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  1. Let's just say it the way it is: MSFS 2020 is currently the most promising iteration of a flight sim. It's remarkably stable, runs well even on crappy hardware, and looks extremely good, even at lower settings. I'm running MSFS 2020 on a six year old PC, off of a creaky harddrive, with 8 gigs of system ram. On medium settings I get about 18-20 fps on average. Not great.. But works for me. There is an enormous eco-system of free mods, which basically means you don't have to spend a penny to enjoy the sim. Avionics are being improved as we speak, with WT (CJ4 mod, G3000 mod, etc.) leading the way. The G1000 Nxi is on its way. Most crashes and problems seem user-generated (broken runtime libraries, overclocked gpus, etc.). Happy days in flight simming are here again!
  2. This is the first collaboration from Bredok and Virtualcol: called the "Kingtation". It's also called the "Terducken of the Skies"
  3. FSElite is clearly desperate for page views and clicks.....
  4. I completely agree. I'll make up my own mind as to how I'll spend my money on flight sim addons, and if I decide to buy 100 Bredok and Virtualcol airplanes and gift them to inmates at Rikers Island, I'll do exactly that! As for some no-name website, whose main raison d' etre (look, Ma, I threw in some fancy French words😉) is posting wallpapers of product release announcements, with the occasional "review" thrown in for good measure telling me what to buy, well, I'll just hand it over to this guy: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=YBQvt-t6NcA
  5. Flight simming is a game, so welcome to the gaming community. That said, an XBox Series s or x would already be sitting on my desk, if it weren't for the fact that neither supports ultra wide screen resolutions. Also, after that rumored "massive improvement in performance" my six year old PC is gonna run MSFS 2020 like a champ. Also, I might stand in front of the mirror one day and realize my junk has doubled in size overnight.....
  6. Would it have killed you to post a link to the mod? https://flightsim.to/file/16674/we-love-vfr-region-2
  7. There is absolutely nothing to be scared about. Download the Workint Title CJ4 mod, and you'll be a happy camper. Also, the WT team is working on a GG 1000 nxi version.
  8. This is why I provided a link to the github page, taken straight from WT's Discord channel.
  9. https://github.com/Working-Title-MSFS-Mods/fspackages/releases/tag/g3000-v0.7.3 Release Highlights for v0.7.3 Please refer to the changelog for a more detailed description of changes in this release. Added the Enroute Options menu to the GTC Flight Plan page, which allows you to add waypoints and airways directly to the beginning of the Enroute segment. Enabled the ability to zoom and scroll the Flight Plan and Procedure Preview panes. Fixes [FPLN] VNAV indications will no longer display "NaN" for vertical deviation when the current VNAV leg is flat. [MFD] The Navigation Data Bar BRG field now correctly displays the bearing to the active waypoint instead of the airplane's heading. [GTC] Fixed behavior of Back button in the G3000 Transponder page. [NavMap] The range compass now displays "360" instead of "000" for north heading. [Charts] Fixed a freeze that could occur when attempting to display certain Navigraph charts with malformed georeferencing data.
  10. Thanks, Mike, but it's kind of telling that even after 8 pages (and many more in other threads) folks are still confused about this addon.
  11. And they are correct. It's not their job to "test" every addon that finds its way into the store. It's YOUR job as consumer to make an informed decision, based on various factors - for example, based on the - hint, hint - reputation of the company selling the product. If the product doesn't deliver to your satisfaction, you'll have to take it up with the addon developer. I do think that Marketplace should implement a refund policy.
  12. This promises to be an entertaining thread.... I guess fools and their $$ are soon parted. On a more serious note: Stop buying word not allowed the day it arrives
  13. I can almost guarantee you that on July 28th this forum will be full of "I'm not seeing any performance improvements!", "My performance is worse now" threads. "Massive performance improvments"? Yarite. It's like saying Take this pill and it'll grow 4 inches". Nah, sorry bro, not gonna happen.😉
  14. 60%? Ha ha ha. Sounds like one of those late-night weight loss infomercials.
  15. I said this before, but the big difference between FSX/P3D and MSFS is that in the latter even the default airports (mostly) look like real airports. And how much time does one really spend outside the airplane admiring the the airport scenery? For me, the novelty of even a highly detailed airport quickly wears off, leaving aside the fact that many payware aiports practically assassinate your fps.
  16. I agree and have to say I'm extremely angry at myself for having spent hundreds, probably thousands of $$$$ on addon airports for FSX and P3D. The only scenery I'm going to buy is global stuff like Zinertek and REX, or if something truly new and innovative is released. And, sorry, modeling the inside of Hangar 78, located in the Far East corner of an airport, or having a bunch of grandmas shuffle across the tarmac as "passengers" doesn't count as innovation in my book.
  17. What's the difference between winter summer and summer winter? So there is one summer season for the entire world, regardless of regional variations. The problem is that the author seems to have a hard time explaining what the addon does, and how it does what it does.
  18. I love these kinds of comments. So you start all your flights at 2500 ft and never land? 😄 I still don't quite understand how your addon works. I live in Northern Europe - right now it's "summer" is there a season for that?
  19. Good lord, just what we need, another unhinged guy on the forum.
  20. Hmm, my close to 6 year old AMD gpu never caused me any issues, and I've been using AMD for all my gaming for over 12 years. But, whatever.
  21. I admire someone who can stay so insanely sane in the face of these kinds of rubbish threads. I wish I had your patience....
  22. Leaving aside the fact that there is a very serviceable freeware version available over on flightsim.to https://flightsim.to/file/895/seychelles-airports ...the days of developers just lazily porting stuff over into MSFS are probably mostly over. Hmmm, let me see, a nice and functional freeware version that is frame-rate friendly vs. a $30 port-over. Let me go into a corner and give this a long, hard think...Ok, I'm done thinking.
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