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  1. >Okay guys quite a few wrong concepts here!>>First of all, you don't set V2+10, you always set V2!I completely believe you, but here's a quote from the PMDG Flight Tutorial:---------------------------------Takeoff PreparationYou will need to prepare your cockpit for takeoff.
  2. >To follow exact procedure, you should set the V2 speed prior>to takeoff.Aren't you supposed to set the speed to V2+10 instead of just V2? I believe the tutorial says to set the speed to V2+10 from the FMC calculated V2 value on the Takeoff page.On takeoff, when I activate the autopilot (AP1 button) at about 500-1000', the aircraft goes into LVL CHG mode and maintains the takeoff speed. Then at one point, when I hit LNAV at about 1500-3000', the smootly aircraft accelerates and climbs maintaining 250 on the speed to 10000.Best Regards from Miami/FloridaKerke
  3. The "Automatic Flight Management Systems" manual says this (on page 9-6 in the "ROLL Command Mode" section):"At no time will any autopilot roll mode exceed the bank limit selector or maneuvering speed limits in order to maintain course."In my experience with the PMDG 737NG 600/700, I have lowered the bank limit selector to the lowest (10), and still my LNAV commanded turns are very very steep. In fact, my LNAV commanded turns are very steep regardless of what bank limit settings I may be using, it actually seems as if it ignores the bank limit setting altogether.The only time that I have seen the autopilot use the bank limit setting is when I manually set a heading.Now, is this a bug or is this the way the real plane works? Or, is the manual incorrect?Best regards from Miami/Florida (KMIA),Kerke
  4. Thank you both for your replies. As it turned out, I was missing a couple of steps in the engene startup sequence ;-)My 737NG starts just fine now. As far as the CTD is concerned, I did a little flight last night (KATL-KMIA) with the "American 737-700 2D Conckpit only" and everything went OK. In fact, this flight went better that OK, it went incredibly smooth!Thanks again,Kerke
  5. After hearing so many good comments on the PMDG 737NG and reading excellent reviews I decided to buy it (the PMDG 737NG 677/700, I still don't have the 800/900s). I have used it for just a few hours this past weekend and I agree with the critics this has to be the best FSim add-on ever!The only problems I have experienced is a couple of very anoying crashes to the desktop in both cases while clicking on FMC buttons, the whole screen would go black but the FMC would stay on for about 1 or 2 minutes while FS 9.1 is crashing to the desktop. I am running the PMDG 737NG 600/700 on a very stable FS 9.1 install on Windows XP Pro SP2 and the fully licensed FSUIPC 3.4.Overall I am very satiscfied with my PMDG product, the fligth dynamics are great, the sounds are amazing, the panels and gauges are readable and run very smooth, the visual model and liveries are first class, event my PFS are great, the whole experience has been excellent.Only 2 negative comments: (1) my two crashes to the desktop, I hate when that happens, and (2) the manuals could be better, specially the sample flight tutorials, which should include screenshots to help newbies pinpoint where things are.Ohh, another thing, following Fred Clausen's flight tutorial, my engines won't start, I mean they try to start many times but give up. It takes me like 10 minutes to get those engines started -- my ignorance about the product more than likely, but if anybody knows what I'm doing wrong I would really apreciate the assistance.Next on my list is the 800/900, maybe next week!Ecellent job guys,Kerke
  6. The FS9 autopilot uses "trim" to hold an altitude as well as for climbs and descends. Real-world pilots tell me that this is not the way autopilots work on real-world aircraft.Because of this, one of the problems I have with FS9 when I disengage the A/P is that the aircraft jumps up or down, sometimes on short final, which is not very nice. In a real-world aircraft, once you trim your aircraft, it will remain trimmed, and the autopilot will not un-trim your plane, so when you disengage your A/P, you plane continues to fly smoothly without jumping up or down, climbing or descending unexpectedly.Is there a way to make FS9 not use trim to control the autopilot? How do other FS9 simmers maintain their aircraft flying smoothly when they disconnect the A/P on final approach--when I disconnect the A/P, my aircraft usually goes into a climb or descend instead of continuing on a smooth flight path like the real-world airplanes?Thank you in advance,Kerke
  7. Thank you for your quick reply Adrian, I am going a post a generic FS9 A/P Trim question on AVSIM's General Discussion Forum to see how FS9 simmers manage to control FS9 aircraft (not the PMDG 737) when they disconnect their A/P.Thanks again,Kerke
  8. Simple question:The FS9 autopilot uses "trim" to hold an altitude. Real-world pilots tell me that is not the way autopilots work on real-world aircraft.Because of this, one of the problems I have with FS9 when I didengage the A/P is that the aircarft jumps up or down, sometimes on short final, which is not very nice. In a real-world aircraft, once you trim your aircraft, it will remain trimmed, the autopilot will not un-trim your plane, so when you disengage your A/P, you plane continues to fly without jumping up and down. The only FSim addon I had that replace FS9 with its own autopilot was the 767PIC, best flying FSim aircraft I had. I am considering purchasing the complete PMDG 737 package, so I'd like to know whether these aircraft use FS9's autopilot or whether they have replaced it with PMDG's own A/P?Just as a point of reference, how smooth does the PMDG 737 autopilot work compared to, say, the 767PIC autopilot?Thank you in advance,Kerke
  9. I tried Jonh but I was unable to access the Eaglesoft forum site (http://www.eaglesoftdg1.com/forum/forum/default.asp).I'll try to post a few spot-view screenshots to show you guys what I mean.Kerke
  10. I purchased the Eaglesoft Citation X a couple of weeks ago and I liked it but I was very dissapointed with the texture mismatch in the nose and tail of that model. It looks to me like they went overboard enhancing the passenger cabin but it is dissapointing to see texture mismatch like this on a payware product.Kerke
  11. I just wannted to know if the PMDG aircraft utilize the FS9 autopilot or if they implement their own?
  12. Do real aircraft auto-pilots use the trim system for elevator control?I know you recommend to disengage the A/P at one point to trim the aricraft, but the problem is, since th A/P un-trims the plane, whenever I disengage the A/P, the airplane goes half crazy and for a few seconds it is hard to control.
  13. I agree 100% -- FSim addon developers should release 10-day demos of their aircraft. If the planes are good, people will pay for them to continue using them after the 10 day demo period.In fact, I'd be happy with a 24-hour full-feature demo, that'd be enough for me to make an intelligent decision to buy it or delete it.
  14. I always like to take control of my aircraft and hand fly it once I am on final, assuming I can see the runway of course. I believe that is closer to the way pilots fly in real life.Anyway, on my FS9, a lot of times I switch off the A/P on short final at around 400-2000 feet (by pressing the 'z' key on my keyboard), and the aircraft also does some weird things like trying to climb by itself and becoming hard to control.Ideally, after flying a stable ILS approach on final, I should be able to hit the 'z' key to stop the auto pilot and the aircraft should continue flying in the same path; but it doesn't, it doesn't react well when I switch off the A/P. I don't remember FS2002 having that 'feature'.This happends regardless of what aircraft I am flying, it happends on all aircraft. Is it only me?
  15. This is the kind of thing FS9 Beta testers should have picked up and asked MS to fix before the final release -- it's an easy fix and it should have been done right!Now, does anybody know if there is an FS9 ATC config file somewhere where this may be changed to, say, 1000 feet instead of 200?
  16. I've onwed a real-life ATC radio scanner for over 5-6 years and I've used it around many airports.Sorry to disagree with you but this is not the way alt assignments are changed in real life at all: not in DEPARTURE or CENTER. Real ATC gives you your next altitude with plenty of time for you to continue an uniterrupted climb all the way to cruise altitude, at least not in the KMIA or KFLL area.
  17. I don't know why FS9 waits until you are 100 +/- feet from the assigned altitude to give you the next alt. They could have done that at about 800-1000 feet (or more) instead, to mimic real life ATC assigments. That aspect of the FS9 ATC along with the turn-left-now-turn-right-now-turn-left again approaches and the downwind approached way too far away from the field are really different from real life approaches. Not as real as it gets at all, but it could have easily been done right. In summary (and IMHO), FS9 ATC is better than FS2002, but still "thumbs down".
  18. My FS9 program is crashing when in route to New York, usually when I fly from Chicago KORD to La Guardia KLGA, at around 150-175 nm west of New York (but still on Cleveland Center). What happens is that suddenly my FS9 screen turns completely black and after a couple of minutes FS9 crashes.My FS9 installation is fairly recent, a month or so -- I am using the default FS9 scenery (no scenery add-ons). At the time of the FS9 program crash, I was flying the Flight1 Cessna 421C Golden Eagle (the latest FS2004 version), my favorite FSim aircraft!Funny thing is, I remember my old FS2002 also having a similar crash problem at or around the same New York area.Is this a known problem? Does anybody know why my FS9 is crashing west of New York? I don't have that problem in other areas.
  19. After a couple of month with FS9, I am already getting tired of only seeing generic airliners like "Soar" and "American Pacific" who don't exist in real life.I am looking for the best AI traffic add-on for FS9, one that will replace the generic American Pacific and Soar aircraft with nice looking American Airlines, Delta, Continental, Speed Birds, etc.Also, I want to make sure that the traffic add-on I get is easy to install, and it doesn't introduce any problems such as unacceptably low framerated or FS9 crashes.Can you recommend one?Thank you in advance.
  20. On multi-leg flight plans, sometimes I land at an airport and quickly get ready for departure to continue with leg #2 of my flight plan. With FS9, as well as FS2002, I cannot load a flight plan unless I accept to move the aircraft to another location (or runway). If I don't accept to move my aircarft, the flight plan will not load.With FS2002, FSUIPC had a checkbox that fixed that. However, with my new FS9 (and my new registered FSUIPC 3.22), I cannot find the checkbox on FSUIPC to change that flight loading move-aircraft anoying 'feature'.Does anybody know what do I have to do to stop FS9 from forcing me to move my aircraft when I load a flight plan?Thank you in advance.
  21. For those of you who owned the PIC767 for FS2002 package, how does the PMDG 737-800/900 compare to the PIC767 package?Thanks again.
  22. I realize that. I wonder whether the PMDG B737-800/900 package is so good that it is worth buying that instead of, say, two other payware aircraft!On the Piper Meridian issu, well, I just don't like single engine aircraft too much, so I did not include it in my list.
  23. After spending big bucks on my FS2004 computer, my payware aircraft budget has suffered greatly and it is basically limited to one payware aircraft, at least for the time being.I have compiled a list of four FS2004 aircraft that may very well be the best FS9 add-on aircraft to-date.Here's my short list (in no specific order):+ Flight1 Cessna 441 Conquest II ($24.95 US)+ FSD Piper Navajo Panther ($24.95 US)+ Eaglesoft Cessna Citation X ($27.95 US)+ PMDG 737-800/900 ($62.90 US)OK, so here's my question to those of you lucky guys who already own the above aircraft. If you had to make the difficult decision of selecting just one aircraft out of the above four fine packages, which one would you recommend?Thank you in advance :-wave
  24. Is there any way, using FSUIPC, to curve (or completely cancel) surface/runway winds after downloading FSim 9 local weather? I usually go to the FSim 9 Weather and download the local weather (with the update every 15 minutes feature), but when I do that, I have a hard time landing, taking off, and taxiing due to surface winds on the runway. Even if the winds are as low as 8 or 10 knots, I cannot seem to control the aircrafts on the runway.
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