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  1. i bought and downloaded the 74F this morning and am more than happy with it. The only thing that i find disturbing is, that my nose and undercarriage wheel is not turning anylonger.I can steer the aircraft and all other animations are working flawlessly, but the forementioned wheels are not going in any direction.Is it just me, or are there others experiencing the same?Best regards and thanks in advanceHolger
  2. RE: Weather Rader for the Queen >PMDG decided: if we can't do it right, we won't do it at all Then why did they make the 747? Perfectionism isn't 100% necessery. (note, this is a question for pmdg, not you)Go, troll somewhere else!Holger
  3. Excellent paint, compliments!BestHolger
  4. now he opened the front door, will he unload pallets next????oh lordylord what a nice looking aircraft!best Holger
  5. yes, you are totally correct, i was braindead for a moment and assuming you were the person providing this life-view.BestHolger
  6. would you be so kind to post a screenie with the lower EICAS showing Engine Informations??BestHolger
  7. What does this little subpanel with "No Passengers" written on it mean?BestHolger
  8. Hi Stefan,asked a friend who very recently typerated for the 744 if he would be able to fly the 74F (LH that is) and if there are major differences.quote:"cargo does not whine, cargo does not puke....besides that, it
  9. Hi all,a simple uninstall and reinstall WITHOUT the interim update made the aircraft work again, at least for me.CheersHolger
  10. >Same here>Mine goes further than that, I select the 747 then my>departure airport, click on start then as soon as the 2d>cockpit comes on there is the sound of one of the buttons>clicking then the screen goes blank. After about 30 seconds,>it crashes to desktop.>>Gareth>I have the exact same issue, but other than that i am loading a default situation with the MS-Cessna and a Standard-Scenery first.It seems that, in the very moment the simulation wants to power the aircraft, it crashes. I tried to load a Cold and Dark-Situation (old one), was able to open the Overhead and clicked the battery switch and was sent back to Desktop.Hope this helps solving this issue.BestHolger
  11. For me it was only both of the BA-liveries, at a later stage surely UPS. :-)CheersHolgerBAW277
  12. i have to confess, this little animation made me think it was an edited video from a real-life take-off.Now i am really convinced.All the bestHolger
  13. Check the ND! Numbers are placed correctly now! WOW!CheersHolger
  14. this bird really is throwing a lot of metal while deploying flaps, isn
  15. Hi Randy,happy to see you back in the team!CheersHolger
  16. it was actually more than those 800.000 lbs, 421 tons TOW to be exact. It was simply stunning.CheersHolger
  17. sorry to tell you that he was not aware abouot PC-based-sims. I introduced him into that area, he is a Mac-user and became a Pilot "accidently".CheersHolger
  18. Dear Team,as to myself i am a very pleased customer. But here comes the point;One of my best friends works as an FO on the A320 at one of the better known german carriers. He will switch to long haul in autumn and since his company will have no A380
  19. can one confirm that the forementioned NoCD-crack is the culprit?CheersHolger
  20. hi there,i am experiencing this very same problem in the exact same manner and it rendered my busses nearly useless.I am sometimes able to overcome it by not using airways instead punching in every single waypoint. On some occasions even an init like EGLL/EDDL crashes the whole system.And as you mentioned before, i am also suspecting that it must be sort of data access problem, the clicking noise is repeated 5-7 times very fast and the PC reboots.I was discussing this problem formerly and there was no real solution despite all my efforts.I very much hope that PSS will have a closer look at that.CheersHolger
  21. Hi all,I would like to jump into this thread, i can increase the size of PFD ND and EICAS but cannot undock them with a right mouse click. I would like to place them in bigger size on a second monitor.Hope one can help.CheersHolger
  22. Dear all,i know that this topic was mentioned a few times, but meanwhile i am running out of ideas what i can do to get my airbusses back in business. What happens is the following.Scenario 1) Creating a flight from a default situation, programming the FMGC and at some variable point the FMGC causes not only FS) but my whole system to a rebooting crash as if the OS is wiped totally away while doing an insertion in the FMGC or editing an item,Scenario 2) Creating a new default flight, starting from that one...crash.Scenario 3) Reinstalled the whole flightsim...crash.those crashes also happen with the FMC of the dash 8 although i gave that only a short reassuring test.System is as follows:AMD 1800XP1 Gig RAM40 Gig samsung HDWinXP Pro SP1 The most strange thing is, that this never happened before and i did not change a vital part of the system nor my installation of FS9.Any ideas are highly appreciated.Best regardsHolger
  23. BAW277

    PSS Insert

    Hi Terry,if the program does what you are promising to us, it will be simply awesome, i would love to join the beta-test-team.Best regardsHolger
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