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  1. It's well documented on both forums the release problems of the Wilco Airbus. Common sense (if you have any) should have told you not to purchased this product but wait until Feelthere releases SP to fix problems. And being a reputable developer that they are, It's on the way. Move on to something else.Bill M
  2. I'm consideer myself a hardcore simmer which been flying since FS98.FSX is not for hardcore sim flyers, its been mostly developed for VFR flyers who want to see a lot of useless eye candy.It should of been made for Xbox instead of PC platform and calling itself a simulator. When FS9 was released, I imediatlly saw the improvements over FS 2002 as a simulator and the direction 3rd party developers were able to take to an even better simulator, FS 2002 was off my machine in about 2 months. And I never looked back.After installing FSX and seeing hardly no improvments as a simulator,but a great visual game that's not compadible with todays hardware.FSX now collects dust on another drive and I'm back to FS9. Hoping that the next edition will show great improvments in the hobby of flight simulation and leave the games to PS2 and Xbox.Bill M
  3. Hello PeterIt's great to here you chime in your feelings of FSX. I too consider myself a serious simmer. I too was very dissapointed with FSX performance with 3rd party AC. Right now when I want to do some serius flying FS9 is the answer. Basically FSX sits on my machice collecting dust. I will not spend anymore $$$ on FSX products until improvements are made. I'm not blameing the 3rd party developers for my decesion, but MS ACES who developed and game instead of a simulator. I would be willing to spend money on a stictly simulator base software like you mention, but nomore on FSX until major improvments are made. I enjoy playing games that's I own PS2 and Xbox. I will support you on a new simulator.Bill M
  4. Try adding this to the DISPLAY.NVIDIA section of your FSX.cfg file.RenderToTexture=1Bill M
  5. Thanks for the replyI never changed my sim rate either. My last few flights it stop happaning, but then it started again when my FPS dropped below 5fpps.It seems to reload almost every few minutes.Bill M
  6. I take it no one else is having this problem???Bill M
  7. I understand when I first start FSX at an airport, after a while the follow message appears "Loading land, sea and air vehecles". But should this message keep constantly popping during flight. Or even during final approach?? Is there a way to turn this feature off??Bill M
  8. AS^ was working fine for weeks with no issues. Then all of a sudden when I start AS^, the following msg keeps popping up. "Error during FS stationdatabase check step3. Stations may notbe properly configured for extented couverge weather depiction".Any idea whwt this means.I run AS6.5 build 533, over Fswide network with GEPro installed.Bill M
  9. I don't understand why the thread about FSD practices towards it's paying customers got lock. I saw one guy that made an unintellegent statement, but was that reason to lock the thread.Why does it seems like whenever anyone bring up the way FSD treat it's paying customers in a public forum everything seems to get censored. The guy who posted had an legit gripe and so do alot of other people.Is this not the place to let paying customers know what thier're getting into with this company??Bill M
  10. I experienced the same "I MUST BE STEALING" attitude from FSD about a year ago. I moved FS9 from my D drive to a new raid array C drive. Reinstalled windows and FS9 with no problem. All the AC I purchased from Flt 1, Lago,and Feelthere installed without a flaw. When I tried FSD ac, I kept getting install error telling to contact FSD. After posting for help on thier website,those arrogant #### removed my post and sent me a email accuseing of stealing thier products. I had at least 5 of thier AC I purchased from them. And they had the proof of purchase. But they insisted that I installed some hacking software from some person I never heard of that defeats thier protection. And I was SOL in getting to use what I paid for. I remind you this was on a brand new install of win XP and FS9.I believe sellers have a right to protect thier software. But when a paying customer is made to feel like a common crook, that's overkill.FSD is the only company out there that won't allow you to customize your panels the way you like, without jumping thru hoops. I own alot of payware aircrft, so I know these guys are wayyy over the top on paranoia.Bill M
  11. I installed the patch. Now when I try to start FS9, my computer crashes. Blue screen of death. Then restarts. Anyone else experiancing this problem. Once I remove the patch, FS9 starts ok again. Is there a mamual install, making sure the files go in FSX correctly??Bill M
  12. I'm having the same problem also. As soon as AS loads weather, I loose 2D panel.Bill M
  13. I'm using AS6.5 and having the same problem whem clouds appear my 2D panel disappears. But it only happens to me with payware AC. When I load the default any default AC, thier 2D panels seem to appear fine.When I load FSX default weather with clouds, all 2D panels re appears.Bill M
  14. Hello JDI must say that since the last update RC4 has been running great. Thanks for the great support.If possible in the next release could ATC give the instuctions "Turn right or Left, fly heading ###"? Where heading ### is whatever ATC says.Keep up the great workBill MPS If you need more pilot voices, I'll be happy to volunteer
  15. Thanks again JimI at least got AS6 back to working properly again.Bill M
  16. Hello CarlI would jump for joy if I could get the 2 to work right. At this point if I could uninstall everything and start over maybe something would act right. I'm so frustrated at this point.Bill M:-)
  17. I would like to uninstall AS6 completely and start over again. Is there a full install without going thru all the updates and patches?Also the ActiveRadarConnector.exe no longer reads over the fswide AS6 folder? Is this suppose to happen?Bill M
  18. >Hi Bill,>>What exactly did Carl say? I know you did some trouble>shooting with him at Flight1.>>Thanks,>Jim>>http://www.hifisim.com/>Active Sky V6 Development Team >Active Sky V6 Proud Supporter>HiFi Beta Team>Radar Contact Supporter: http://www.jdtllc.com/>AirSource Member: http://www.air-source.us/>FSEconomy Member:http://www.fseconomy.com/Hello JimWe installed a GEP debugger exe on my fswide server computer and he said the problem was the AS6 export cycle file had some security issues. Was not allowing GEP to access it. I didn't know that GEP 2.11 was dependent on AS6 being installed on client or server computer. Carl said he would talk to someone at AS about this.So I tried installing GEP full version 2.11 on client computer, and still get errors when I try to start GEP. So I'll just go back to older versions and wait until something is worked out.Bill M
  19. My registry paths are correct and it still don't work for me. After some trobleshoot with someone from GEP support, he discovered that the AS6 export cycle file was the culprit. I'm not sure what to do to fix it. I tried installing GEP on the client computer with no success.Bill M
  20. With Windows XP, I must select your C drive. And select "System manage size". And then press set. Then reboot. That will end the error message.Bill M
  21. Check your alitude and your cabin pressure and make sure it's set correct for your alitude.Bill M
  22. Yes. AS recognize the current location where FS starts. When I press the refreh button, AS goes thru its thing as normal, but nothing loads into FS. I have the latest version of fsuipc and fs wide. But I never had this issue until I updated everything to latest version.Bill M
  23. Did something change in the last build that stops AS6 from loading weather if FS9 is not started first. I use AS6 over FSwide and before I could start AS6 and FS9 at the same time. Then press the refresh button after FS9 finished loading and all went fine. Now if I start AS6 anytime before FS9 finish loading, nothing loads into FS9 when I press the refresh button. I have to completely shut down AS and restart it. To get it to load.Bill M
  24. I'm feeling lucky. Is there a call sign for "Origin Pacific Airways" out of New Zealand??Bill M
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