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  1. And let's not forget the dozens of threads of folks who've had enough and are going to FSX/Xplane/P3D
  2. Chintzy plastic. Not a chance I'm putting this thing on my desk. I'm always amazed how easy it is to separate simmer from their cash. I've owned many cheap plastic yokes and pedals over the years, eventually you look at those cheap knobs and buttons and it's an immersion killer.
  3. I think the water looks great, even at low/medium settings.
  4. Flightsim.to is leading the pack. You don't need to create an account to login. Instant downloads, too, and not this "wait 5 serconds for your download to start", etc.
  5. Please stop resurrecting zombie threads that confuse everyone. Start a new thread so that we know that you continue to have issues.
  6. Never bought it. The freeware version worked fine for me.
  7. Please post a pic so we know what you're talking about.
  8. 1. Ignore the "horror stories" 2. Stay away from the forums, where you'll find mostly useless "voodoo fixes" 3. Read all prompts during install carefully before you click any buttons. 4. If something goes wrong, carefully examine at what stage it went wrong. 5. If the sim crashes at any point, go into the Event Viewer and look at the error log. 6. Buy your copy from the Windows Store to avoid confusion.
  9. The funny thing is that these kinds of videos often make a point opposite to the one intended. This comparison clearly demonstrates that it makes mostly little to no sense to throw (hardware) money at MSFS, especially if you're satisfied with 1080p or 1440 p. Drop the ingame graphics settings to medium, and you're pretty much good to go with whatever crappy hardware you're playing the sim on.
  10. Post a picture, otherwise this is a pointless thread. How hard can this be? Hit the Windows then the print screen button on your keboard. Upload the pic to Imgur, post the link here. Takes two minutes.
  11. Complete some basic flying lessons, plenty of examples on youtube. Start with the C 152.
  12. The problem: Once you've used an email on another discord server, it seems you cannot use that email again for verifying yourself on another discord. Solution: Use throw away emails.
  13. Nothing new. Was there from the beginning. "Keep speed under...."
  14. Why on Discord? The registration process is cumbersome, and I already have an email in use, and I'm not able to use that email again. Why not upload to nexumods or flightsim.to?
  15. The mod shows up in the Longitude, but I couldn't manipulate the range knob. Range was stuck at 1000 nm. Switched to the TBM 930 and the range button worked as expected.
  16. MSFS 2020 has vastly exceeded my expectations for a Triple A game release. I didn't much follow the pre-release hype, and knew that it was just that, hype and marketing. Par for the course in the world of gaming development. Imagine my surprise when I started my first flight and realized that the game was running pretty good on my 5 year old PC, the visuals were terrific and the default planes were an excellent start. Needless to say, I immediately deleted P3D off of my harddrive.
  17. The majority of problems are user-side. But it's easier to bash Microsoft than to troubleshoot ones set up. I bought it the minute my Gamepass subscription expired. No regrets on my part.
  18. The autopilot works just fine. Look more closely into what is messed up on your end.
  19. Do I need to change/disable anything to get the improved AA performance?
  20. Your point being? I use several mods and plenty of addon liveries (those seem to be broken at the moment, though). It seems that with every release performance is improved.
  21. Without "before" pictures under exactly the same conditions, this thread is pointless.
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