there is no software that can be totally bug free, but i expect a perfect/1to1 exteriour (its the easiest part), a framerate friendly VC (same performance as the default cessna), the best available fly-by-wire simulation (this will revolutionize fs) and a release before santa comes (beta tests will start soon)sincerely,
  2. i had a good oppinion and the delay (which does not happen for the first time) damaged it, and you call this "rude"?sir re-read my post "please"
  3. rude?you,sir, accessing the site, does NOT mean that "the rest of the world" can access it too
  4. christmas?i want it while the sun is still shining outside; after all the announcements like "the exteriour is the easiest part and we will post some shots soon"not to forget that most of the europeans are still unable to access the AXP site and noone gives a ####!what comes next? "we're sorry but due to the needed extra work, the FS9 version has been cancelled"lou..with all due respect, i loved your 737, and i think its UNBEATEN by any other addon (i posted a thread about my thoughts in the DF forum a few months ago); and i always believed in Dreamfleet and its high quality standarts, but your new project (the first "real" jetliner after 7 years!) starts to ruin your image in my eyes!!
  5. i allready send an email, however.. nothing changed:----Wed, 08 Nov 2006 14:39:11 +0100Patch linkHello,i've uploaded a fix last night (kallistei_nantia_zagkli_fix.zip - DLID=93350) for the file kallistei_nantia_zagkli.zip DLID=93284, and noted that its a fix for that mainfile, however it didnt get linked to the first one. Could you please add that link? (Other files which are related to, or may be required by, this file:) Thanks,Sincerely,Polat Alemdar----
  6. Hello,I've noticed that related links which we mention in the "Notes for Library Managers" field while uploading, don't get added for some weeks now. I don't know what the problem is, or what causes this situation; however we would highly welcome it if you could consider the entries in the "notes field". Otherwise we get mails regarding the errors of a earlier uploaded file, though a patch had been allready uploaded - but the users can't see it cause there are no "related links". If the reason is, that related links cause too much work (i'd understand that), you could add an extra field to the upload procedure where everyone can manually enter which files are neccesary or which file gets patched by the uploaded one.also another point is that sometimes parts of the description or entries in the name field get deleted by the staff, e.g.:-"This file also includes blablabla" (got deleted though the description all in all was very short!)-entries in the name field:Polat Alemdar / POSKY (e.g.)the name of the developer (POSKY for example) got deleted once, after that it was impossible for the users to find out which model that paint was including.I understand that you delete a few thinks to make it shorter, however i see no reason why you delete important things?Please don't take this as an offence, I appreciate the work of the library team and I know you do this in your free time without getting paid...sincerely,Polat
  7. sorry if it has been asked before ..well when i open a texture with dxtbmp, edit it in PS, refresh it in DXTBMP and save it back (without mips).. no matter which dds format i choose: the part i've changed makes the part of the plane dissapear on the plane in fsx, i know that there is the imagetool from the sdk, but i'd prefer to use dxtbmp, as its easier to usehow can i solve this problem?
  8. i have to admit:i didnt like your 737then.. your 747 came out, and i started to change my oppinion about youbut THIS changed it definatly: AWESOME WORK! love the dirty textures, compared to the 737 this is a huge improvement, really really looking forward to the final product, i hope you post more shots (especially of the exteriour) soon ;)hats off! :-eek
  9. BAe/RJ 146/75/85/100 (all the same plane, just shorter/longer fuse)
  10. i think you have wrong view, not everyone is a pirate, ok i have to admit that i have many mp3's, but FS addons are different, i even got a credit card last year, to be able to buy all addons i want (before that i was only able to get addons from simmarket which accepts bank transactions and many other payment possibilities), i even drove to paderborn (100km's from my hometown) to the aerosoft base, just to be one of the firsts to get Mega Airport Frankfurt...
  11. please do me a favor and dont separate the bottom of the fuse with the rest of the fuse like you did on the 747, because this makes it #### hard to match the same color as the fuse especially if you work with shadows and dirt!
  12. my problem is, that one of my planes is very underpowered on the ground and only starts to move with 50% n1, how can i edit the airfile, so the plane has more power on the ground?
  13. http://img511.imageshack.us/img511/2066/test337ku.jpgas you can see the AP does not work anymore, its quiet strange because i had absolutly no problems yet, i didnt change anything or something, it happened suddenly today, at least i downloaded the online installer again (v2.004.01) and tried to deinstall-reinstall: still the same problem!
  14. thank you very much, i know that stuff with the next free number, i was just not sure how to add it to the VC :)
  15. ah! thank you very much! :9so i just need to add the line gauge04=FPDA_TRIM_SOUND, 10, 10to my panel.cfg? will that also work in the VC?
  16. is there a gauge available which can be installed into any panel which adds a trim sound?
  17. well.. announced long time ago, but still nothingthey dont answer to emails, the only reply i got was from simmarket, mentioning that the "last update" is one week old (and that update only tells that they are supporting a czech air race..). They promised to release a 2D and VC later, however i really doubt that they will ever release it (they even dont answer to ANY kind of emails!). The point is, i wont run after the VC and 2D panel, however i would even accept a low quality VC, at least we could merge other gauges that way, though I wouldnt expect a low quality VC after THAT model. Whatever.. currently the only option that we have is the feelreal (which i bought the first hour it came out BTW) 737. And..1.the 2d panel is ok, but mostly unreadable2.the VC is everything but not nice3.the model is probably what remained from a FS98 rough draftafter the DF737 - a milestone in the history, my expectation is probably a bit too high, however, we have a outstanding model by 50th north without a panel and vc, and a extremly ugly feelreal 737 model with a acceptable 2d panel + a "could be better" vc...
  18. yes, thats very true, the model has by far the ugliest exteriour i've ever seen, i hope 50th north will release a panel soon, as their model has outstanding proportions and dimensions, though they even havent updated their website for 2 months :-hmmm
  19. hi,AFAIK some liveries must not be painted due to copyright laws etc. again AFAIK one of these are the pokemon planes which ANA is using, however Pokemon is quiet old now, so could we upload a such paint? if not, what if we would mail Nintendo and ANA and ask for permission?
  20. hi,just checked sgair.net but it seems to be down, i've allready searched both avsim and flightsim, but cant find the DC10-10V2 basepack, do you know a link which is still active?thanks in advance
  21. actually there is no link on their page, and the 707 is not listed in the download list where can i find it?! :-hmmm
  22. Darth Mop

    747 model

    "just" two things:http://img299.echo.cx/img299/774/7470hh.jpgi've looked at all screenshots in the preview section and as far as i can see there are two things that do not look right to me:1.winglets, compared to photos (from different angles), the pmdg747's winglets are a bit too long (high)2.cockpitwindows, i dont mean the side windows which are perfectly shaped, but the 2 frontwindows, i've marked the two places that are (IMHO) not correct green, the upper part is too high, while the bottom is too long (too much stretched). If you look at the real photos you can see that the sidewindows are going deeper to the fuse while the frontwindows are longer in the pmdg747. another (actually unimportant) thing is: the real 747 windows are very dark, its hard to see the cockpit from outside, but as i stated, thats unimportant ;)i've really enjoyed the 737 (although i got it after the boxed version was out..), and i'm sure the 747 will be much better (the only thing i want are better fps :() would be just great if you could look again at the winglets and frontcockpitwindows and maybe overwork them a bitthanks and greetings,Maho
  23. >The page you requested cannot be displayed.>Missing Attachment:(
  24. >> :-eek neat pics John, I like that Jetstar with the CB's in>the background :9>> >:-wave>>>shocky :-hah>howdy! shocky is still alive :-eek back @ topicnice photos :9
  25. http://www.evilguys.de/test32.jpgany way to fix this?
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