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  1. Count me in too....! :) MSFS 2020 is the simulator I have been dreaming of my entire FS journey which started with FS 5.1.
  2. All I can say is WOW....! Thank you Microsoft for answering my prayers....!
  3. I would love to see a PMDG 757 and 767. However, I know that my chances in winning the lottery are probably better. Hope you all have a great weekend. Will
  4. I made the switch to X-Plane 11 and have to say I am really liking it. Wish there were more addons from of the famous P3D/FSX and hope PMDG crosses the line Otherwise I am excited. The quick and constant updates by the Xplane developers is promising. No more OOM.....!
  5. Hello all, Not to defend his claim but here is my two cents. I just installed v3 in Windows 10 64bit with no add-ons. I took the F22 out of (default) SFO and flew to MRY. Changed planes and departed MRY for SFO. Over Santa Cruz I received an OOM. My settings were relatively high close to max. I don't think we will be the only ones in this boat over the next few days. Regardless, I am happy LM is continuing to work on P3D and hopefully one day we will all put this behind us...! I just wish someone would give us a simulator that takes advantage of today's hardware and feels like P3D. I wish P3D, X-Plane and Outerra would get together and spawn a baby flight simulator that continues to grow over time! Hey, without hope what is there? Keep the blue side up!
  6. See you on the flipside Tom A. Thank you for all that you have done for us....! RIP...! :(
  7. Scandinavian13, Once a wise old man told me "it's the thought that counts". Anything from information to a movie or even screen shots would make for a wonderful Christmas. No matter what I would like to wish you all at PMDG a Happy Holidays. Please spend time with your loved ones and I don't me the Queen of the sky's v2 .
  8. I am selling Samsung MD230X3, Matrox Digital Triple Head to go, amd Evga GTX 780 PM me if interested.
  9. I agree lets move forward... I am just happy someone like "LM" is working on making our simulator experience better. Bring on the new year
  10. Well I am running sli 970 and both are 4gb. I tried just one card and all worked just fine. If you are not in a rush I would say just hold out. Do you have an article regarding the incoming 8gb cards? I just purchased my 970s and I might return them if that's the case.
  11. PMDG, QualityWings, and more FTX/ORBX releases pretty pretty please...
  12. Hello I have the same monitor LG 34UC97-S and just love it. I came from http://www.samsung.com/hk_en/business/business-products/business-monitor/lcd/LS23MUQHB/XT. Which was a nice setup but killed frames for flightsim. I am selling the above Samsung monitor
  13. Yeah something specific to your system is the problem. I have been able to do things in P3D I could only dream about doing in FSX. With Aerosoft Airbus I actual was able to fly a whole duty day. I started out at YHBA and finished up at NZCH after two stops. In FSX I would have been luck to complete the first leg with out OOM on arrival. I know this is all subject to each individual systems. I don't remember who said it "just do whatever works best for you". This is absolutely true whether you like X-Plane, P3D or FSX....! I think the only reason P3D is starting to leave the pack behind, is the constant work/updates that is going on at LM. If I was a betting man, I would be placing my chips on LM for now. They continue to improve on something we all thought was about to be pulled off life-support when MS bailed. happy flying & GO GIANTS.........!
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