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  1. Hi folks, Has anyone else had this with the Narrow-body airbuses designed by FSPainter.What I'm getting is after takeoff the plane continues to pitch up even with full nose-down pitch AND trim, right over a full loop (without stalling BTW) I tried disabling the joystick and varying the 'realism settings/autorudder/etc' but it makes no difference.

  2. IMO it's not warranted to make claims of 'all-new', unless the new model contains features previous models did not.I would consider a more 'genuine' approach for Arianes pricing policy to be of the pick-and-mix variety:1. Pay upfront for one of the basic models (Classic or NG) - there are significant difference between them at the level detail we're dealing with - engines,wings,gear,flaps,etc. - say $30.2. Pay only a top-up for additional variants (700, 800, 900, BBJ) and features like panels/sounds - say $5-10.3. Leave Paint schemes to the freeware community (since the value of the commercial product is enhanced by highly talented customers producing these and making them available, if they so choose - so is it a good idea in the long run to stand in their way).I've never bought an Ariane product although I consider a distinction between the actual model designers, and the geezer in the comfy leather armchair.Moreover, It's a shame the designers couldn't set themselves up with a more credible figurehead. Think of the splash they COULD have made (a la Eric and 767PIC)!

  3. Cheers Tom I may need to do that. When I thought about it, I looked again at the default radii and found them to be roughly double the PHYSICAL aircraft radius (taking the larger of length and wingspan and dividing by 2). When I set them to this, the AI are happy to get a bit more snug.I guess larger radii are to give bigger gaps in queues of aircraft (although why this factor coulddn't have been programmed-in must be a mystery known only to the MSFS developers).Thanks,C.J.

  4. Is it possible to configure the zoom and angle of the VC view. I've a VC that needs to be angled down slightly to see both outside world and panel and it's a pain to have to pan-down everytime. Can this be 'programmed in'. (In FSDS2) I tried tilting the axis of pilot.view, but that didn't work and had a good look through the panel SDK, which implied it couldn't be done. Has anyone had this situation and found a solution?Thanks for any help,C.J.

  5. Hi folks,I'm designing some scenery for an airfield that has an apron with stands laid-out in a grid without much 'elbow room'. I've modelled it precisely but found that AI traffic halts on entering/leaving the apron because of the promixity of parked aircraft, is there a way of overriding this somehow.I know I could reduce the aircraft radius artifically but that would affect parking at all the other airports (and would seriously complicate things if I was to upload it anywhere).Is there another way round this (it has only one runway and one main taxiway) so overlays would be a tricky way to go?Cheers for any suggestions/info on this,C.J.

  6. Not a 75' twas a 733, we spoke about briefly some months back, about the time Mr Cantu launched his - our models are eerily similar (Except mine has much better main gear). :DRight now I'm working on scenery for Kathmandu, but y'know it's not quite right flying IFDG757/PIC in there in BA colours, what I could do with is a nice'n'grubby Royal Nepal repaint...

  7. With you too Sandy - the nose looks fine from the other angles, but that first one looks 'out' and the tail tapers more.Given the IFDG -200 model is out, like it or not that's the standard that has been set.I must've re-done the nose on my plane (from scratch) about 7 times, at least, and it's those three-quarter angles that you need to scrutinise really closely to tweak each point in the offending area.BTW Mine's still sitting in the paintshop, having added moving hold doors, I got sidetracked into adding a full virtual cabin - silly move!.

  8. Thanks for that bones,I've scoured the net pretty intensively over the weekend and got quite a few good shots of the rather unique terminal, which I'm custom building with FSDS, as a .scm (if that's the best way) and I've found all the info I need on approach and rwy lighting.There are PAPI's, but since the step-down glideslope varies between 3.5 and 7.5 degrees, I've no firm idea what to set them to???Taxiway lighting isn't mentioned anywhere, Maybe there isn't any?Also, no mention of parking arrangements, so I'm guessing marshalling is the low tech solution (I may see about doing a custom marshaller). Certainly no jetties, so don't forget to pack an umbrella.P.S.Fortunately the AI Aardvark 757 has no trouble getting in/out, but some of the lighter traffic needs a few goes to get it right.

  9. Hi,I guess this is something of a longshot, but would anyone have airfield charts or data for Tribhuvan Int'l, Kathmandu.I'm working on a scenery for it and have the basic layout, but I'm lacking detailed information, particularly with regards to precise lighting (i.e. Apron/Taxiway/Runway/Approach). Ramp plans woulds also be dead handy.Any info or links would be hugely appreciated.Cheers,C.J.

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