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  1. The average gamer doesn't care about apis, papis, teryaki, whatever, all the terms that folks throw at each other, trying to sound "edumacated".

    The average gamer also doesn't spend $5,000 on a "gaming pc" (the dude who invented this term found a gold mine of extracting money from gullible gamers, because, let's be honest here, every PC is a "gaming PC". He/she runs games on whatever hardware is at hand. 

    What the average gamer cares about is firing up his flight simulator without muss or fuss, without having to start 30 different programs before you can actually click the .exe button. 

    What the average gamer cares about is not having to spend the cost of a semester at a college in order to move the visuals from atrocious to serviceable. 

    What the average gamer cares about is being able to play MSFS on the hardware he has, without being confronted with a constant stutter fest even at low/medium settings. 

    On all these points, MSFS 2020 delivers. 

    And I'm only talking about performance and not about all the other stuff like: the enormously large freeware community, the Working Title stuff, the G 1000 NXi, etc. 


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  2. On 9/7/2021 at 9:14 PM, Bert Pieke said:

     but for me, the best part is not having to look at the "XBox has landed" message every time I start MSFS  🙂

    Wow, the things people get triggered by...

    I love that MSFS 2020 is on Xbox. Ensures that flight simulation has a healthy future and brings in new gamers. Win win, in my book. 

  3. 6 hours ago, Overload said:

    Reading the unfortunately too common disaster comments re the latest update. Holding fire on starting MSFS for the moment - maybe some of the issues will be addressed, and waiting a week or 2 might be worth while?

    But maybe the vast majority of updates go smoothly - none of us know?

    Why not a simple update success poll?- Could someone tell me how to do it - or better still - just hi-jack the idea and post a poll?

    Would be very useful - not just for update 6, but for every update - same old same old every time...

    Maybe it's not as bad as the forums indicate - be nice to know?

    I suspect that the update went smoothly for the majority of folks. Some folks will always have problems. The ones who don't tend not to post. 

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