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  1. to which function in FS has the stairs button-combination mapped to, please??I never used the stairs before, but would like them now...cheersHolger DallmeyerEDDK
  2. and in regards to your picture, you left power selection at standby and i am not sure if this does not cause any troubles later.cheersHolgerEDDK
  3. uhm....sorry, unfortunately i have no idea how to install this livery, could someone please give me a little advice??? thanks in advance..Holger DallmeyerEDDK
  4. i tried to load the cold and dark situation and the airplane went totally bananas...i will not describe every single issue here, just believe me, i found myself 3000ft high, engines running full power, no electricity...well, the rest is history or a big crater, better said....could one provide me with the updated cold-dark-situation-file, please???Thanks in advanceHolger Dallmeyerhdallmeyer@netcologne.deEDDK
  5. Well, i am pretty sure that the cold and dark topic was stressed somewhere else, but i cannot find anything regarding it...So, could anyone please be so kind to give me a little advice how to set the A/C in a default cold and dark situation where i can load it from????Best regardsHolger DallmeyerEDDK
  6. oh, allright, i am so DARN stupid somedays, the sidstars folder resides under .../PMDG......what can i say, sorry for troublemaking...Cheers and have a great oneHolger DallmeyerEDDK
  7. Hi all,i downloaded a customized file for the following airports:EDDM, EDDF, EDLP, big question is the following...due to the fact that these files contain information about SID STAR and Approach in ONE Textfile, i have no clue what to do with these files, since i am having 3 separate folders under FMCWP/Navdata named SIDs, STARs and APPROACHES.....do i have to split up those files manually, or do they go in the SID-folder as is????Help highly appreciated...Best regards and thanks in advanceHolger DallmeyerEDDK
  8. Hi, first thank you for the overworked EDDM, EDDF and EDLP files, BUT, due to the fact that there are 3 folders (SIDs, STARs, Approaches)in my FMCWP/Navdata folder i can only guess, where these files go to, because they are containing SID, STAR and approaches....Do i have to split them up manually or whatever??Anyone??Best and thanks in advance!!!HolgerEDDK
  9. MWUAHAHAHA!!!! :)cheers mate the title of that thread was a great one!HolgerEDDK
  10. from what i read in the forums you have to use the removal tool from PMDG, but backup your custom made SID/STAR files.then install the aircraft and you should be done, but i
  11. well, i guess we all have some sort of struggle with this file, especially due to the fact that there are many out there that are using those darn download-managers and hammering the server with requests....oh, i should not comment on that, i just click the email-link from time to time and will eventually get it after the biggest rush, i hope i will have it on friday or saturday to do some flights over the weekend.CheersHolger
  12. YUP, thats the right file, just try to download it.CheersHolger
  13. You guys should be aware that user requests in that amount are creating EXTRA LOAD to the servers, which makes the chance to get a free slot more unlikely.I would highly recommend to ease up a bit on those download-managers, i am not using one as well!!!!Best regardsHolger DallmeyerEDDK
  14. WUAHAHAHAHAHA!!!!!!!Wll, i have to say, i prefer a too busy server compared to a blocked server...in all servernessHolger
  15. This seems very much like a technical problem of the server, because i shut off my DSL-Modem, had another IP-adress and still got the same error after one try only. I am pretty sure they will fix this soon. I am not even able to get to www.precisionmanuals.com , which should be definitely open, i get the same error (403.6)Well, at least one of the reasons why Apache is so much more used as a server...At least i am happy that i am not the only one, this assures me that i did nothing wrong.Hang in there, we all will get what we want so eagerly!!Best regardsHolger DallmeyerEDDK
  16. the authentication should be (just guessing!!!!!) the order ID and Password you received with your e-mail.CheersHolger DallmeyerEDDK
  17. Hi all,while we are waiting...since i am not a native speaker i would just like to know what this expression means...could one explain this to me???TIAHolger DallmeyerEDDK
  18. I remember a thread where the next project after SU2 and the 800/900 series was fixed as a 747-400, which i personally highly appreciate, because i do not know a real good representation of that famous aircraft around...except onw ould like to spend a huge amount of money for PS 1.3correct me if i am wrong.Regarding information from Airbus...i will not name the source but i could provide you with complete specifications, SOP
  19. well, at least MY heart stopped beating for a second.In earlier days people got hanged for thrilling poor guys like me!!But was a good one anyways...CheersHolger DallmeyerEDDK
  20. WUAHAHAHA!!!!Sounds we are all sitting in a very similiar boat in regards to arguments with spouses, anyone to second that??CheersHolger
  21. >You're doing good if only on Valium! I'm on 225 mg of>Effexor XR, 1 mg of Klonopin (equal to 20 mg of Valium), and 5>mg of Zyprexa. If I don't get SU2 by the end of the month,>I'm scheduled for a bilateral rostral cingulotomy at>Massachusetts General Hospital out of state.Chris,I can top thatDaily Dosis:1000 mg Natrium valproat50 mg Lomatrigin1 mg Lorazepam (funny tranquilizer)i am just scheduled for a little lobotomia...and that
  22. Glenn,definitely an absolute "must have".Best regardsHolger
  23. BAW277

    Cost Index

    i am feeling like writing my 2 cents to the cost index topic from a personal view as well as from the view of a pilot (friend of mine).It may be somewhat nice to enter a different CI and see the aircraft behaving differently depending on how low or high the index is but it has close to nothing to do with real airmanship. On long hauls it might make sense to use one but as far as i know, the CI is usually overridden with manual inputs, especially on boeings where there is more on the "user-side" than on Airbus. So for example if you use a company CI of 42 and see, oh man, i am runnning in a delay, they dial in an appropiate mach-number and the cost-index and all the brainpower behind it is worth nothing.What i am wanting to point at is, the CI is a VERY complex issue in any FMC but the pilots i ever talked to, don
  24. I am running those 3.9 Catalyst drivers with my Radeon 9500 and all the flickering problems are definitely gone. Everything runs flawless as far as i can see.CheersHolger
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