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  1. hi there,i am working on several repaints, but i have a problem with this atlas air livery:http://www.airliners.net/open.file/289805/M/I need "ATLAS" AND "International"thx for help :(
  2. ah great news!!btw: i hope you will release a box version too :( - but not after months of the normal download version release like Dream"Crash's" Piper Archer/Cessna Cardinal :-hah-------------------------------------------best,http://mitglied.lycos.de/sithious/banner.gif
  3. i hope that is ok for you :-roll :http://ftp.avsim.com/dcforum/User_files/3dfdd5a932c31289.jpg
  4. what? the exterior is not important?!?!? do you want a 737 like the A2002 V1 one?!?!? http://www.schockwellenreiter.de/images3/headshake.gifplease, please @pmdg: dont listen to them!!!! http://www.schockwellenreiter.de/images4/anbet2.gif-------------------------------------------best,http://mitglied.lycos.de/sithious/banner.gif
  5. nice! the boxed version news is great :-hah-------------------------------------------best,http://mitglied.lycos.de/sithious/banner.gif
  6. Hi 4 questions from mop (me :-hah ):-Are you creating the plane with GMAX or FSDS2? FSDS2 users says its much better than GMAX, the effects-chrome-lights etc. Well i dont know if its better or not just a question :)-Can we expect a "inbuild-announcement system"? Ok we can use Flight Deck Companion, but i think its better when its a inbuild gauge (like the DF737 AFAS)-which system are simulated -Weather Radar, TCAS etc- (maybe its too early for this question?)-are you planning a BOXED version? i think this is good for people without a credit cardThx for your upcoming project, you are my hero :-lol ! http://www.schockwellenreiter.de/images4/anbet2.gif-------------------------------------------best,http://mitglied.lycos.de/sithious/banner.gif
  7. I've tried to use the ariane 737 with the DF Panel, the sound is working very good, the panel too, but i have 3 (maybe more :( ) problems: 1.the door is not working (1 and 2)2.the flaps are not 100% working3.the NAV lights and the strobe light are on the wrong placeattachment: aircraft.cfg
  8. How can i disable this stu*** windsound? I can hear it, when the gear is up too. Thats 100% a bug. Maybe the wind sound is realistic, but i dont want it :( what can i do?
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