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  1. All i can say after a short hop from EDDS to EDDK is...YOU GUYS SIMPLY ROCK!!Thanks for one of the best addons i ever had the fun to play with!Just one question, to which extend is the ACARS functional??Best regardsHolger
  2. correct, the site is dead also from germany...woah....Holger
  3. could one please enlighten me what speed and altitude intervention means/is good for??cheersHolger
  4. hi all,first i have to say how much i appreciate your effort to reproduce features as real as possible.Second...as an owner of the 737-600NG i was asking myself if buying the 737-800/900 will upgrade my 600 with the forementioned features.If so i would be very happy.Best regardsHolger DallmeyerBAW277/EDDK
  5. Difference between AIrbus/Boeing here is, that with the Boeing-Yoke you control the deflection of the ailerons/elevators.Airbus controls the amount of deflection, pilot commands a bank angle or pitch-angle and the fly by wire system holds that commanded angle(s).So thats why Boeing pilots on final are making "hard rudder" movements while Airbus pilots are doing close to no movements at the sidestick at all.CheersHolger
  6. What graphic card are you running, because some ATI
  7. absolutely awesome, i can only speculate how you did those pictures, a lot of photoshop work i guess (and hope!)Best regardsHolger
  8. I am running an AMD 2400, 1 Gig RAM, an ATI Radeon 9500, and getting stabile 20 frames, locked at 20 with clouds set to MAX.I have to confess that a lot of online traffic gives me a stutter here and there but nothing i couldn
  9. Hello Wolfgang,i bought all the german airports for FS2002 and got them to run with some tweaks in FS2004 without any flaws, so no need for you to keep FS2002.Best regardsHolger
  10. OK, this sounds definitely very promising, now the next challenge...We are looking at the so called PM-MCP (where PM stands for poor man...:))Now what we really want is not only to select different features within the autopilot, what IMHO is even more a thrill is being able to change VALUES, like hdg, speed and so forth....if out there is anyone smarter than me able to give me any advisories about how to build or set up such a device this would definitely be a gogo...best regardsHolger
  11. Hi Tero,i was checking the FSBUS site and it was WAY to technical.As far as i can see your MCP is very nicel rigged, is there any schematic available in regards to the needed components, wiring and setup so one (ME!) could build such a hardware??Where did you get this nice labelling from??Best regardsHolger
  12. Hi Timothy,as ever your tips and tricks are highly appreciated. I could buy a BELKIN Nostromo 52 here for 35
  13. Dear all,i recently learned that Simon Butler unfortunately removed his UK SID/STAR
  14. >Now this is the one I have been really waiting for. PSS can>kiss my left foot. LOL>>------------------------------------------------------------------MUAHAHAHAHA....It was at the tip of my tongue, fornuately one named it before me!PMDG, you rock totally, only these screenshots show the standard. As to the other post that said it is going to be expensive....lets consider it priceworthy instead of expensive whatever the price may be.All the bestHolgerhttp://www.precisionmanuals.com/images/forum/ng_driver.jpg
  15. I am owning a Radeon 9500 non-pro and getting stabile 20 frames but locked at 20. Would try to lock your frames at 25 instead of 60.Best regardsHolger
  16. Could one please enlighten me about the following points:What kind of aircraft is the B1900...sorry for not knowing?Are there any further informations from PMDG in regards to that plane?Will it have an FMC?Best regardsHolger DallmeyerEDDK
  17. Yesterday evening...Flyin...EGBB-EGAA.Placed the plane at EGBB, began programming the FMC, that came up with an error at line 122 rwy something...I was like, oh holy crap, now that will cost me another 15 minutes to download a corrected file and restart the whole bunch of things i need to fly online.I thought, ok, let
  18. Unfortunately not that i know of another professional Airbus-product. I would be highly interested in one.Best regardsHolger
  19. To sum all this up, i did a testflight with this A340 yesterday evening again, a longer one this time...I have to say from all what i saw and compared to other addons from PMDG or even PSS, this plane is in a late alpha / early beta and not even close to a gold stadium. It needs a lot of tweaking, optimizing and especially the internal graphics have to be reworked to meet todays standards. The list of little and annoying errors is so long i will not start here..one of the most bizarre is, that on the ground with no engines on you cannot set the parking brake. It releases itself after a few moments and by looking at the brake temperature i saw it was in the 500
  20. was in contact with them for a long time, expected a lot......what i found is that i have to expect a lot of patches or one big patch. Unflyable eye-candy.Best regardsHolgerEDDK
  21. BAW277

    CG problems

    I had the very same problem after creating a cold/dark-flight, so i assume the problem the other user mentions refers to this....Try loading a default aircraft, THEN the PMDG737 and see if you still have those problems....It could also depend on installing an old livery if i remember right....best regardsHolger DallmeyerEDDK
  22. Hi Andy,this is correct, before SU2you could engage N1 on the ground BUT as far as i know this is not the way it is supposed to be.I do the following which always works fine for me:Hitting the weird multifunctional screw then engage the A/P then a bit later VNAV and N1 comes automagically in the game and after that i switch a bit later to LNAV or CWS what ever i like better.To sum this up, i do not touch N1 during the takeoff any longer T/O-thrust is purely managed now by the T/O-screw (button).By the way, that
  23. Timothy,thanks for the heads up, will install the nwe FSUIPC immediately, don
  24. CG will change, trim will change.CheersHolger DallmeyerEDDK
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