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  1. kavehpd

    What other games/simulators do we all play??

    Soldier of fortion II, GTA 3,and the most important one: Adobe photoshop 7!!!BTW FS2002 is the boss.}> Kaveh. :-badteeth
  2. Hi Harald,Thank you for your fantastic Airboss.after a long time without A310 right now we have the best one.Anyway will there be any IRAN AIR livery too?if yes have you any idea about release date?and if no when can we have it's Paint Kit?keep up the good work.Kaveh.:-badteeth
  3. WOW! how did U do that?!!! cool! :-lolanyway.give me one week for fixing this.because i'm living for a vacation tomorrow and even may not be able to check my e-mail!.:-(but as soon as i come back,i'll borrow my friend's force feedback joystick and figure it out. I ga2go now.bye. :-abductKaveh.:-badteeth
  4. Are you soure?!!! nobody send me this kind of problem.try to use new "Aircraft.cfg" with your default ".Air" file.you can also disable force feedback of your joystick and then try again.Kaveh.:-badteethP.S: new engines has new bypass input.so after you press F4 you will have max power in about 10 seconds.(in default you have it exactly when you press F4).thats why you think power is less than default one.
  5. I'll check it as soon as i can.Kaveh.:-badteeth
  6. Hi Asim,You can download any of my 737/777/747 realistic flight dynamics and use "fx_EE.fx" effect in them.that is agreat effect with many features(even explosion!)Just search for my name in avsim.com or flightsim.com library and you can find those files.Hope it works.Kaveh. :-badteeth
  7. That was fantastic.i can't wait anymore!.:-jumpy
  8. kavehpd


    How about Middle east's Airlines?!!!;)
  9. Hi everyone.Recently i've upload my file("RB734.zip") wich is realistic flight dynamics for default 737.i creat it from real 734 datas and have about 17 houres test flight without any problem.but after final changes(adding more station loads),while autopilot's vertical speed holder is working,the plane going up and down like a twist!.but strange thing is that this problem appear only in good and normal weather!!! and there is no such a problem in stormy situation!.dose any body know how can i fix it?Regards.Kaveh.
  10. Hi.I finished my repaint on Lou volland's B707 and send him an E-mail to ask permission for uploading it.but after about 5 day's he didn't answer me!.i tought maybe his e-mail address(lvolland@hotmail.com) has been changed.If anyone know any other address of him please let me know.
  11. Thank's alot for your reply Misha.i'm starting FSDS737 ASAP.also thank's for great pictures.
  12. Hi everyone.I planned to paint B737(classic) and B727.would sombody please tell me what is/are the best(free to repaint) available models.