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  1. Do you have any 3rd party modules running over MSFS 2004?
  2. I'm getting closer to ordering my new computer parts, here's another set of specs that I'd like to submit for your recommendations:Motherboard: ABit NF7-S nForce2 ULTRA 400FSB SATA AGP8X w/ RAID, LAN, USB2.0, & AudioCPU: AMD Athlon XP 3200+ CPU (512K L2 CACHE )Memory: 1GB DDR400 RAMVideo: ATI Radeon 9800 Pro 128MBHard Drive: Seagate 120GB 7200RPM Serial ATA 150 8MB CacheSound Card: Creative Labs SB LIVE VALUE 5.1Any suggestions?Thank you in advance.
  3. This topic has been moved by the moderator of this forum. It can be found at:http://forums.avsim.net/dcboard.php?az=sho...97&topic_id=601
  4. I'd like to ask the fellow FSimers for your expert opinion on this system hardware to run FS2004 -- I am looking for great visual quality and specially smooth fluid frame rates -- as you can see, it is not the best system out there but it certainly is what I can afford at this time:+ SOYO P4VGA Via Socket 478 barebone system with Intel P4 3.06Ghz CPU with SOYO case, 350 Watt power supply (http://www.tigerdirect.com/applications/SearchTools/item-details.asp?EdpNo=685419&Sku=S450-3090%20A).+ 1024 MB Ultra PC2700 DDR 333 Mhz memory.+ Seagate 120GB, 7200 RPM, 2MB cache, 8.5, ATA-100 EIDE drive.+ XFX nVidia GeForce FX 5600 V, 256 MB DDR, AGP 8X video card (http://www.tigerdirect.com/applications/SearchTools/item-details.asp?EdpNo=608888&Sku=P450-8510).+ Creative SI SoundBlaster Audigy X-Gamer sound card (http://www.tigerdirect.com/applications/SearchTools/item-details.asp?EdpNo=286989&Sku=C44-5025&CatId=107).+ Windows XP Professional.Your opinion and suggestions (specially on the video card) will be greatly appreciated.Also, what 3D joystick would you recommend (for a reasonable cost), should I get a force-feedback stick for FS9? I mostly like flying the heavies.Thank you in advance.
  5. I am getting ready to purchase a new home computer for FS9. I already have an open account with Dell, so I'm thinking I will price a Dell machine first, but I am willing to buy any other brand based on FSimmer advice running FS9.Those of you who are already running FS 2004 successfully (good framerates), would you recommend a computure model or specs (CPU, memory, video card specs, hard drive, monitor, etc)?I already have a pretty decent ViewSonic GS790 19" CRT monitor (not a flat panel LCD), are the new flat panel LCD monitors better for FS9?Are there any good FS9 machines out ther for under $1,500 (not including monitor), or am I better off assembling my own machine from scratch and keeping my ViewSonic 19" monitor?Thank you in advance.
  6. I haven't used my FSim program since last year and, before I go out and purchase FS2004, I'd like to know from you guys how it compares in overall performance and framerates with the old FS2002 (assuming the same visual settings on both, i.e. all visual setting sliders set at full)?Also, a couple of more questions if you don't mind:+ Is there such thing as FS2004 "Professional" like it used to be in FS2002? When I upgrade, I'd like to get the version with the most features.+ How about the FS2004 default aircraft, are they any better than the ones in FS2002? And, are there good 3rd party livery for the default planes?+ How about on-line ATC, what is the best on-line ATC for FS2004?Thank you in advance,Kerke
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