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  1. >>There will always be those people without creative skill who>want to contribute, and will attempt to use this method as a>means of doing so. Get used to it, and try to think of it as>a compliment.>>- MartinSure - but my worries concerns eventually patches and updates - when people are doing that, i do not have a #### of a chance to patch/update my work when it is uploaded to several sites. The easiest way to keep that in touch is to keep my files/work at ONE place, and in my humble opinion it can only be AVSIM, since all files here at this place can be accessed by everyone - without having to pay.

  2. I just installed Antilles 2004 v1.3 from FS Antilles Group, but there seems to be a problem with Fort of France (TFFF). Everytime I am within 20 miles from the airport, FS crashes. I have followed the instructions, and removed the previous version, removed other 3'rd party sceneries covered in this package, and scanned for duplicate Afcad-files, but to no avail. Hope, someone can figure this out - I really don't want to miss this package.

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