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  1. Cheers for the replys.My existing system suffered a hard disk crash last week, which forced the issue of an upgrade. Having to fork-out for a new disk effectively rules out mass re-engineering to PCI this time around. So the bits i've gone for are:MSI K8N Neo2 PlatinumAMD Athlon 64 3200Corsair TWINX1024-3200XL XPERT TwinX (2x512) 1GB Dual Channel KitWestern Digital Raptor 10000RPM 74GB 8MB SATA(and slotting in my trusty Sapphire 9800Pro Atlantis).Ta,Chris.

  2. Hi folks,This weekend I completed a 'mid-range' trip: Denver to Anchorage (2,000nm) which with approx. 70% load, required full fuel.The thing is, I notice Alaska operate Miami to Anchorage (3,500nm) and wondered whether this is possible with PMDG?Using the loadmaster tool I pulled the loads for the mixed class -700 down to 4/71, plus baggage, giving a payload of 24,000lbs.However, this was with no 'minimum landing fuel'.So is there a standard figure for 'minimum landing fuel'?And are trips of this length possible? I read a couple of threads from a year or two ago that made me wonder if not.Cheers,Chris.

  3. Ok folks here's the deal.I'm planning on getting a new mobo/CPU and have been thinking of the MSI K8N Neo2 Platinum/AMD Athlon 64 3200. The thing is my current Graphics card is a Sapphire (Radeon) 9800Pro Atlantis (which I've had for about a year).But I'm wondering if spending 400 quid on pursuing the AGP route will be wasted, if Dual PCI is the way to go now, especially with WinXP 64 on the horizon?Any advice would be appreciated.Rgds,Chris.

  4. So all this hyperbole about precision and accuracy counts for so much - call me a traditionalist but I fly from 'inside' the cockpit.Yet again the PIC mafiosi get shirty when anyone dares to resist total submission before the shrine.DShutt you were funny once, although I forget exactly when.

  5. On my system Paro has been incorrectly sunk into a shoebox, probably due to inadeqate mesh data vs airfield elevation. As can be seen in the photos only MSFS has 500' sheer cliffs off one end of the airfield.The straight in chart is a non-precision approach. It gets you over the field and hopefully in sight of the runway. From there you'll be most likely doing teardrops onto the opposite end (or you would be if Microsoft hadn't messed up the surrounding terrain).

  6. Hi folks, just check I'm not going mad. Are the Pitch limit indicators on the PFD, only I saw a photo from Airliners.net, showing an Alsakan 700 series, with those little yellow eyebrow markers on the artificial horizon.I believe they are used on takeoff (appearring when flaps extended) to indicate max pitch.BTW I have the 737NG and 800/900 expansion pack.

  7. Aha, this one caught me when I first took it for a quick circuit.Did you switch on the generators? I think that the A/T needs to feed off the (Engine or APU) generators. That's what worked for me.I guess the NG isn't a 'kick the tyres/light the fires' kinda plane.Cheers,Chris J.

  8. Hi guys, One question that does seem to be clearly stated here, so perhaps someone could let me know?I have the base 600/700 package and would like to know, if I buy the 800/900 add-on are the 2d panel enhancements applied to the 600/700 types, as I'd hope to be able to get continuity with things like the new EADI/EHSI modes, etc across the range and not have two variants of the 2d panel depending on which model I was flying.Cheers,C.J.

  9. >I think you are wrong. If I remember correctly, some time ago>there was a product released for FS2000 without any previews.>It was called '767 Pilot in Command'Erm, unfortunately you do not remember corrrectly my friend. '767 Pilot in Command' is/was the payware incarnation of a project led by Eric Ernst. The two preceeding versions (6.4 and 7.0) were HEAVILY previewed by Eric on his website, such was his style. The team working on the current development take a different approach.

  10. Part of the problem a number of members here are having with the frequency of updates may be due to the approach taken by Eric Ernst with respect to earlier incarnations.Version 6.4 was previewed gauge by gauge as Eric/Wade designed and completed individual portions of the work. However, with PIC becoming more integrated, the work will be proportionately more back-office coding and less snazzy graphics than it used to be. Plus a strong element in Eric's personal approach was the posting of updates (almost as a form of marking project milestones).The team involved in this latest development take a different view, my personal judgement would favour little and often, even if it's simply a short paragraph. This gives the public a feeling of involvement and enables the team to manage expectations (A key feature in every software development project).

  11. I know FS9 has been out for nearly a year now, but I can't help thinking there were a few loose-ends in FS2002 that could have been tidied-up and provided a few additional features:1. Intelligent pushbacksGiven that FS holds taxiway data (as we can see from AFCAD), and having been issued with a taxi clearance route to the active runway, it ought to be possible to enable a more intelligent pushback that reverses the plane from it's gate on to the taxiway and turns it towards the route just cleared (from a single shift-P click).2. Integration with AIGiven that for each aircraft, FS9 stores 'atc_airline', atc_type and atc_model, the program has all the data neccessary to enable the user to select an Aircraft, Airline and Departure point; and then offer the user a selection of AI flights that the user could fly personally (in his super-detailed Posky/Ifdg plane of choice) as a substitute for the AI equivalent, say departing within the next hour.This could then be further extended to permit turnrounds and multiple segments. Potentially with a performance evaluation on punctuality at the end (anyone remember Sublogic ATP?)The groundwork for both these things were in place in FS2002, so IMHO it's a shame not to have seen FS9 make the most of them.ta,CJ.

  12. The current British Airways colour scheme (as unveiled in 1997) uses a proprietary typeface called Mylius which isn't on public release (at least the ttf files aren't). Commissioned specifically as part of the rebranding project - Utopia.The 'British Airways' logo itself is a slightly thicker variation called 'Mylius Headline Bold'.The 'Mylius' typeface is used on publicity material, signage, etc. Another variation 'Mylius Sans' is commonly used for technical/internal documentation and reports.Optima is the closest publicly available font to the typeface used in logo to the earlier (80/90's) Landor colour scheme.

  13. Hi folks, Would anyone be able to help with a question regarding upgrading ATI graphics cards?I currently have the ATI Radeon 8500 and having upgraded much of the rest of my system, I'm curious to know whether lashing out on a new card (probably one of the '9800' models) would deliver a noticable improvement in FPS/image quality within FS2004.My current system spec is:Athlon XP 2700Gigabyte GA-7N400-L1 (Nvidia NForce2)2*256mb Samsung PC3200 400 DDR RAMATI Radeon 8500 64MB AGPMitsubishi Diamond Plus 93SBMS Windows XP HomeDirectX 9.0AIf someone could give me some indication of the difference I could expect, I'd be very grateful for helping me decide whether It's worth the spondulicks.Cheers,C.J.

  14. I'm finding the nature of threads relating to future developments of PIC rather bizarre.767PIC was a commercial product and as far as we are given to understand any upgrade will not be made available for free. This means those who enquire about availability of this upgrade are 'Potential Customers'. If I were in some way connencted to this venture (which I am not) I would take a very dim view of people slagging of my potential customers and seemingly taking the demand (and hence income) from interested flightsimmers for granted.Furthermore unless made by an administrator/moderator, ordinary members have NO right whatsoever to intimidate, bully or otherwise instruct other members on what they can/cannot post about. I'm not talking about expressing ones opinion. But I've seen many here who seem to beleive they have a right to police this forum. Any non-official who attempted repremand me for raising a PIC related subject will get told where to get off (and in very few syllables).This forum isn't a private club. If that's what someone wants I suggest they install the software to their webspace and set it up, where they can be king of there own lonely little castle.

  15. Isn't it obvious. MS doesn't write software when it can steal it from someone else and tie up years in the courts, bleeding their competitors white in the meantime. And with that level of market share who gives a flying-whatsit about Customer Service!It's a great shame that justflight appears to have adopted the same wholly unsatisfactory method of copy-protecting their software.I have asked them the question and await a response.

  16. Great work shaun, Bristol was where I did my first trial lesson (nearly fifteen years ago now).I initially thought the new terminal should be semi-transparent, but having parked-up in front of it a few times the textured effect works really really well (apart from not seeing a reflection of your own plane facing you! maybe something for FS2050).Could I perhaps ask about the apron floodlights? Whether there was a specific snag with having them lit at night?BTW, love the rolling countryside. I'm seriously tempted to try the farmstrip we fly from on the other side of Bath.cheers,CJ

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