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  1. Hi ??????????According to my real-life UNITED F/O 737 pilot friend, it is not unusual for the jetliner A/P to command a climb of 3000-4000 fpm sometimes.Kerke :-waveKMIA
  2. I am starting to use the free "ROUTEFINDER flight planning services" located at http://rfinder.asalink.net/free/ more than any other flight planner.Here's a sample flight plan for one of my frequent PMDG 738NG flights:---------------------------------------------------------------------88648 fixes and 67166 airway segments in databaseSolution found after 74 iterations, elapsed time: 0 seconds.Computed route from MIAMI INTL (KMIA, K7) to HARTSFIELD JACKSON ATLANTA INTK7 (KATL, K7): 7 fixes, 521.7 nautical milesCruise altitude between FL290 and FL330KMIA (0.0nm) -MIA9-> HEDLY (50.2nm) -J53-> PHK (63.2nm) -J81-> OHENU (131.7nm) -J53-> ORL (174.3nm) -J81-> VQQ (278.7nm) -SINCA3-> KATL (521.7nm) Details:---------------------------------------------------------------------ID FREQ HDG DIST Coords Name/RemarksKMIA 0 0 N25
  3. Also, make sure to first clear the previous route (Delete Key + RTE 1 LSK).I like to fly short 200-500 nm flights and I frequently fly the return flight, never had any problems with the PMDG FMC/CDU.Best regards,Kerke :-waveKMIA
  4. How does the RTA differ from the time given by the FMC's PROG page under the destinantion airport?Kerke
  5. >Hello All,> I have followed the tutorial flight and sometimes the auto>throttle works and sometimes does not. also what are the>minimum entries required for A/T to work.>>Thanx in advance>Ed Ed, what do you mean the A/T doesn't work? Are your A/T and F/D switches ON? Are you using the TO/GA button for takeoff, and your FMC?Kerke
  6. Does this bird have a functional FMC? Better yet, does the real-life 727 have an FMC?Also, will they have an American Airlines 727-200 version?Great looking aircraft, but how does it fly?Kerke :-waveKMIA
  7. >For example, when passing through>the "UP" marker (about 200kts), set flaps to 1. When 1 is>displayed, set to 2, etc... You don't need to do each flap>setting individually, just make sure your airspeed doesn't go>into the red bricks on the tape.James, that's exactly what I do -- I set flap "1" when I pass the "UP" marker, etc. But if you stick your head outside your aircraft and take an external view screenshot while flying at, say, "200 KIAS flaps 1", you will see what I mean: you nose-up attitide will be very high -- and if you happen to be making a turn to base or final, your aircraft will look like you're on takeoff instead of approach.Kerke
  8. I fly my PMDG 737NG-800 by the book, I use Puta's excellent fuel planning tool to calculate my required fuel and ZFW, I input all FMC "required" fields, and use LNAV/VNAV from 500-1000' AGL until my last STAR fix, by the book, I think :7However, on downwind, base and final approach, my FMC-generated flap speed bugs are very low. In other words, if I follow the FMC-recommended flap schedule (ie UP at 200 KIAS, 1 at 190, 5 @ 165), my aircraft flies with a nose-up attitude of 10 degrees and sometimes more!I realize that the FMC calculates the optimal flap schedule based on weight, fuel left, and a zillion other things, but following these setting recommendations produces an exaggerated (IMHO) nose-up attitude. Does the real NG have the same low speed nose-up attitude? or am I doing something wrong?If required, I'll be happy to produce a few side-view and panel screenshots to demonstrate the issue.Thank you all in advance,Kerke :-waveKMIA
  9. >Once fs atc begin giving you runway and vectors, there is an>option in the atc list to approach via xxx transition. Go for>that and all will be well.Are you refering to the FS9 ATC? I've been looking for an option like this for a long time and I've been using FS9 from day 1 -- I've never been presented with this option. I'm going to try once again tonight.Best regards :-waveKerkeKMIA
  10. >Joe,>>I for one use the FSBuild flight planner. It provides so many>good tools to plan a flight for the PMDG 737NG in addition to>does a good job on fuel planning. It is a very powerful tool,>and it exports so well to the FMC.I only have the free FSBuild version and it works well many times, but sometimes I create a short 500 nm flight, and FSBuild creates it as being a 4-6 thousand nm trip.Kerke
  11. OK Mats, I just finished my test flight (KBFI-KLAX) using FSUIPC wind smoothing settings as per your screenshot. The results are better but still, on the LIN-AVE leg at FL330, winds now shifted 1 degree at a time around the 360 degree spectrum over and over again, and so VNAV speed decreased and increased with a noticeable engine spooling up and down back to almost idle while the winds shifted 360 degrees one degree at a time. I descended to FL290 but the results were not much better. At one point, close to AVE, winds settled back to normal (as in no constant wind direction changes).Here's the flight plan for those of you who wish to recreate this wind shifting anomaly: KBFI-SEA-J5-LKV-J67-LIN-J189-AVE.SADDE6-KLAX (FL330).It would be interesting to know weather real-world aircraft, specially the 737NG, behave the same way during sudden high-wind changes at cruise altitude.Thanks for your assistance,Kerke
  12. Mats, I only use the FS "Download weather and update every 15 minutes" feature. I configured my FSUIPC winds as per your sugestion and I'm flying the same route again to test it.Thanks a lot,PS: My apologies for the humongous pic size.
  13. >This is definitely a wind problem. You have an almost 180
  14. A perfect flight KBFI-KLAX goes bad when suddenly the aircraft slows down by itself to a scary slow speed and then decides to accelerate and overspeed. Left alone, the slow down and accelerate to overspeed pattern repeasts over and over again. The aircraft was cruising perfectly for over an hour on VNAV and LNAV at FL330 when the anomaly started.http://www.kerke.us/avsim/pmdg/slow.jpghttp://www.kerke.us/avsim/pmdg/overspeed.jpgAny ideas why this may have happened?Thank you in advance,Kerke---
  15. Has anybody seen this?'m just curious because I've been getting that error message frequently lately, but it only has happened while flying the PMDG 737NG, never when I fly other aircraft. Anyway, I'm not claiming that the PMDG 737NG is causing that error, but the 6-8 times that message has popped-up, I have been flying the PMDG 737NG, and I've never seen it while I fly my other planes.My Internet connection is a DSL line and none of my server programs running on the same WinXP Pro SP2 machine (WinMX, IIS, FTP, etc) has complained about losing connectivity.BTW, the worst thing about that error is that when the message pops up, the whole sim stops working until you press the OK key. Last night I was having an excellent KFLL-KLAS flight on my favorite PMDG aircraft (the Continental 738) and when I came back to my computer 2 hours later, I saw the message on my screen. As it turned out, my flight had stopped near Sarasota FL waiting for me to press the OK key -- I should have been flying over Texas at that time :-madThank you in advance,Kerke
  16. I have a question regarding the strikethrough font I get on one of my PMDG gauges. I apologize in advanced if this issue is covered on one of the manuals. this yellow strikethrough font mean anything?Thank you in advance,Kerke
  17. >FS9 ATC is a complete waste of time if you want "real" ATC. >Closest solution for that is VATSIM or IVAO.Hi Timothy, do you know where I could find instrutions on how to obtain and run the software needed for VATSIM? AFAIK, VATSIM software is not FS9 compatible yet, but I know many people have been able to make it work.Thank you,Kerke
  18. >This may be a dumb question but how do you get FS9 ATC to>coincide with the Timothy Metzinger tutorial. I do fine until>I get near the airport and ATC starts vectoring me differently>than the "Shine Five Arrival". Do I have to go into the flight>planner in FS9 and maually put in all the points from the>Metzinger flight plan?I don't think the Metzinger flight plan mentions "using" the FS9 ATC at all. You may just request VFR clearance and get a takeoff rwy -- then, as you approach the destination airport, get its ATIS and connect to TOWER for landing. At least that's how I fly with the PMDG 737NG.>Another thing is that ATC tells me to land at 36L and not 36R>as in the tutorial.When I select 36L in the FMC the so called>"new field" RWY EXT does not appear in the FMC KCLT ARRIVALS>page.If the FS9 ATC gives you 36L, you can request 36R and more than likely you will get it.Kerke
  19. >To get rid of all route related data, go to RTE PAGE 1/x, and>press the DELETE key, then select LSK 1L, and then EXEC. This>will remove destination, departure, and all waypoints. You>can then proceed on entering a new route(at least,>partially).That't how I do it too, but lately I have been unable to delete the route using the above steps -- instead of clearing the route, the FMC/CDU displays this message: "Program Error".Many times I complete a flight and then try to insert a new route at the ramp for my next leg, I press the DELETE key and then press the LSK 1L to clear the route in the ROUTE page, the "Program Error" message displays on the CDU and it does not clear the route.Is there anyway to perform a complete reboot of the FMC at the ramp without restarting the flight?Thank you in advance,Kerke
  20. >It's been a known issue that sometimes the ground spoilers do>not fully stow after landing. Press the '/' key twice to>deploy and stow the ground spoilers and be sure the green>SPEED BRAKE ARMED light is extinguished.John, but the '/' key does not control the spoilers anymore after upgrading from the 737NG-600/700 to the 800/900. I was told on a previous post about this issue that once you upgraded to the 800/900, the spoilers must be controlled with the mouse and would not work with the '/', a 'feature' I personally find more like a downgrade than an upgrade. Can the 800/900 spoliers be configured to work with the '/' like the 600/700 and all other FSim aircraft?Kerke
  21. My perfectly running PMDG 737NG aircraft has turned buggy after upgrading to the 737-800/900 today.First problem after upgrading, the keyboard "/" key doesn't control the speedbrakes anymore. I hit the "/" key and nothing happens anymore.Second problem after upgrading, the autobrake stays on "RTO" after takeoff. Before upgrading my 737NG 600/700, the autobrake would automatically move into the "OFF" position after takeoff, but after upgrading to the 800/900, it now stays on "RTO". Third issue, not so critical, but still: the frontpanel's 2 warning buttons turned blurred after upgrading from the 600/700 to the 800/900.http://www.kerke.us/avsim/pmdg/WarnButtons.jpgAlso, does the TCAS work with the normal FS9 AI traffic or do I have to go online into multiplayer mode? My TCAS shows no traffic whatsoever even when I set my xponder to TA or TARA (sorrounded by AI traffic). Has anybody experienced these same problems after upgrading? Thank you in advance, Kerke
  22. I've own the PSS A320 for over a year now but I don't have a joystick, so I can't fly it. I am interested in purchasing a joystick that resembles the real life Airbus sidestick both physically (how it looks like) and functionally (how it performs).When I browse online trying to shop for a joystick, all I find are sticks that are more geared towards shooting games or war games.Another question, is the real life A320 sidestick a 3D stick? If it's not, then I'll be looking for a simple 2D model that closely resembles the real life A320 sidestick.Thank you in advance,Kerke
  23. An observation, the original poster already said "I disconnected the AP at 500 feet, and began to fly the 700 down", so he actually exited APP mode on his first final approach.Best regards,Kerke
  24. I'm not a real pilot but my 2 UAL pilot friends (a 767 captain and a 737 FO) tell me that flying the real plane is much easier than flying the Microsoft Flight Simulator, plus you have periferal vision and many more visual clues.Kerke
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