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  1. and so on and so on...unfortunately, this is quickly drowned out by the incessant complainers.
  2. Late afternoon flight in the Citation Longitude from LFBZ to LEMG:
  3. This is the correct answer. It will not natively support ultrawidescreen monitors. Hence, I can't buy one because there's not a chance I'm running anything at 16:9.
  4. Also, keep in mind that the majority of simmers who are not experiencing issues, or are aware of issues but don't feel the need to burst into tears because of some supposed backstabbing pleasing the XBox crowd thing that goes on behind their backs, are a) simply enjoying the sim and/or b) just don't have the inclination to post here because they'll be immediately set upon by the bloodhounds of negativity who wish to escalate to management every time Asobo drops a pixel. I've done more flights per week since the update and hotfix dropped than in any previous week before SU5. Simply, because the sim is much more fluid and smooth for me, and doesn't take a trip to the grocery store's worth of time to load.
  5. Who you gonna believe? The contingent of avsimmers with issues or your lyin' eyes? 😄
  6. Thanks for the great work. Is there a business jet livery available for this plane?
  7. Read my post and the poll further down before YOU make a fool out of yourself. I acknowledged the (to me) slight visual degradation, which (as I also wrote) is (to me) an acceptable trade off for the significant improvement in performance I'm getting. "Developer acknowledges issues" is a standard reply in gaming. Again, please use your head before putting your foot in the middle of it. Thank you and have a nice day.
  8. What issues? No CTDs (I had a couple of CTDs when the sim booted into the "checking for updates" screen, since the hotfix these are gone), controls work fine. Performance much improved. Load times are much improved also. Yes, the clouds are blockier (and pixelated at the edges), and then there is the occasional pop-in. Keep up the good work Asobo/Microsoft, and (mostly) ignore the incessant complaining by a vocal minority. Most important issue to me is: continued work on the G 1000 NXi and the G 3000. As I posted in another thread: I took off from Biarritz, France, and the city and the ocean looked exactly like I remember from the many flights I took there as a passenger.
  9. These screenshots demonstrate that all this talk about "image degradation" is just that: talk.
  10. So, you guys constantly fiddle with core sim files, and then you complain that your sim CTDs all the time. Too funny.
  11. There is nothing wrong with making a "quick buck". And you guys seemed to be up on things. You could deliver a pitch-perfect product and folks would still whine incessantly. I mean, Rihanna could be knocking on an avsimmer's bedroom door and make him an offer he couldn't refuse for $10 - he'd probably say: WUT? Get the f... outta here, you just want to make a quick buck!
  12. Again: how is that Asobo's problem?
  13. I'd buy one in a heartbeat, if they added native support for ultrawidescreen monitors. Exactly.
  14. Nobody forced you to waste money on an overpriced GPU.
  15. No, you're not. I took off from Flightbeam's Biarritz airport today, and by chance looked out the copilot's window. I've been to Biarritz, France, many times, and it looked just like I remembered it. Because of my old PC, I can only run terrain level detail at max 75, but the buildings, the color of the water, etc. For a moment I thought I was looking at the real thing. Reading all the comments, it almost sounds like folks are playing completely different simulators.
  16. My controls worked exactly the same like they did before SU5. Not sure what you mean.
  17. Well, look now, the reason why you are satisfied is because you are a simpleton with a weak pc, who really doesn't ask much of MSFS; in contrast to the ultra-uber-sophisticated critics, whose discerning eyes and keen instincts won't even let the slightest misstep by Asobo go unnoticed. (in case you're wondering, this was irony/sarcasm)
  18. Based on ridiculous comments like this - comments not based on anything even remotely true - I'm thinking of putting together a proposal for a Netflix (comedy) series.
  19. The "SU 5 is garbage" contingent on Avsim is just a small and vocal minority who love to nitpick every last detail. Sure, the sim has issues, which game doesn't? It's been a year. We've had regular updates and enhancements, etc.
  20. No. Just no. Edit: Yeah, let's tell the WT guys to stop adding features to their G 1000 NXi. That sounds like a great idea! Lol.
  21. Of course, it's always easier to immediately fly off the handle rather than taking your time to did into the update.
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