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  1. Ian & others,This same joke, as mentioned, has been translated into many languages and like said, originated from an US Air Force joke I think.I received this very same joke a while ago, with the airline changed to Finnair. To a normal person it may be funny, but all the professioinals seem to immediately correct things. :) Same happened when it was sent to a Finnair flight mechanic. Finnair and Qantas share pretty much equal safety record, except that Finnair did have two accidents with fatalities during the earlier years in aviation. :(
  2. Ray,What is your new display? I'm currently looking for a Sony SDM P234B 23" display.How's your screen performing with FS and PMDG?
  3. Hello PMDG and others too,Does the TRU north function mean that it is possible to cross poles in FS with the 747? So far I've understood that due to FS limitations this was not possible.The shots look amazing!
  4. Check the CAB UTIL switch. That should power up the galleys.
  5. Christian,Could you take a screenshot of your PMDG panel and post it here?
  6. Hello!Sounds great! I was just wondering if it affects the performance of the simulator in any way? Any experiences?
  7. Philip,I think I've fixed the problem for now! I re installed some drivers, and re-installed PMDG, and what did I get? 35-70fps in flight and on the ground! :) What caused the PMDG to slow down before? Well somehow my previous installation seemed to miss the right font for the gauges, with this installation the font was there, and I'm not sure if it's just the font, but the previous installation must have been really screwed!However, I'd be happy to hear what you were about to suggest, since it may help me or others in the future. Thank you very much for your help, and get well soon!
  8. Hello Philip,I disabled the sound from FS but that didn't do anything to the frames.The only thing I found to noticeably increase the frames was to disable the AI traffic. When disabling it I get around 29-39 fps with the default flight. Occasionaly it may be over 40.I think I'm going to install the 9.1 update next and see what it does.Also I noticed that my display adapters Internal DAC frewuency is 400MHz, but this isnt the clock frequency, right?
  9. Ok Philip, I've re-installed everything from the operating system to FS. Here's my installation log and test results with a clean FS9 install, not even the 9.1 update installed, and the flight was made with default Cessna in Seattle area.Installation log:- Installed WinXP with SP2- Installed latest drivers for Intel i925x chipset- Installed audio drivers (motherboard integrated sound card)- Installed ATI Catalyst 8.07 beta drivers (I was told the beta is faster than current catalyst, and so it seems. Or at least equal.)- Installed CH joysticks and MS Sidewinder Pro- Installed FS2004Now onto the test flight:Display set to 1280x976x32 with AA 4x Anisotropic filterin 16x (from display driver control panel) Terrain mesh 100, textures highest values, both autogen and scenery density normal and shadows only for the aircraft. Traffic set to 40%.The average fps with the deffault cessna on ground @ KSEA was around 20-27, when looking down in the VC it could rise as high 80fps, but never when looking to scenery or instruments.During flight most of the stutters and frame losses occured during turns, as its probably expected to. During approach when getting closer to ground a small loss of frames came into play. At nightime the frame rates were a little lower than during daytime. Turning off traffic increased average frame rate to around 28-30.Here's my complete system specs once more:Asus P5AD2 Deluxe motherboard with i925x chipsetAsus Radeon X800XT 256MB card (PCI Express, NOT AGP)Intel Pentium 4 LGA775 processor 3,4 GHz1GB Kingston 533Mhz DDR2 Memory120GB Western Digital 7200RPM Hard Drive (S-ATA connection)Lite-on DVD RomNow this was the first step, any suggestion now or should I move into installing PMDG 737 or FS9.1 update?
  10. Please read the third post of this topic. I've explained one thing that seems to affect the performance on my new system. And it's a strange one. Wasnt like that on my old system.Philip, I'll get back to you when I've done some testing. I started everything from the beginning. I'm writing everything down now. Thanks for helping me out.
  11. It's an entirely new PC, but I have now found at least the major troublemaker here.The main reason for the extremely poor FPS was the PMDG gauges in virtual cockpit. As I've said this new Asus Radeon X800 PCI express recognizes PMDG gauges as "to-be-anti-aliased" When it anti-aliases the gauges and tries to update them 15fps in VC, the performance of the sim goes down to about 5fps.What I did was I reduced the VC gauge update rate to minimum (2fps) and suddenly the VC and Virtual Cabin FPS increased to a standard level, which is around 19-25fps. The panel gauge update was at 20fps.With my system the overall fps should in theory still be better than that, but at least I've found the major reason now.Please note that my graphic card does not apply the AA to default FS gauges.I turn to PMDG team with this now and ask if they have a more precise explanation about this? What is the basic techology behind those gauges that causes my graphic card to anti-alias them?Even more valuable finding this could be to the future development of the PMDG products, since I strongly believe that my type of systems are getting more common in the near future.
  12. I recently assembled a new computer with all the latest hardware on the market. I was expecting to get increased fps with my system but instead the FPS went WAY down from my old system.Here are my system specs:Asus P5AD2 Deluxe motherboard with i925X chipsetPentium 4 LGA775 Processor @ 3,4GHz1GB of 533MHz DDR2 RAMAsus Radeon X800XT 256mb graphics card in PCI Express bus.What I've heard from many with a similar configuration is that they get over 50fps even with the 747NG, but in 737NG I get only 5-9fps, REGARDLESS of what my display settings and resolution is.ALSO the PMDG AIRAC Database loader is VERY much slower than it was on my old computer.I've also noticed that my new display card applies AA to the PMDG gauges, which it shouldn't do? Also the font on the LCDs seem to be different from the original.Now what could possibly cause this strange behaviour? Is FS and 737NG designed for older hardware with AGP and not PCI Express cards? I've tried everything from different drivers to reinstalling everything, tweaking etc. But with no luck.Any ideas how to make it flyable again?
  13. >Some of them.Really? From what I've seen in pictures, I'd say MOST of them have LCD screens. But maybe I'm wrong, please excuse me in that case. :)
  14. >Those collors look like it is a LCD screen, like the tripple>seven.>http://www.airliners.net/open.file?id=550465&size=L737NG also has LCD screens, did you know that? :)
  15. May I also suggest that you start your longhaul in the evening (your local time) so that you will arrive to your destination in the morning. Therefore you can just sleep over the night and let the trusty autopilot handle the flight. ;) You may want to set up an alarm clock at certain times during the night if you need to monitor fuel or check for anything else.
  16. ahaka

    APU Usage

    Hello,Am I right that in 737NG the APU must be on to get the aircondition to work while on the ground with engines off? Since there's no switch or indication for external bleed air this must be the case?
  17. I know KLM and Finnair used the "ding-dong ding-dong" to signal cabin crew to be seated. However, Finnair uses the "cabin crew please be seated for takeoff/landing" these days instead of the chimes.
  18. ahaka


    FS has a funny way of changing wind directions very rapidly. If a tailwind that goes 135kt suddenly changes to 135kt headwind, you're in a big trouble since it adds 135kt to your airspeed.A very unpleasant bug, however not PMDGs fault.
  19. Yes. Pushback and start is requested from ground/ramp control. There are some exceptions like very small airports where tower is the only controller. Please correct me if I'm wrong.
  20. >Eric>>This is correct behaviour. There is no way in MSFS to easily>tie the APU to the batteries so until you are running on>engine driven generators you are on batteries.>>Gents - I hope all of you having trouble with lights and>radios are checking that you are on generator power and not on>batteries!! ;-)>>Cheers,Mats, then why did the radios and lights fail when I was flying with engine generators on?I posted another thread on this but now it seems that a lot of others have had similar problems too... That just woke me up again.
  21. ahaka

    A bug?

    Could this really have been the problem although I had engines on and engine generators on?If the answer is yes, then I'm happy it was nothing more than that. :)
  22. ahaka

    A bug?

    Lefteris,Yes, I am.
  23. ahaka

    A bug?

    Sigh, I believe I'm alone with this problem :(
  24. Don't know if this has anything to do with it, but the CBT seems to be for another model, like -600 or -700 while the one you posted a shot looks like an -800 -900.
  25. Have you tried using a res of 1280x960 or 1280x1024?
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