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  1. SU2 is now the whole product. There's no SU1 or 1.1 anymore.
  2. Thanks for providing another teaser!:)I can also see that the airplane symbol in PFD has been changed.
  3. Just a question... Why would they need to remove A/T from new 737s to make it just a little closer to a 737 oldtimer? Is it really that hard for pilots to learn how to use A/T?
  4. ahaka

    Cabin Views

    Mike,This doesn't answer to all parts of your message, but if you want to have a look at the cabin you may download the demo version of Active Camera and move the airplane to the Seattle area where the demo version has full functionality.
  5. Peter,The problem with laptops is their LCD diplays. LCD monitors in general have much higher response times than CRTs, where it's basically 0. What this means is that a lot of LCD displays cause "ghosting" when it comes to playing videos or games (or flying sims ;) ) An LCD with response time less than 15 could do, but still wouldn't be as good as CRT and very expensive. So I think that at the moment it's best to stick with CRT when it comes to computer flying.Hope this helps...
  6. ahaka

    Cabin Views

    If you're using FS2004, then yes. The program is called Active Camera and can be found from www.anticyclone.be . The price is 13 Euros or 15 US Dollars.You can download a trial version first which works only at the Seattle area and then decide whether you want to buy it or not. I think it's well worth buying though. Adds a lot of neat things to the sim. :)
  7. ahaka


    Artur,This should be fixed in the SU2, which is probably released in a day or two.
  8. I remember I saw a Ryanair paint some time ago, so I believe there is one coming soon.
  9. Liam, yes, there will be new manuals for SU2. :)
  10. It was down a couple of weeks ago too, but we can always hope the best. :)
  11. ahaka


    Well, I hate of not being any real help here by saying that those things don't really work in FS2004 ATC. The ATC is too simple so it doesn't model SIDs/STARs. It can also vector two aircraft to final only 1 nautical mile from each other, not to mention that AI aircraft are very slow to clear the runway.My advice is to disable the AI traffic and not use ATC for other than weather services. There's also some 3rd party software available to make ATC better, but someone with more knowledge can tell you about those.As what comes to FMC and VNAV, do you have the runway selected and MCP altitude set before the aircraft reaches T/D?
  12. All I know is that FS2004 doesn't simulate wind/yaw/ground effects very realistically, and I'm quite sure that the Y/D doesn't really do anything in the sim?
  13. Yes, it's down to the pilot at the end, but in a more serious emergency, the pilot will, or should land ASAP without fuel dumps I think. Air condition pack failure doesn't sound too serious, so the pilot probably decided to save the undercarriage from extra load and dumped the fuel.
  14. ahaka

    SU2 soon???

    I thought that PMDG 737TNG is meant for sim pilots who are not subject to crash the plane in any case. :)
  15. >Not to sound like a moron, but I think he asked if the real>world aircraft fly the way the fs ones does, and the>difference of them. Not really if the flight models are>correct in fs9, PMDG or default.Hehe you're right, that's what I was asking ;) Sorry I wasn't sure how to put it into words. Perhaps I was a bit unclear. I was thinking if someone here might know if the differences between old and new 737 are the same in real life as those I listed in my first post.But judging from these comments, the default FS model is not that close to a real 737-400. Btw, can't wait for SU2, hopefully it's done for christmas holidays so I can put it in a serious use. ;)
  16. Hello!Does anyone know if the default 737-400 is comparable to the 737-700 PMDG the same way these aircraft fly in real life?I've noticed that the default -400 needs a bit more pilot input when flying manually than the 737TNG. For example, when flying a manual approach, the -400 needs a lot more corrections while the -700 is more stable and feels lighter than the -400, making the -700 somewhat easier to fly. Another thing I've noticed is that the -700 needs more back pressure on the stick when banking.I would love to hear more comments/experience on this. :)
  17. Look in your keyboard config of FS for a "extend/retract concorde nose visor". Can't remember the default setting, but I've set it as home = retract, end = extend.Perhaps there's going to be the airstair switch in the 800/900 release. ;)
  18. Never tried the DF737, but it's a different version of 737, so I don't think you can compare them straight ahead.However, I can tell you that the 737NG is worth every cent. :)
  19. Hello Paul,Actually, I wouldn't want this to be implemented unless there was a switch to turn it on/off. Here's why:Sometimes at high altitudes when cruising, I get very strong windshear and the plane is yawing like mad (despite the yaw damper). I wouldn't want to hear "windshear, windshear" all that time, it would just start to get on my nerves. :)
  20. >Oh Ok thanks a bunch :) i need to learn how to use a fmc>anyhow. Iam kind of new to here. Dont want to sound dumb or>anything how to u sighn ur real name to ur post??? :) Just press ENTER two or three times and type in your name. I hope you still remember what your name is? ;)About the GPS, the only thing I find it useful for is to get the airport information and sometimes the map to see where in the world you are exactly. A more realistic option of course would be buying some real-world charts for this.
  21. So the next time I see a passenger to take a peek under the carpet during approach and shout "GEAR DOWN", I know he (or she ;) ) is a member of this club.There are in fact lots of small gadgets on an aircraft... Who wants to know how to unlock the lavatory doors? :) Hopefully noone...
  22. I have bought it, though I'm not using it anymore. The frame rates with PSS are ok if you set the gauge update rate below maximum, but that means the gauges are far too laggy. Otherwise it's a real frame rate killer. Of course the Airbus is cheaper, but I rather pay some extra to get quality in return.So if I was the person who started this thread, I wouldn't even consider buying the A330/340. ;)
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