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  1. 4 hours ago, Wobbie said:

    Don't always knock Microsoft.

    If you read my post again you will find that I said:

    "Microsoft will only ensure that Windows 10 will work on the latest processors, which is fair enough"

    Saying "fair enough" shows that I understand Microsoft's stand on this and that's not knocking them.  But to be absolutely correct on this matter both the processor manufacturer and the software developer have to work together to ensure that the processor can run Windows 10 and that Windows 10 has the latest processor to work with.


  2. 6 hours ago, Wobbie said:

    Its just that the chip manufacturers are developing CPU's that are optimised for modern software & hardware.

    Now this is more in line with what I have read.  Microsoft will only ensure that Windows 10 will work on the latest processors, which is fair enough.  Anyone with a previous version of Windows will have to take pot luck.


  3. 17 minutes ago, Skywatcher said:

    I wouldn't panic just yet. Microsoft are just sooking that most of the world refuses to leave Win 7. They'll try everything to spook people and tell them Win 10 is the only place you can be safe.

    Comforting thoughts!  I have to admit that the article I read was dated 2016 and here we are in the middle of 2018 and i5 processors are still available!  I mustn't panic!!!!


  4. On ‎6‎/‎5‎/‎2018 at 7:08 AM, Skywatcher said:

    For old software Win 7 is the best bet. Win 7 won't evolve into other OS's, it'll always be Win 7.

    And here lies another BIG problem for us FS9-ers.

    From what I am reading Microsoft will not be doing anything further to ensure Windows 7 and 8 will run on the new Intel [and possibly AMD?] processors.  My rig currently uses an Intel i5 processor but when these cease to be available then the only route will be Windows 10 on a newer processor - that is so long as compatability mode remains available to us.  This leaves me thinking about buying right now another PC, or i5 processor with mobo, and keeping it on standby just to future-proof myself and ensure I can get a bit more enjoyment from the hobby.  It could be that I might even have to think the unthinkable - that when my current PC finally gives up I too will give up on flight sims.  At my age, and considering the huge cost of moving to another sim platform, the end of the line might finally come one of these days.


  5. Last night I was looking at one of my Just Planes videos.  It featured Aurigny Airllines Trilanders flying around the Channel Islands.  It suddenly struck me how realistic the views in FS9 are when compared with those out of the windows of the Trilander.  I was pleasantly surprised.


  6. Ian ....

    "To invest the hundreds of hours I would need to reinstall and tweak FS9 back to something like the level I had ...."

    I thought about this situation quite some time ago and so devised a backup and restore system which enables me to reinstall FS9 in about 8 hours - and I have just about everything you could imagine for the whole of Europe which has to be something like 30 countries.  A considerable part of my reinstallation is nothing more that copying and pasting whilst I go and make some coffee.  I have every tweak, adjustment and whatever documented for those areas of the sim which I cannot "auto" restore which makes reinstalling them a no brainer.

    Sorry to hear about Windows 10 causing you so much grief but that is why I'll never run FS9 under that OS.  Yes, I know that Windows 7 support will run out in January 2020 but my dedicated PC for the sim doesn't have any personal data stored on it so I'll be quite happy to take any security risks for the very little time I access the Internet on it.

    I'm at the wrong end of life to consider moving away from FS9 but if I wasn't then I'd wait until a completely new sim is written from the ground up.  That's got to come some day!!


  7. Everything is sorted now.  They had to rebuild the installer for FS2004.  It's now available in their shop.

    Gaputz - I don't know why Sandown should be "out of stock" as I never experienced that message myself.  But .... how can a download ever be out of stock????!!!!


  8. I recently bought their Sandown airfield but unfortunately the installer only offered the FSX and P3D versions.  I sent an e-mail to support and received a very prompt reply that they would correct the installer to include FS2004.  However, that was a week ago and I've heard nothing further.  I've also sent several e-mails but none of them have been acknowledged - absolutely zilch on that front.  I tried downloading the installer again a few minutes ago but it hasn't been fixed.  Does anyone have any ideas what might be going on here?


  9. With the release a few days ago of UK2000's version of Guernsey in the Channel Islands comes the sad news that no more new airports will be made by them for FS9.  I was rather hoping that Bournemouth and Southampton airports would be made for FS9 as I was so looking forward to them.

    However, Soarfly at https://www.soarflyconcepts.com/ are reported to be making an FS9 version of Southampton for release sometime this year and they have two lovely other airfields for us - Alderney, in the Channel Islands, and Sandown, in the Isle of Wight.  Soarfly are worth taking a look at.


  10. Many thanks for your reply, Hans.  I understand what you are saying and am wondering if it's worth the huge amount of work involved considering just how many airfields there are to amend.  I appreciate the comment regarding infringement of licence but this would be for my personal use only.



  11. Hi

    I have tried asking this question in UK2000's forum and there have been plenty of views but no answers.

    I am talking about the very first sceneries they created and which they called VFR Airfields - not to be confused with their Extreme series.

    This was a great product in its time but I'm trying to spruce some of the airfields up with more up to date aircraft, etc.  Particularly, I'm trying to remove the people images.  I'm successful in removing the people themselves but I'm always left with a mid-grey rectangle where they were placed.  Does anyone have any ideas how I can remove these rectangles as well?

    Many thanks for any help.


  12. Quote


    OK, I understand now.

    I'm afraid that I know nothing about using multiplayer in FS2004 so cannot even begin to make any suggestions on how to solve your problem.  But have you considered posting in the FlightSim forum - that one seems to be more active than this forum and there must surely be a few people still using multiplayer.

    Good luck!


  13. I have never used the multiplayer option but when I look at the Flight menu on my system I don't have an entry "Multiplayer" - not even a greyed out one.  The only menu options available are "Connect" and "Settings".  FWIW I can't even see "Multiplayer" as a menu option being mentioned in the FS9 Help system. :dry:


  14. I use Flight Environment available on Flight 1's website.  Yep, I know if was released a very long time ago but it's simple to install, simple to operate, good on fps and is realistic enough, IMO, for a sim.  It works great out of the box and in all the 13 years I've been using it I've never once needed any support.


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