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  1. This thread needs to be put out of its misery.....
  2. I'm firmly in the camp of "I want to spend as little money as possible on third party addons". Not just because of the money, but because of the pain and headache that comes with maintaining a stable full of external addons that you have to start or fiddle around with before getting to the actual sim. I have a simple, some might say simplistic, yardstick for the weather: I live fairly close to my home airport; does the weather at my sim home airport look like the weather outside? More often than not, it does. This has also improved over the course of the updates, to the point where I don't fire up Rex Weather Force anymore. Let me remind folks that we used to pay for raindrops, clouds, shaders, rain effects on glass, etc. - to be sure, some of that was available as freeeware. In MSFS this all comes with the base sim and - to add icing on the cake - comes with close to no performance penalty and low/medium settings (settings which are, unlike in P3D, visually pleasing).
  3. Why on earth would anyone run around with an MSFS t shirt?
  4. Great little tool. Highly recommended. And at the fair price, a no-brainer.
  5. ...which, I am certain, will be a significant push towards more accurate glass in MSFS 2020. Planning to use it with the DA62. While waiting you can read the close to 500 page manual available on the Garmin website (not sure whether I'm allowed to link to the pdf directly, but easily found via a Google search.)
  6. All the information you need to answer your questions is available via a simple google search.
  7. I prefer to base my assessments on evidence and facts.
  8. MSFS 2020 is the first simulator where I didn't feel the need to immediately go out and spend $$$$$$ just to make it look halfway decent. Out of the box, Xplane and P3D are barely tolerable visually, leading to the purchase of untold number of addons. Not the case with MSFS.
  9. IMHO, no matter how you dice and slice the numbers, it's clear that MSFS is the only flight sim with a healthy commercial future, because: 1) A dedicated development team that actually listens to feedback 2) A terrifically good base simulator - basically, you can enjoy this sim "straight out of the box" 3) A vibrant mod community 4) Relatively modest hardware requirements, i.e., looks good even on lower/low settings 5) Developing more advanced avionics within the sim - e.g., the forthcoming WT G1000 Nxi 6) Will be released for the latest XBox consoles 7) Complex aircraft will be released soon etc etc. I also notice a significant decrease in the typical negative threads that we had at the beginning.
  10. I prefer to base my buying decision on the actual released product, reviewed by someone I trust, rather than falling for hype and a few promotional videos. But that's just me.
  11. You are correct. That's probably putting it mildly. I imagine FSLabs are staring at Fenix's announcement like someone who just got slapped upside the head with a bag of wet pasta.
  12. If you're still betting on producing addons that will sell in P3D, you're probably sealing your fate.
  13. Who is this for? The folks who want an "hardcore" Airbus simulation in MSFS are probably going to wait for FSLabs to port their version over. Simmers happy with a midlevel plane are probably content with the FbW version. So, where is the market for this addon - unless they are planning to sell a high fidelity addon at Aerosoft prices.
  14. Hmmm, let me embark on this incredibly exciting and scary journey of deciding between a Freeware A320 that is in active development and is being supported by the WT guys and this "consumer friendly" version that costs $$$$
  15. These guys must not be very smart.... (Initially I had written stronger words, but didn't want to run afoul of the mods🙂)
  16. Avsim forums need a new policy: dev. announcements are only allowed if and when an actual addon that is being developled has materialized in the form of proof like screenshots. Otherwise it's just hot air. At any rate, given the pace of development, many avsimmers will be "nearer to thee my Lord" by the time this is released, whatever "this" is (probably another rust bucket).
  17. So, they're gonna replicate some version of the Primus 2.0 integrated avionics suite? Ooookkkkayyyyy.
  18. Well, it says in the Facebook post that it's gonna be a "recreational rendition" - make of that what you wish. Ha ha.
  19. WT are working on a G1000 NXI. Get the info - to avoid spreading half truths or misinformation - from their Discord channel. https://discord.com/invite/Fa6w2xK
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