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  1. Dear Team,will we experience callouts like "flaps 1 set!" as in the Dreamfleet 737??If not, ok, it is more or less just a gimmick...If yes, well, another nice gimmick then:)CheersHolger
  2. Robert-definitely absolutely cool...CheersHolger
  3. Hi Lefteris,i guess you are generating a Key, based on a special hardware-component. You could couple this Key with a valid e-mail adress and password in case one needs a replacement of the key.I.e. i bought a new motherboard (faster CPU for demanding products "hinthint") and a new HD, because this one i am running is producing more and more corrupt sectors, so if i had just installed your 737NG i would probably run in exactly the troubles you are describing.Cheers and best regardsHolger
  4. Hi Team,there are some things i felt should be mentioned:1. I appreciate very much that you are NOT telling us something about release dates, which then will be postponed ovr and over, instead of giving us regular updates.2. As far as i am able to determine you are putting a lot of hard and very well researched work in the 737NG.so i am pretty sure that i will become a happy customer as soon as the 737NG will be released and wish you a good progress.Cheers and best regardsHolger DallmeyerEDDK
  5. Well, i am Member of British Airways Virtual and to my knowledge even BA does not operate the 737NG, but what the heck...This is a simmers world and if the real carrier cannot afford a wonderful aircraft, at least we simmers can:)So i would highly recommend a 737NG in a BA-Livery, even if such one does not exist in the real world. Any comments about this?CheersHolger
  6. OK, you made me drooling all over the keyboard again!!!Cheers and keep up!Holger
  7. Hi folks,from what i saw until now you are about to create an outstanding product, and despite my wife calls me another time crazy, my credit card is ready to buy the 737NG.The only little flaw i saw is, does your FMC model a "direct-to" function or is this unrealistic in regards to what the real FMC is able to perform?Cheers and keep upHolger Dallmeyer
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