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  1. Hi all, I just wanted to ask if the products mentioned are still compatible with the T7 and providing the same winds-downloading functionality as before? Especially ASCA looks amazing to me. Thanks in advance! Holger Kneib
  2. Thank you all for your help. I tested out different settings for Antialiasing and finally found one that met my needs, at least for the moment. My GPU is pretty dated, so I will look for a new one. Again, thanks a ton!
  3. Steve, thank you for being the first person trying to help me. I thought about that but I was on a very early driver, some 2xx.xx and I never updated it because it worked like a charm. Then along comes some new aircraft and gives me all sorts of troubles so I bit the bullet and updated the driver as per the support recommendations. Now I am not sure how to roll back to such an early driver version and if this would not kill more stuff. I would be happy if someone could instruct me on how to set appropriate settings for a 3xx.xx driver that match more or less with the instructions provided here but for an older driver. Sorry for me being a bit fearful about more fiddling around, but I hope for your understanding! Cheers
  4. Hello knowing community, I made the tactical mistake and updated my nvidia driver to the version 361.75. Now I have a slight moiré on the displays and the weather is partly displayed as rectangular plateau, better said, it is a graphical artefact. I was trying to follow Ryans instruction on how to setup this driver properly, but this new driver does feature completely different functions or I am simply a bit thick. Additionally I fiddled around with the DX10 fixer 3.2.3, which did not change anything on the night textures of the sceneries I really fly often into, so I disabled DX10-preview again. If one merciful soul out there should have a solution for this combination of issues I would be highly grateful and offer german beer! Best and cheers! Holger Kneib
  5. Dear all, I do not want to get confused here, RAAS pro that came with the T7 wants to update itself, which is all good and well. On the website they mention an already updated version of RAAS pro that comes with the T7 installer and an SP1D. I am sure I did not miss a SP, except for the one for FSX:SE since I do not own FSX:SE. Is that the one meant? Do I simply download the RAAS-pro-installer for my T7 and I am set? Thanks in advance Holger Kneib
  6. Hi Doug,does it only work for Fs-X?If also for FS9 i would love to give it a try!BestHolger
  7. Oh, wife and kids, tell me about it...I would really appreciate if you
  8. Hi Richard,i am not sure if i am allowed to advice some consulting service here, but i would check www.fs-gs.com if i were you.I even heard some of the team members were using this service.BestHolger
  9. Hi,had this before a few times when one IRS-unit was not fully aligned or was switched to ATT instead of NAVbestHolger
  10. >It has nothing to do with what specific method is generating>the weather. AS6 is still using the FS weather system... >That's where the problem is - as a gauge, all we can see is>cloud density, not where actual precipitation is. Other>products are making guesses as to where precipitation would>be and generating their displays from it. This is not how a>real radar works in the slightest and we aren't going to go>there. If and when FS makes real precip data available to be>read out, we'll revisit the idea of wx radar.I ever doubted the idea of weather radar in FS, now this explains to me finally in clear words why. We would never have to avoid a red cell since there is nothing in it to avoid, if i understand you correctly?all the best and keep it up!Holger
  11. This is definitely an idea we should follow, since a lot of us are using PDA
  12. hi,Global Supply Systems for British Airways flies from EGSS to EDDK, EDDF, EDFH and from EGLL to EDDV.All these are short hauls under 2 hours and if you fly with VATSIM you will find these airports and the surrounding area regularly staffed.BestHolger
  13. Hi Ryan,i tried your tweaks and it helped me a lot on my more mediocre machine, many thanks to you!BestHolger
  14. there you have it:http://www.flightstore.co.uk/md_11_pmdg_fo....247.dept_l3.0/and IMHO, this ca ould become a legal case (speculation here!)BestHolger
  15. i have no doubt about GE since a friend of mine works as F/O on a 744 for a german carrier and they only have the GE-variant. He was kind enough to talk me through the right procedure using his original checklists, but he has no idea about the Rollers, since they are not used at his employer.BestHolger(Edited to make more sense)
  16. Hi all,i am a bit irritated about the correct startup procedure. After looking up several videos i came to the following conclusion and i am asking for correction here:GE or PW engines: you pull the start-button and turn on the fuel valve and turn the fuel valve ONLY off in case of a wet/hot/hung-start.RR-engines: you pull the start button and wait for a certain N2 then you switch on the fuel.i hope i made my point clear. The PMDG procedure seems to be to pul the buttons and switch on the fuel cutoff valves whereas in case of RR-engines a different procedure should be used from what i see in several cockpit-videos but i may be wrong here...Best and keep up a work that quality and expertise even allows questions like these!Holger
  17. Dear all,due to the fact that i have no idea about painting an aircraft i am asking the more talented among you for a repaint:http://www.airliners.net/open.file/1065957/M/I hope this is not too much work.best regardsHolger
  18. Hi Bill,What the heck are you talking about? Isn
  19. >I use AI flightplans for choosing flights...>>Dubai is a perfect distance from Asia and Europe...>>Singapore Airlines Cargo, Emirates Sky Cargo, KLM Cargo, Atlas>Cargo and many more...>>But I also do think the short flights are amazing :)>>Korean also fly EHAM-EKCH and Singapore fly EGLL-EKCH once a>weel :)>>GSS flies EGSS to EDDF also I believe :)>>Boaz.GSS also flies EGSS-EDDK and EGSS-EDDV, both nice short hops!BestHolger
  20. > I have not seen this. Here is a screenie of mine a minute>ago.>>http://forums.avsim.net/user_files/145241.jpg>> Must be user specific.>>>...............Randy J. Smith................>A PROUD MEMBER OF THE PMDG BETA TEAM>[h4]Evolution is a process that results in heritable>changes in a population spread over many generations[/h4]>>>More than user-specific, idiotically user-specific.....I had auto-coordination on and was looking at the wrong menu. Would one of the moderators please be so kind to delete this thread?Thanks for a wonderful aircraft, especially sounds now are massively improved!Best to allHolger
  21. Rick,at least i am happy i am not the only one, now i hope we will find more of us, so we can probably identify tie source of the problem.By the way, my setup is totally different from yours, except from the ATI 9500 ProBestHolger
  22. Hi Robert,also Auto-Coord is definitely off.I should mention, that i am religiously flying the 744 and this very phenomenon appeared after installing the 74F this morning. Everything else works like a charm as far as i can tell after 3 hours testflying 2 different engine models.Amendment: This Problem may be specific for some unknown culprit in my system, i just want to know if this appeared before for some strange reason.BestHolger
  23. Hi Ryan,i am positively not stationary, i am moving with 10 to 15 knots and there is no undercarriage animation whatsoever.thanks for the fast reply anyways!Holger
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