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  1. I would recommend a ATI 9800 Pro, not sure about the price but with the new Catalyst Drivers my 9500 (nonpro) is just outstanding.CheersHolger
  2. sorry, that did not do the trick for me, cannot get the wanted axis to work, maybe any other idea??CheersHolger
  3. Hi Eric,as far as i know, those advanced panels like PMDG and also competitor panels do not like accelerated sim-rates for some reason, so better stay on 1x.CheersHolger Dallmeyer/BAW277EDDK
  4. Hi fellow NG-drivers,is there any way to map one of the roation axis on my CH-flightsim-yoke to the reversers?? I searched through FS2004 sttings and also through my registered FSUIPC but it does not find the axis i want to use.Help is appreciated and thanks in advanceHolger Dallmeyer/BAW277EDDK
  5. BAW277

    FMC - FS2004

    you have to definitely change your regional settings, like advised before, i had the very same experience and that solved my problem under FS2004.CheersHolger
  6. HI,i would definitely recommend FSBuild 2.1, highly configurable and easy to use.CheersHolger Dallmeyer
  7. running a ATI 9500 with very good results and the price was reasonable but this may depend on the fact that i never use a VC.I ever get framerates above 15-20 locked at 20.Sys SpecsAMD24001 Gig RAMATI 9500CheersHolger
  8. runnin a Radeon 9500 not overclocken and experiencing great results with the PMDG 737.CheersHolger
  9. Pete,i hope sincerely you don
  10. Pete,well, i know in all bad details what you are talking about, but in my very opinion you are comparing apples with oranges here.PMDG did a fantastic job so far on the 737 as we all aware and i am sure their quality-level is close or as high as the one from PIC767-team. To assume they would rush out a halfmade plane with hardly one update (like other companies do we all know!) is a sort of discouraging predjudice i cannot support.I instead would be very happy if PMDG would announce, based on the things they learned with their 737NG, another plane like a 767 or 777.just my 2 cents and no rant whatsoever meant. (What the hell does rant mean, my dictionary tells me nothing about that word....)CheersHolger DallmeyerEDDK
  11. Randy,thanks for the quick answer, thus i will avoid entering waypoints after the RWY and am waiting for the next patch.I forgot to mention, besides these very little flaws the aircraft is just purely outstanding and worth every cent i spent for it.Continue with the great work.CheersHolgerEDDK
  12. Well, i did one of my scheduled hops from EGKK to EDDF in the 737-600 and when i tried to enter a waypoint after the RWY for a missed approach procedure, the FMC came up with PROGRAM ERROR and i had to fly the rest of this leg halfmanually, because also the Autopilot itself was not responding properly, anyways, landed ok and wanted to ask if something like this has been mentioned before?Thanks in advanceHolgerEDDK
  13. VNAV or as Airbus-Pilots calling it "managed climb/descent" is used on a regular base. Friend of mine works for Germanwings as F/O and so this information is first hand.CheersHolgerEDDK
  14. Finally one teached me the right plural of forum!!!!Thanks Lefteris!!CheersHolger DallmeyerEDDK
  15. BAW277


    down on my side of the lake too, probably and hopefully they are updating it....Cheers,Holger EDDK
  16. BAW277


    ATI 9500 here and am very happy with it, constant FPS at 30 (locked at 30) together with an AMD 2400+.Works brilliant, and the card was really not too expensive.CheersHolger
  17. Hi Christoph,had this before, try playing with the right-engine fuel-valve on the pedestal. Worked for me like close,open,close, and with 20% N1 open the engine started.Try also reloading the aircraft from a not saved situation.CheersHolger Dallmeyer EDDK
  18. mouse,i remember now that i hit shift-3 before, are you absolutely sure this causes the A/P to behave oddly? I will try to reproduce this tonight. If it is the case there would be another little "beature" to report.CheersHolger EDDK
  19. Hi Team,i experienced this too on a flight from EDDM to EDDH.After reaching T/D the A/P did react to my inputs but there were no different numbers shown on the MCDU, e.g. the Levelchange-Button did not highlight after clicking on it, nor did the selected speed come up...i managed a land without autothrottle due to the outstanding smoothness of the airplane, which i am kudoing to...i forgot, clicked the LOC/APP-Button, also these did not highlight but the A/C entered the glideslope.On the ground and after switching the Power-Source the A/P came back alive and showed up properly.So it felt like the A/P lost parts of its functionality for no reason..oh yes, the APU was extinguished again...maybe correlating to something??Cheers and hope that helped fixing thisHolger
  20. Ryan,thought about that too, just wanted to be steps ahead.CheersHolger
  21. Dear all,it looks like that bigger parts of the PMDG-client community are starting to create their own DP/STAR
  22. Hi Tibor,Download procedure for me was very easy, but as far as i know you need a credit card which is easy to get.Anything else i guess PMDG will be happy to help you with (at least they did so in my case...:))CheersHolger
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