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  1. What?! You didn't get it air freighted??!!!! Dijvid
  2. OK, everyone, don't shoot me down in flames because this isn't FS9 but ... take a look at this: www.marinetraffic.com Just think of all those ships when you're next traversing the oceans, and their relaxing lifestyle!! Dijvid
  3. Hi Tony My system is an Intel i5, 4Gb RAM, NVidia GTX560 Ti and WIn 7 32 bit. The aircraft that I fly is the Dreamfleet A36 which has been my trusty steed for something like 2 years now. I've made some substantial mods to it. I also sometimes fly the Dreamfleet B58 Baron - again, much modded. Both of these aircraft give me absolutely rock solid frame rates of 60 [which is what my TV monitor is synched at] even when I am at complex airports such as those done by UK2000. In the past I've also tried the Flight1 ATR72 but that, too, screwed my frame rates. The problem, I am sure, has something to do with the extra demands of the modern glass cockpit. But, as I've said, a smooth sim is far more important to me that virtually anything else. And as I've always been a GA fan not being able to fly the ERJs isn't going to stress me out!! Dijvid
  4. Well, installed the ERJ135 and positioned it at UK2000's EGJJ Jersey airport. Sadly, I found the FPS terrible in VC mode and a 15% - 20% drop in the 2D panel. As a smooth sim is more important to me I decided not to proceed any further with this aircraft. Many thanks, though, for all your replies and suggestions. Dijvid
  5. I have a freeware version which is very good - in fact, not too far off from BDO's offering. It was made in 2005 by someone called B Gosset. That's all I can tell you and I don't seem to be able to find it on the web now. Dijvid
  6. Try here: http://secure.simmarket.com/bdoaviation-liege-international-airport-fs2004.phtml A bit pricey at €21.00 but looks good though. Otherwise, do a Google for "fs2004 Liege" and see what turns up . Dijvid
  7. Sure will, but it won't be in the immediate future. I've yet to install the 135 and will take my time reading through the manuals rather than just jumping straight in and seeing what happens! I'm mainly a GA person and jets are a new experience for me which I may, or may not, take to. Dijvid Thanks for the feedback, Tony. As I already have the ERJ 135/145 I'm going to try them out first rather than buy the Phenom, although it does look tempting! Dijvid
  8. I didn't find this when I was flying the 195. Can't comment on the 135/145 as I've yet to install it. Dijvid
  9. Thanks, guys, for your feedback. I'll install the 135/145 and see how I get on. Looking forward to it already!! Dijvid
  10. Hi Scott I do have their 135/145 and 175/195 packages. I've only tried the 175/195 which played havoc with my fps - goodness knows why as I have a reasonably good Intel i5 setup. I also found the FMC a bit trying - I seem to recall their documentation saying something like much more is implemented in the FMC than is mentioned in the manual so just ask if you have any questions. Strange!! I've never tried the 135/145 package although I have read somewhere that it is a better offering than the 175/195. Maybe I should give it a go! Dijvid
  11. Thanks for your reply, Oliver. Looks like it might be good for a try when a discount offer comes up, so I'll keep a lookout. Dijvid
  12. Does anyone have any comments - good or bad - about this aircraft? Many thanks. Dijvid
  13. Well, the Lite version works just fine for me. There shouldn't be any problems as the Lite version doesn't have the RXP and Garmin Trainer stuff. Dijvid
  14. I bought FSX, installed it, ran it for 5 minutes and then discarded it just so that I could legitimately say that I have owned and flown every version of our sim that Microsoft produced. Not sure what that says about me though, if anything!! Dijvid
  15. Ah! Perhaps I should keep my mouth shut as I never have, and never will, run any AI traffic! Dijvid
  16. Eddie It might be a good idea to compare the two AFCADS and see what the differences are - good way to learn about the subject!! Dijvid
  17. Thanks for the reply. I probably have most, if not all, of the tweaks but I still wonder if there is a definitive list of every entry that could be made in the FS9.CFG file. Those that have been discovered couldn't have just been stumbled upon or found through trial and error methods - that would be far too many coincidences! At least Microsoft would have a list!! Dijvid
  18. Is there a definitive [or almost] list of the entries that can be made in the FS9.CFG file? Every now and again someone will ask how something can be amended in the sim and will be told to add this or that entry to the file. Dijvid
  19. Well, well, well !!!! I had the TER file in the addon folder for Birmingham but moving it to the world scenery folder has done the trick. Do you have any idea why this should be? I guess it might be something to do with the order the sim loads its files?? Anyway, many thanks for your help. Just goes to show that although I've been using FS9 since day one I still learn something new from time to time! Dijvid
  20. If you need any help, Eddie, then please let me know. I'm always tinkering with AFCADs!! Dijvid
  21. First of all, AFCAD 2.21 is a very old piece of software indeed and hasn't been supported for yonks. Airport Design Editor [ADE] is the de facto software to use now. It is regularly updated and has a thriving support forum. It is freeware and you can get it from www.scruffyduck.org ILS identities are not shown under Runway Properties - they are shown under the Navaids list. The AFCAD file in the Addon Scenery folder structure takes precedence over any Stock AFCAD. If your Addon AFCAD does not have the relevant ILS identity, frequency, etc., entered then you will not be able to tune the ILS from within the sim. So I suggest that you get ADE and then use it to add the necessary ILSs in your Addon AFCAD. Hope this helps. Dijvid
  22. I have a problem with UK2000's Birmingham airport where textures creep along the side of the aircraft as you taxi. You know the sort of thing - it's like grass creeping when you are on an asphalt runway or taxiway. I don't have this problem with any of UK2000's other airports, it's just at Birmingham. I've tried the trick of flattening the airport but that hasn't worked. I raised this issue in UK2000's forum and got a rather short reply that Birmingham has not been technically designed differently to their other offerings. Does anyone have any ideas that I might be able to try out? Dijvid
  23. You are not alone!! There's been more than one occasion when I've bought the same aviation magazine twice! Solution - put them on a subscription then you don't have to worry. And I very nearly bought one of Carenado's aircraft in SimMarket's recent sale. Thankfully, I checked on my PC first and found I already had it! But I have an excuse - I'm in the age bracket which is considered to be old! Dijvid
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