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  1. Hello!Searched the forum for this subject but didn't find anything, so I decided to start a new thread.A few minutes after takeoff last night, I engaged the autopilot and the plane suddenly pitched up (very rapidly) to about 20 degrees. I couldn't control the pitch until I engaged VNAV which solved the problem.I had set up all LNAV and VNAV information correctly, armed the A/T and engaged FD before takeoff, my MCP SPD was set to V2 + 7 and I used 22k derated takeoff thrust.I don't see a reason why this happened since I only engaged the A/T, not any pitch mode.Regards,
  2. If I'm not wrong, the hilowchime is actually a cabin signal, used often to tell cabin crew that takeoff or landing is happening soon and crew should get seated and fasten their belts. Anyone know where this switch should be?
  3. Seems like you were actually flying 737-700 Orbiter. :)Good luck flying the re-entry! ;)
  4. ahaka


    Hi!Since PMDG adds the weights to the PERF INIT page automatically, I was wondering if it's possible to do this in real life? Or do you have to know your ZFW and then the FMC calculates the GW from there automatically?
  5. ahaka

    Flare Height

    Yeah I've found it a lot better to flare the way you described it. :)Actually, I was flying with Sabena a few years back from Helsinki to Brussels. During landing, as we crossed the runway threshold at about 50 feet, the plane still continued at the same descent rate, and I already assumed we're gonna hit the pavement hard :) until just a few feet above the runway the captain (female) cut the throttles and rapidly flared the plane, and I really felt that flare! The landing was just about perfect, and I've never seen such a perfect "late" flare again.Btw, I assume Ian really made a bad landing... even the winglets of his plane are pointing down booing for him. ;)
  6. ahaka

    Flare Height

    I just tried out flaring at 15ft AGL today while doing a full ILS approach. I ended up slamming to the runway quite hard and had a bounce. :) Nothing broke but still a hard landing. So, either there's not enough ground effect in FS or then you really shouldn't count on numbers, but visual reference instead, like I've done before.
  7. Hello!This could be caused by the lack of display memory on your card.
  8. ahaka

    IFE switch

    Thanks for the answers everyone!To be honest, I haven't flown too much with the new 737s, because most of the airlines here operate the A320 series on their short and medium-haul flights. Most of them have the similar overhead LCD system that folds up, but I've seen the motors get stuck sometimes so they don't always fold open in such a unison you were talking about. :)Passenger seem to require much higher standards these days. When I was a kid (which isn't too long ago) there were absolutely no entertainment on a 3 hour flight other than the inflight magazine, and for kids to visit the flight deck. (When it was still allowed)Ian, it's good to have your knowledge here! I was a frequent visitor in the PS1 forum a few years back. Cheers! :)
  9. Hi!I was wondering if there really is any airline that has an inflight entertainment system onboard the 737? I've never seen it in 737, only in Airbuses or bigger Boeings.
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