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  1. Hello,

    Thanks for the reply myanezt, but what do you mean exactly? You run two different machines, but you have 2 instances of X-Plane on machine #1 and a third instance on machine #2?

    I'm glad if it works for you, it would be nice though if it could also connect to the HSI (or whichever instrument) on the master machine. Do you mean that you can only use the GTN to view a moving map/terrain? You cannot use it to connect to autopilot or tune radios,transponder etc.?

  2. Hello Jean-Luc,

    The goal is that I could use the master machine as the main simulator PC with the scenery view or in VR, and the second machine with a touchscreen to control the GTN750. Using the 750 on the touchscreen machine should also update everything on the master machine and vice versa. I assume this is not possible then since I doubt X-Plane itself could sync all the data of two 750s over network?



  3. Garuda Indonesia 737-800 WL. They now seem to have lot's of these in their fleet. Personally, I would love it if you would paint the PK-GMC one, as I have a 1:100 desktop model of that plane. I grabbed it at Jakarta airport and was thinking how great it is that we will soon be able to fly this plane "as real as it gets", thanks to PMDGs innovative and highly dedicated team.

  4. Hello,I just tried the 747 in FS9 to see how the update in FSX package performs, but noticed that there wasnt any new options for altitude callouts or to turn off FO dispays etc. The module said "October 2007" though.Does this mean it didnt install the FS9 update correctly? I tried reinstalling it too with the repair option but that didnt work either.Best regards,

  5. >I don't necessarily see a performance benefit (hardware>remains the same) but you won't feel any of the restrictions>felt in 32bit operating systems.>>Keep in mind that FSX is STILL a 32-bit application, but at>least the operating system will allocate full memory to its>other applications as well.Thanks,May I ask your opinion though.. Do you as a developer, find vista perform better with 744X under that configuration than XP?I'm currently running XP SP2 on C2D Q6700 and 8800GTX 768MB. If I upgraded my memory to 8GB and to vista64, is it likely I would see any performance benefit?Regards,

  6. Hello all 744X users,Maybe this has been asked before, but I have been thinking of upgrading my RAM to 4-8GB and getting Vista64.I have Core2 Duo 6700, and 8800GTX with 764MB memory.My question simply is, how much better (if any) does the 744X perform with SP2 DX10 support? Especially in VC view. Right now I can get around 22-30fps in XP with some major compromises in graphics. Is there really any benefit for upgrading to Vista64 and getting DX10 support?

  7. >Biggest FPS drop culprits in my experience:>>1) Bloom>2) Aircraft Shadows>3) Autogen (anything over sparse)>4) Traffic (usually I set it to 10-15%)>>In your case, I'd purchase another couple RAM sticks to bring>the total up to 4GB and go read on Phil Taylor's blog>regarding how to allow FSX to understand 3GB (there are a>couple tweaks involved).>>If you REALLY want to splurge, go for a Quad Core CPU. To>become really extravagant, think about upgrading to 8GB of RAM>and Vista64. It feels like moving from a one-bedroom apartment>to a three story house.Lefteris,Are you saying that 744X does work well with Vista64 and 8GB of RAM? What would be the performance benefit?Regards,

  8. Tried it and didnt work perfectly yet. The LNAV and the magenta route line seems to go perfectly fine up to the pole, but after crossing the pole things get crazy. Hopefully in the future it will be possible to cross the poles with LNAV. This time my solution was to use HDG SEL mode to navigate to lower latitudes and then engage LNAV again.

  9. Just thought I should add that at least for me, the recycling of the knob only helps for few minutes, and then he IRS DC message appears again.Keep up the good work! The 400X is a really great product and after these small fixes will surely get many hours of flying :)

  10. Hello Ryan,Already checked that and my dll.xml file is all good, all entries there and within the simbase document tag.This mainly seems to happen after already using the 747X and then reloading another version of the aircraft. Sometimes my FSX also just suddenly closes down after I load the aircraft for the first time after starting FSX.If theres any additional information you may need I will try to help you.

  11. Hello,As I understand the system logic/functionality will not be changed from the latest FS9 version, but will the flight model (not the visual one but the one we actually fly) be updated/adjusted for more realistic flying? Or is it the same as in FS9, which maybe already is realistic enough?Best regards

  12. Hello ladies and gentlemen,Today I was flying the famous tricky approach to Madeira airport (LPMA), and due to slightly high speed and altitude on final had to go around. After a while I switch on AP and engage heading and FLCH modes to bring me to 3000 feet and continue on runway heading. Soon after that I set the LNAV to fly and HOLD AT fix FUNOR. While on the hold I was trying to reprogram the approach, but encountered trouble.First, I reselect the approach from DEP/ARR page, but that gives me a discontinuity. I try to fill the dicontinuity and the execute light illuminates but the gap is not filled, even after hitting the execute the dicontinuity still persists. It also seems to have the approach twice on the legs page, separated with another dicontinuity.I tried all possible solutions I'm aware of to reprogram the approach, but never managed to fill the discontinuity or delete the double waypoints properly. Finally I just gave up and fly VFR!If any of you could make out anything of what I'm trying to say, do you know if this is either a simulator issue, or does the real 747 work like this too? Or am I just not knowing what to do?How can I properly re-program the approach?Thank you in advance.

  13. Hello,I understand the product is still in beta testing, but in case you already know and can tell us, will it be possible to increase the gauge FPS above 15 in the VC mode in the FSX version? Also, will there be any changes to improve the visibility of the instruments in VC? Right now the control column is blocking the PFD at times. :) I know its realistic but in real life the pilot should be able to have a clear view of it. I think in FSX the joy of flying from the VC is much greater than in FS9.Thank you and good luck with the testing!

  14. What I know is that the pilots were new to this aircraft at that time and had misread the new layout of engine instruments while they were busy solving the problem. Also when they shut down the wrong engine the violent vibrations from the engine stopped (I recall this had something to do with the fact that the fuel feed to the faulty engine was reduced too, dont know whether its because they started descent or what [professionals please confirm]) and so the pilots were sure that they had done the right action. On the approach when they had to increase throttle again the fuel feed increased and the faulty engine failed completely.Anyone who knows more can add to this story.

  15. Thanks Q.This was new to me. I used to think that the engines are designed to withstand all sort of hail and rain. But of course to think that a huge chunk of ice goes through it it cant be good either.I dont think I've ever heard of all engines flame out because of rain/hail. But yes, I do know some volcanic ash flameouts from Indonesia. I've been there two times and they sure have lots of active volcanoes.Anyway, just wondering how does the PMDG simulation determine when the plane is flying through severe hail? Does it recognize CB clouds in FSX and then just randomly flame out an engine when flying through it?

  16. Great screenshots!I'm really glad the 747 is going to be available for FSX soon. PMDG is the company that really made MSFS interesting to me, starting from FS2004. Ryan, how is your framerate with the 747X and what kind of machine you run? How much heavier it is for hardware if you compare it to the FSX Cessna with Garmin glass cockpit (which is heavier than other default planes)?Regards,Antti

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