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  1. alt spacebar turns it back on when it loses contact. I have a multi-screen setup and often tilt my head out of the trackIR range and it disables trackIR. Alt Spacebar flicks it back on. It's a pain in the neck.
  2. One workaround on the FDS CDU is to load the NGX, start the software, then switch to the NGXu. Despite the warnings about loading a complex aircraft over another, I haven't had any issues. I'm a bit disappointed FDS can't find time to help their existing customers, but at least this workaround keeps the CDU from being a bookend. My VRinsight 737 overhead is in worse shape. VRi won't even respond to questions and another source heard his straight answer was no planned support. Another $1000 piece of hardware obsoleted by lack of enthusiasm by the OEM.
  3. If on Vatsim it's because Vpilot has added Carenado aircraft to the model matching and one is near you. Uncheck them in vPilot and the problem will stop.
  4. If you are flying on VATSIM using VPilot, it's very possible this is caused by a Carenado aircraft in your model matching. If model matching imports your Carenado aircraft, then the same model type appears near you on vatsim, Carenado has a weird anti-piracy thing that causes this behavior. It was mind boggling to me as my 777, the TFDi 717 and a few other aircraft were losing all engines and power - what seemed to be randomly - and only when I was connected to VATSIM. Unchecking my Carenado aircraft in VPilot's model matching cured the mysterious issue for me.
  5. I haven't seen an announcement anywhere PMDG will develop a 737 for XP. If they intend to, they would make a very formal announcement and word would get around fast. Whether or not they should is a debate that's been going on for a long time in difference communities but PMDG wisely keeps their opinion to themselves. There's no official PMDG statement for XP as far as I've read anywhere. Hope that answers your question.
  6. Wilhelm - Did the slope adjustments work well? Would you be able to share the curve you're using? Thx!
  7. It's important because he thinks it is. That's not your decision Pablo. The topic was interesting to me as well. You don't get to decide that for other people. Jim's answer was helpful and it solved my curiosity on the issue. The forum served its purpose well.
  8. It doesn't matter that it wasn't said word for word - it's the way he walked away feeling after posting a question ... like so many other times I've seen it here ... he probably regrets asking the question in the first place. I think it's a very good observation that the brakes overheated in what feels like normal use in the -8 when they weren't overheating in the -400. I noticed the same exact thing. A lot of times people have observations and they want to bounce them off other users to see if they are experiencing the same and maybe pick up a shortcut to save them hours of troubleshooting. Bouncing it off other users isn't a bad first step to troubleshooting. Only in this forum it seems to be a regrettable action.
  9. Yes. I myself was curious about the strobe lights. I didn't ask the question myself because I have a little patience for the rude responses an innocent question can generate around here. I have too much invested in PMDG's products to be banned from support. I learned a few things from the thread. It was a valid question. It really showed the value of a user-to-user discussion forum if you can filter all the noise from people who don't approve of the question.
  10. I was curious about the strobe effect too since it's noticeably slower than the older style, so I'm glad you asked the question. I assume 99.99% of the time PMDG didn't mess something up and is a new style of strobe - so I didn't ask. Jim's answer was outstanding.
  11. I had this problem due to loading a custom panel state from the 744 as default. I set the PMDG cold and dark as my default state for the next flight and the issue went away.
  12. Kyle and the PMDG team - If you are surprised or disappointed by the overall negative reaction in the community, then you're missing the compliment for your aircraft work. Of COURSE everyone wanted a CS1000 or E-Jets, or a Gulfstream (my bet in Vegas). Your aircraft are second to none and the announcement and release of them are major event in the industry. Speculation went as far as PMDG picking up the consumer license for FSW which would have been big and for almost everyone. To many of us, GSO..Corrected - GFO was like getting a sweater for Christmas. The person giving it thought it was great; the person receiving it ... well - it depends if they wanted a sweater. It doesn't mean sweaters aren't really nice and useful, but getting a big wheel would have been better. Some people know how to bite their lip and say thanks and others will come right out and say "I didn't want a sweater". Some will even say it has fleas and causes rashes even when it doesn't. Don't blame the community for being disappointed and vocal about it. It's all a compliment to the good work you do on airplanes. The foot stomping and temper tantrums will die out in a few days.
  13. For anyone following this or finds the topic in search, PMDG responded to the ticket and the issue is documented. Dan/Marc/Kevin .. appreciate the help. BD
  14. Marc -if the keybinding was in place for the upper/lower beacon - it would be a lot faster than scrolling up to the overhead and getting my mouse over the three-way switch. And that's not the point anyway. If you go in the PMDG Options / Key Commands / External Lights - you'll see it exists for the lower beacons only. t's possible the OP put a ticket in. It's possible PMDG may have it on their list of fixes. I'm following up because it is important to me. It's a small little annoyance and I'm curious if PMDG captured this and plans to address it - or a fresh ticket is needed. ???? so then strobe is a waste, landing gear is a waste, elapsed time is waste, TOGA is a waste? We shouldn't have keyboard bindings for these? What's the right amount of clicks during a flight to merit a keybinding or hardware switch? 3? 4?
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