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  1. CFG212 Michael

    Damage Mod v2.0 for Flight1's BN-2 Islander RELEASED!

    kekelekou, actual flying in Denmark and it works perfect. This brings the good old Islander back in active service 👍 Thanks
  2. CFG212 Michael

    Damage Mod v2.0 for Flight1's BN-2 Islander RELEASED!

    I was following this activity since FSX so I'm more than happy that you will provide this for actual P3D version ! Thank you !
  3. CFG212 Michael

    Maddog 2018

    First of all I would like to thank you for all the efforts about LINDA and it's modules. Never fly without it. My question now is : As Leonardo with SP1 has changed the functionality of their NAV and COM radios I would like to ask if it is possible to get this changed functions also for the Maddog X module.? Cheers, Michael
  4. CFG212 Michael

    Universal FMS?!!

    Hi Fabio, do you have a panel config file with the ISG FMS you can share ?
  5. CFG212 Michael

    Muelheim Ruhr X Update

    Hi Christian, as always an outstanding scenery. Thank you ! Cheers, Michael
  6. CFG212 Michael

    Maddog Freeware Repaint (Livery) Notifications

    Tatu, as always great liveries ! Thanks a lot.
  7. CFG212 Michael

    DC-6 Balair Livery

    Franfurt and Gatwick were regulary scheduled.
  8. CFG212 Michael

    DC-6 Balair Livery

    In the sixties their major destinations were Frankfurt and London Gatwick and during the summertime their were used by charter flights to destinations around the Mediterranean Sea. In the seventies the DC-6s of the Balair often had special assignments for relief flights from the United Nations or the International Red Cross (Cambodia, Bangladesh, Vietnam, Biafra, Angola and others ).
  9. CFG212 Michael

    CTD upon touchdown

    I no longer use the AFE. Maybe that's the reason I didn't faced a CTD during the last flights...
  10. CFG212 Michael

    CTD upon touchdown

    Made another flight EDDH-ENGM and back in the evening without any issue. Win7, P3Dv4, EDDH from Justsim, ENGM from AS, AS16, UT2, TrackIR, dynamic lights on, no HDR. So without beeing sure what the problem is/was in detail I'm now able to use the plane.
  11. CFG212 Michael

    Aerosoft CRJ soundpack

    Flying frequently with CRJ between Vienna and Ljubljana I can say that if sitting in the first rows the engines are hard to hear, only during takeoff. Sitting in the back you of course will hear them. So I'm sure that cockpit is quite silent in regard to the engines....
  12. CFG212 Michael

    CTD upon touchdown

    I also have had the same situation: All CTDs during taxing from position 13 to rwy 30 al LEBB and always before leaving apron to move over to the other side of the airport. GSX and FSDT installed, using UT2, FTX Global, FSUIPC, AS16. Controllera are TrackIr, Thrustmaster Warthog, Saitek Quadrant (2x) and Saitek rudders. First successful flight after : - disabled all unused audio devices (GTX1070 devices) - found device PNP0A0A without driver which now ist AMDA00 interface (special monitoring device for ASUS boards) - enabled HT and AM 3028 (CPU is 6850K/6 cores) - started FSDT Live update Meanwhile four flights without any problem. I think we can exclude HT on/off as a reason and also FSDT, but what's about audio devices?
  13. CFG212 Michael

    CTD upon touchdown

    I made my first successful flight! What I've done : FSDT Live Update (But that seems to be update vehicles only) and I switched to Hyperthreading. Never done it before and so it was just a try. My flight from LEBB to LEMG ended with a seamless touchdown and parking to the ramp. So, I'm not sure if that was only a one time success. I will try it on later on again with other airports.
  14. CFG212 Michael

    CTD upon touchdown

    Today I started another flight, LEBB to LEMG. About 70 nm south of EBLL At cruise lebel of 10.000 feet I click on the yoke to lower it and end up into a CTD with ntdll.dll. LEBB from ORBX and LEMG from AS with FTX Global and ORBX Europe LC and UT2. I have tried with and without UT2 - no success. System is I7 6850K@4.4 (certified for 4.4) with WIN7 64bit andn GTX 1070. Both are watercooled and running below 50C. All options are set to normal. I don't have any idea what to do to get done a successul flight with this great aircraft. And as it seems to be only a problem of a minority of DC-6 users - what is the common between this users? I also have SODE installed. I have FSDT with addon manager and COATL.
  15. CFG212 Michael

    CTD upon touchdown

    Any news regarding this issue? I also have this problem of unpredicted CTDs (in flight and also during taxiing) and no hint what to change to get rid of this problem.