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  1. What defies comprehension is that it was left to Tom to explain the withdrawl of PSS support on Avsim. There is no PSS presence here and no attempt being made to retain customer goodwill.I always had the impression that customer service was very much Normans role and from his departure PSS mgmt failed to recruit or cover this aspect of the business.I have seen at firsthand technical manager/directors frightened of communicating with customers who are less than satisfied and have found such evasion a dereliction of management responsibility - where does the buck stop? And guaranteed to make the customer feel worse.In very small organizations founded by individuals with a flair for the technical aspects of the products, elementary business process - planning, sales, support, management and communication can get ignored simply because the directors aren't interested and regard human- beings as an inconvenience.PSS development had been shakey for sometime - remember the 757 load editor fiasco - Norman left high and dry on these boards.If PSS directors foresee any future venture in this field they'd find it in their own interests to bite-the-bullet and talk to their customers.

  2. Hi,Following the patch issued for FSX I began adding some AI, but have noticed a very significant 'hit' associated with even a few AI aircraft on screen.For example, a test at PHOG, with only TWO Aardvark B737-200s on the apron.From the default microlight; panning around, the sim maintains 55-60 fps, however the moment the AI is in view this induces stutters of 12-15FPS every 2-3 seconds.1. I removed ground vehicles in case it was the processing logic for these.2. I removed the AI the frame rate was steady - no stutters.3. I added mips to the AI textures, in case it was connected with rendering the textures.4. Re-defragged the HD in case it was an AI Aircraft file access issue.The frame-rate drop does not appear proportional to the amount of AI, a test at Las Vegas with approximately 30 AI shows similar size stutters.Has anyone else encountered this sort of smooth/stutter experience with even very occaisional AI?Rgds,Chris.P.S. I'm using ttools to compile the traffic bgls (which presumably are in fs9 format), I'm wondering if that's the issue?

  3. >>I'm sorry guys - we do not allow discussion of our internal business matters in our forum. I did not make the rule and I'm not singling anyone out.Apologies PMDG, but how is product pricing an INTERNAL business matter? If your company is not open to informing customers of the reason for the price-hike in an existing product then it welcomes the simple perception that the company merely wishes to generate additional revenue from its customers abritrarily.Unfortunately the market in which PMDG, Wilco, PSS, etc operate does not contain sufficient direct competition and so consumers are sensitive to the possibility of being taken-for-a-ride by any one company establishing a strong position, particularly where the userbase is price-sensitive. Perhaps the powers that be in PMDG should consider that (as an internal business matter, of course).Rgds,Chris.

  4. >#1 rule in software development: It is done when it's done.>Hmmm, not under my roof my friend. Actual #1 rule in Commercial software development: It's done when the plan says it'll be done. (Assuming there's a half-decent Project Manager involved to bang heads, sort priorities and generally get up everyones backs).

  5. I guess 'fair' is a subjective concept. Logical, may be what is meant.Certainly regarding comparisons with the Level-D Simulations product this was version 7.0 of a much earlier piece of work started by Eric Ernst many years previously. I believe version 6.4 was the last freeware release and even at that stage it wasn't comprehensive by any means. It seems this is still available (as ported to FS9) here in the library: cpb767p11.zipAnyone involved in software development will comprehend that a product on version 1.0 and one on version 7.0 will show differences in the scope of attention to detail, hence the popularity of RAD processes and interative development.It's unlikely, however, that in the wholly commercial/payware environment that the Feelthere product will get the time that LvlD had in it's genesis, PR/Marketing takes over and as consumers we have our expectations and will judge accordingly.

  6. >>Consider, say a B747 with some 200,000 lb of static thrust. If it doesn't move then there must be an equal and opposite force of -2050,000lb. Please explain where this additional force comes from and how it changes to match the thrust if the thottle position is changed?<

  7. Thanks for the links, although I've started building the procedures from information available on the web.I have Lhasa (ZULS) there and 2 approaches:1. Standard ILS for Rwy272. RNP procedure for Rwy09I'm going to work on SIDs for Lhasa and then look at procedures Nyingchi, which opened last autumn.I was thinking of posting the reference data here for any other ambitious souls wishing to try their luck in the high plateau, but would want to check whether there are there any copyright restrictions on the data formats used in the PSS navdata files. (entirely self-written I should add - thank goodness for google earth).

  8. I think you can 'fudge' approaches by using STARS to the FAF (final Approach Fix) and making the STAR runway-specific.If you need these to connect with true STARS you may need to have these as Transitions.

  9. I have an english version of Windows XP (w SP2)But get:'757 Fuel Planner.exe - Application error'"The application failed to initialise properly (0xc0000135). Click on OK to terminate the application."and'757 load editor.exe - Application error'"The application failed to initialise properly (0xc0000135). Click on OK to terminate the application."(running both from double-clicking the exe files in PSSBoeing 757)Having rebooted following install.Rgds,Chris.

  10. I've been hoping to fly some of the Air China routes, in particular those to the high altitude airports their 757s operate into, but the data doesn't seem to be provided by AIRAC.Does anyone have the data for these airfields (i.e. ZULS, ZUNZ, ZUJZ). Especially great if any of the RNP procedures are included.Rgds,Chris.

  11. Hi Folks,Still enjoying this new toy. Only managed to break it once: after major fiddling with the FMC mid-flight).It's prompted a few questions - possibly my ignorance but here goes.It seems a bit eerie - not having any background noise before engine start. Admittedly the APU is a longway back behind a bulkhead, but would there be 'some' noise (i.e. from Air Conditioning)?Other soundsets have something, but in those cases the noise remains after complete shutdown, which isn't right).Any thoughts?rgds,Chris.

  12. I folks, I bought the B757 professional 2006 yesterday afternoon and installed it this morning. After a couple of trips I wish to congratulate PSS on a great product.I decided to install the non-VC model (personal preference) and performance was far better than expected:Default scenery (Edwards AFB) 30-40fps;Flytampa Midway: 25-30fpsSimflyers Chicago: 12-15fpsClick spots are intuitive and responsive, handflies very smoothly in the circuit. Graphics are clear and config options easy to adjust.cheers guys.

  13. From I recall of my own VC design the problem I found was that the problem wasn't so much the VC itself, rather the limited control of the position of the viewpoint.Taking the 737/757/767 arrangement as an example (and leaving performance and gauge resolution issues aside).A pilots eyeline is straight ahead (out the window, most instruments require a glance-down to bring them out of peripheral vision, something that happens subconscuiously IRL, but requires view movement button-pressing in the sim.If the VC perspective can, in FSX, be angled downward (as 2d views can be in FS9) then with the right viewpoint and zoom settings; a comparable picture 'should' be possible on screen.

  14. From my experience I advise being persistent. If you do not get a reply to an email, after say 5 days, send another asking if they received it and restating your message. Be prepared to repeat things you've already told them since you may not be dealing with the same person each time.I had a similar problem, but in the end by being consistent and providing them with all the information requested Ariane went to much trouble to email me the large zip files that had not completed downloading and eventually posted me a cd at no extra charge.Be advised; it is unfortunate but the assumption is that every customer is a potential fraudster so you will have to explain your circumstance and convince them where possible that you are a genuine customer with id's and passwords etc.As with any customer support team, they are YOUR ambassadors and you want them to acknowledge, own and resolve the problems on your behalf, so get them working for you with a balanced combination of carrot as well as stick. If you refuse to go away, busy support teams are likely to do more just to get rid of you. If you get abusive you'll only succeed in alienating them, which means you're less likely to get them to do what you want.

  15. Hi there,I agree that AGP support is going to fall away soon, but if you have a card and a system that does the business it shouldn't matter.Last month I switched from AGP to PCI. Reviews I had seen put the 7800gt 'marginally ahead of the ATI equivalent, but those tests weren't FS-specific.I was an ATI fan, having gone from the 8500 to 9800pro.If the next version of FS supports dual graphics cards, you could slot another in alongside.Cheer,C.j.MSI K8N DiamondAMD64 3200+ CPU2*512Mb Corsair xpertXFX GeForce 7800gt GPUHitachi Deskstar+Raptor SATA HDsSamsung 19" 193 LCD

  16. Thanks for the suggestions guys.I do have Norton running in the background - as I (would) usually use the 'download weather function', disabling the AV and Firewall would be a risky step security-wise.I'll try-out a few of the earlier ATI drivers.Chipset-wise, I've so far kept with the Mobo drivers provided by MSI, but would be interested if there were alternatives on NVidia.The only other item I forgot to mention in my first post is that I was running with the onboard (Realtek) sound chip. But I disabled this in the Bios and the pausing remained.Cheers,Chris

  17. Pleading for help from anyone here...The new system is now up and running and FS9 performance is miles better (was 15-20FPS, usually around 30-40FPS)But every three-or-four seconds there is a split-second pause (the dreaded stutters - Even on the 'select a flight' page, the stock cessna - pauses it's pirouet every few seconds).and it's driving me utterly spare!- I have FS in it's own partition, freshly formatted and rebooted- I have the latest Catalyst ATI drivers (5.4) and DirectX- I deleted the FS9.cfg to ensure it created a default one.How come the system is able to push-out around 70 frames a second (panning round the cessna on the threshold at KSEA) and then every couple of seconds - freezes of a fraction of a second?If it were performance-related (i.e. XP services) I'd have figured the basic frame rate would be affected?Cheers,Chris.K8N Neo2 Platinum - Athlon64 3200Dual (2*)512Mb Corsair 3200XLWD Raptor 74GBSapphire Atlantis 9800Pro (Catalyst 5.4)DirectX 9.0c

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