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  1. The prompter is there to help out, many users don't know what to say (or should I say what the computer is expecting you to say) so the prompter will "prompt" you :). The voice recognition will recognize your request and if you're on the correct frequency and make the correct type of request (you don't always have to say exactly what's on the prompter, just your ID, where you are and your request).

  2. The earlier versions would, the present programming though is to allow for circuit flying, aka flying the pattern or touch and goes (verbage depends on where you're from). To accomplish this VoxATC will assume this is what you want to do if there is no flight plan loaded. I haven't tried it recently but on a flight plan VFR flight I have been able to tune any airport frequency and request landing, the prompter will not guide you though since this is outside the programming protocols, the voice interface though will recognize your commands. Try it with the present version and see if it still responds this way.

  3. With VoxATC X you can have four assigned voicesets. I purchased a male and female 8khz voice set from Cepstral and use them for the other aircraft voices and maintain the higher quality ATT voices for the controller. Mixes things up nicely and the 8khz voices from Cepstral are not as clear as the ATT so makes for a more realistic combo of sounds.

  4. I have an old friend that discovered a downed aircraft on a hunting trip. The majority of the aircraft was in the trees still and had been there for almost ten years. We had a mystery disappearance in Oregon just a few months before Steve's and that aircraft has also not been found despite a very extensive search, they too found other lost crashes.

  5. Turning off the "enroute traffic instructions" will save you from the circling diversions. This will happen when you have short legs in your flight plan and you get a traffic diversion close to a waypoint, VoxATC will try to vector you back into that waypoint, and the problem only gets worse at higher airspeed, not a big factor flying the Cub!I would check into whether you have multiple AFCAD files for the airport you are flying out of, this can cause fatal errors, also did you add any add on scenery and forget to run the indexer? ScanAFD is a great program for checking to see if you have multiple airport files and then allowing you to deactivate (by renaming the .bgl to .bgx) if you have too many.

  6. VoxATC is not a military ATC simulator, it is programmed to emulate FAA and ICAO type verbage for GA and Commercial type flight simulation. You can fly military aircraft into and out of military bases but you will be handled much like any other towered airport. There is no dispatch simulation that I am aware of nor would this part be editable. I realize you are looking for a particular type of ATC simulation that frankly would be quite time consuming to program in, and would truly be a fringe market of an already fringe market. I know VoxATC has some very exciting plans involving increased realism of ATC airspace handling but they are still in development and focusing on the larger commercial type airports.

  7. Hi Peter,Very good to hear from you and would love to see the shots of your adventure... and many others ;). As Geoff will tell you I got stung by Baron fever last year and haven't been able to think of anything else. You missed a lot of frustration with FSX but with SP2 (get Acceleration) I am finally finding that I do in fact like it. As a matter of fact FSX w/SP2 has finally managed to capture some of that magic "feel" that Richard Harvey managed to portray so many years ago with Fly.

  8. >>This has nothing to do with Piracy>>Well, that's what Zane wrote:>>...understand that as a company of its size Flight1 does get>numerous email requests like this from people that don't>actually have a reciept>And the issue you are having doesn't, as Steve stated. Your issue as it turns out was a different email address than the company's records indicated and most likely an old one that you no longer used nor could be reached at. The burden in that case does fall on you to prove you are who you say you are... the original purchaser. I was merely asking if you had shown your reciept or just stated that you had one, and yes, there are people that claim to have a reciept and don't in fact actually have one. I do always keep and recommend to others to burn a CD with all your Flight1 keys so that you do have them and aren't relying on the hard drive as your only saved copy. Sorry this happened to you but step into the other guys shoes and try to see the other side to the story.

  9. Sorry to read about the problems you are having. You might not know I provide volunteer support on Flight1's forum but didn't find any posts by you regarding a problem. The Flight1 wrapper system is really quite user friendly and automated for renewing and/or replacing keys and even working with you if you change your email address and can even provide you with a list of your purchases including your four digit code used (usually the last four digits of your card #). I know you state you emailed support regarding being able to prove you purchased but understand that as a company of its size Flight1 does get numerous email requests like this from people that don't actually have a reciept. Did you forward any of the email confirmations from your original purchase or include a scan of the reciept when you emailed support? I have to say your experience is really out of the ordinary for a legit purchaser (which I believe you are) so I hope you can get matters sorted out.

  10. VoxATC uses FAA rules and verbage, the UK version uses ICAO verbage more specific to flying in the UK. At this point VoxATC and/or VoxATC UK are not set up to emulate each individual country and I am not sure if it would even be possible to program during MSFS's life cycle. The airspace boundaries are default MSFS so you will get a frequency change when crossing over.If you see capitol letters to the left of the text in the prompter this to show an acronym for a learning aid. Each one corresponds to what you are supposed to be reporting. They are not for key commands so don't press the corresponding key, they are just there as a reminder.

  11. If your prompter is giving you choices you should also see numbers to the left of those choices. To get the prompter to show the expected text for those choices you have to press the corresponding number above your keyboard row. In reading your earlier post I think this is where you were getting lost, you didn't know you needed to press a keyboard number to advance the prompter. Understand that VoxATC is designed so you aren't required to use any keyboard entry, it will recognize your voice making the request but the prompter is designed to guide you along if you are not sure what to say.

  12. Try a different aircraft, try it at a different airport. There is a word you are being prompted to say that the program is not wanting to recognize and may or may not be connected to the aircraft/airport but easy enough to weed out. Sometimes when a number and word that VoxATC is looking for is close enough to sounding similar it can get hung up on which is which.

  13. I have flown without a flight plan numerous times in beta testing and with the current version. Usually when the sim is getting hung up not recognizing your verbage it is most commonly:1. Poor quality mic or mic too far from user.2. Your word pronunciation is too far from what the computer is expecting.3. You are talking too slow, too fast or with a different intonation than normal (most people will do this when prompted to repeat), use your normal talking voice and pace.4. There is some other ambient noise in the room that is interfering, this can be something else in the room or music, can also be big speakers blasting your engine noise.

  14. MyTraffic will add more realistic airline, freight, military and GA aircraft with real world names. It will replace your default AI so you will no longer be hearing Landmark airlines but instead the real world names you would hear for a specific region. So in South Africa you won't be hearing Alaska airlines. There are options to set the traffic for earlier years so you can fly in the 60's, 70's, 80's and 90's as well as today and you have the option if you have purchased AirNav FSLive to have real world real time flight schedules.Your own flying remains anything you want to set up. The included aircraft with MyTraffic are optimized for AI use and not ones you can fly.I have been a MyTraffic user since they first starting selling for FS2002 and have been very happy with their customer service and continued, relentless updating of the product to keep it out in front. Yes, there are freeware ways you can set up AI traffic, I chose to purchase MyTraffic, install it and enjoy it rather than futzing with downloading a bunch of different addons and hope they all worked well together.

  15. Hi Keith,I've bumped your message to the top. Many times those that can and do help on these forums use the RSS feed which shows the last 10 posts. If there is a really hot and active discussion happening your post can get lost in the stack and therefore unnoticed. Hopefully someone that can help you will get to you soon. I haven't had this problem but can tell you that if there are problems with the FSX registry entries or if you are running FSX when you attempt to update textures that you can have problems.

  16. You can download and try a demo of both to see how they worked on your system. VoxATC X and FSX are the future so I would recommend leaning that direction and you will find that VoxATC X has a much less pronounced effect on frame rates in FSX than VoxATC did in FS9. You also have the benefits of more programming in VoxATC X and the addition of handling AI traffic.

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