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  1. On 6/22/2019 at 6:24 PM, nonflyingdutchman said:

    Would you prefer running the new fs on a pc or (optimised for) xbox (preferrably the project scarlett)

    Well I for one am going down the PC route.

    I've only just heard about MFS and after several years away from the hobby (seems like a lifetime) I'm now resolved to finally replace my ancient PC and pick it up again.

    This seems like the perfect moment.

    Expensive though...




  2. A definitive statement with zero evidence from the person who also made a definitive statement that they were done commenting on Flight School. Why should anyone believe a word you say?


    Spot on.

  3. What a rough bunch of negative posts.  This is flight school which needs to be simplified and not extravagant as most would know it with weather, AI, ATC, etc. The target market, those new to flight simming or just want to fly dont want to be bothered with that stuff right now.


    I think its pretty good deal to have orbx FTX global as default. FSX or P3D or XPX neither had it to that extent. And we have 64 bit. This generation using these sims will ask what are OOMs?

    It is taking advantage of modern hardware equipment. Weve been griping about this for years in all current sims.


    I cant remember any one current sim that we use that was outstanding or even great on first release. FSX? P3D? XPX? But they were all gradually received and built up. To expect the same parameters from DTG on first release be it the flight school or the full sim, is unrealisitc IMO. It will take at least a few years to tweak, redo, enhance everything that we now currently use and have been accustomed to.


    The clouds dont look so good at all. So what. This is alpha. or beta. You know darn well this will be enhanced at some point whether from DTG themselves or from REX or whatever 3PD. Same with weather and AI, ATC. Otherwise this is all for nought. The engine that keeps this hobby going are the enhancements from the community and 3PDs themselves. But to judge flight school so harshly doesnt make sense. Be happy we have something revamped and will continue to be worked on in coming years. Build the strong foundation and the rest will take shape in due time.


    What was everyone expecting anyway? As soon as the full flight sim gets released we will all abandon our current sims and jump over? LOL We will use it , but the addons and enhancements will take time. Kudos to DTG for putting up with all the negativity and keep pluggin along. In a few years it could very well be the main sim. Who really knows how it all plays out.


    Good post. But you're wasting your time. The naysayers will huff and puff about why they don't like it, or keep asking the same questions that have been answered hundreds of times by DTG. Many have missed the point of Flight School entirely.


    It's not that this lot can't see the wood for the trees. They're peering at the bark...

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  4. I doubt that the local landclass is even Orbx, Orbx would have got the VFR landmarks right, and this is one field where you really do need to know where you are in relation to London CTR. 



    You're right there. This is where I did my real flying lessons!


    I could never fly over my house because it was the wrong side of the line.


    Anyway, I think it's a brilliant video and can't wait to try the game.


    And good on those who are taking a positive attitude over this. Makes a change from the endless moaning and griping from some quarters. As if it mattered....

  5. I've been looking at the A320 as well...not yet sure what to think about it...no throttle management at all, just take off and the airplane pretty much does the rest? Cool but...a little boring...maybe? Anybody have thoughts?

    Isn't that one of the classic faux pas comments about the `bus? :-) I've always found that there's just as much (or as little...) to do as in any other modern automated aircraft. And don't forget you've got to manage the slide out tables!


    The FSL A320 should be the definitive airbus, if it ever gets finished...



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  6. Andreas


    I know what you mean about 'wrong immersion factor'.


    I can quote a more sedate example. I recently flew from Heathrow to Milan Malpensa. Up there in the real plane, looking down as we climbed out, the world seemed miles away at 6000 ft. I recreated the flight in FSX and flew the same SID and route. This time the ground seemed much, much closer - I felt I could touch the little FSX houses and trees below. If I didn't know I'd have guessed we were no more than 2000 ft.


    FSX is a bit like that I find. It's ok for technically getting from A to B by pressing buttons in the right order, but the actual view of the world can seem strangely distorted.



  7. I actually use P3D - - my post above with just to those folks jumping on the guy with all the reasons they still play FSX. I say good for you and good for the OP. Enjoy what you enjoy.


    Spot on mate!


    Nick - glad you're happy with P3D. Not tried it myself.


    Although I did sell my boxed edition FSX because I moved to Steam.


    Not that anyone will care... B)



  8. 1. Is it worth the effort of re-installing and then patching my add-ons? Will my low spec PC see any benefits from FSX:SE?




    My low-spec (but soon to be replaced) PC definitely sees benefits. Flying around EGLL and over London with sliders up and even some traffic it's a lot better than before. I'm introducing add-ons one by one to gauge the effects.


    I'd say go for it.

  9. Thanks to the Steam edition I got back into FSX and am really enjoying it. It seems much smoother than before, and I'm sure I'm getting better FPS! 


    At the moment I've not reloaded many add-ons. I've just installed REX Essentials Plus, and I'm planning on installing FTX England and a few of my UK2000 airports to see how they perform.


    As I've re-discovered my FS mojo I may take the opportunity to leave the old aircraft in their hangar and try out something new - I've given up waiting for the FSLabs Bus so maybe the PMDG T7.


    Anyway, another vote from me for FSX-SE. Well worth a flutter, I'd say..



  10. I've done a few FSX 'detoxes' in the past. Got rid of everything but one or two favorites. 


    Currently, I'm just running a default Steam version and am waiting for the FS Labs A320. Please tell me the new bus will work on FSX-SE...  ^_^



  11. After all the negativity expressed towards DTG lately in another thread, I feel that I made a really good purchase decision when I bought FSX:SE in December, it seems that they are keeping promises and actively fixing/refining FSX into something we did not have all these years.  Good on ya Dovetail!


    I agree with you. That thread was just making me reach for the wine.


    I've been enjoying a much improved FSX with the Steam addition, so I'm happy.


    But I don't waste as much of my life on this game these days anyway. Life's too short. B) 

  12. Nah, I love it!


    I'm surprised you have time to actually fly, Dave - almost 2,000 posts in less than 8 months! :lol:


    To the OP, I'm with you mate. I've more or less knocked FS on the head. Not only because of the frustrations you highlight, but also because after twelve years I'm bored stiff with it. I used to waste many a happy hour happily tweaking my system, and doing a bit of flying. Ditching most of the payware and running a very simple set up helped things a lot, but try as I might I just can't get the enthusiasm going anymore for flying - or tweaking - a desk.


    I'd rather spend my limited time on other, less solitary, activities.


    Thanks for the memories MSFS B)



  13. Yea it's great indeed, bought it myself, every penny worth!


    Look here : 




    Thanks for resurrecting this old post Hank. I'd just about given up with FSX, and had forgotten about this.


    Only problem now is persuading the old grey cells to cope with the increased complexity. :lol:

  14. Gets me  when some thing  tragic like  this has  happened  the experts  come out  what caused  the crash  and who's  fault  its  is,  why  don't  you just  post your  findings  to the ntsb  crew  and  save  them time  in investigating  the crash, which will probably take more  time  then you have


    Too true. 


    I have to say I was surprised that already we're up to ten pages of useless speculation.


    Such tragedies always bring out the bar stool experts and rubberneckers...

  15. well,i woke up to drink some milk and get to bed again,then saw your post SVA1181;

    i'm really between sleeping and woke up and tried to type this post approx 3 times(i lost count,sorry) i'll post tomorrow and answer your question



    Did you have a biscuit with the milk?


    You lost count between one and three?!!


    No offence Capt. It just gave me a laugh... :P  

  16. It's funny how people's perceptions can be so different. To me it seems the thing is constantly being talked about on this forum. More so than the 777. I'm not losing any sleep over when it's likely to appear though.


    Facebook? Bloody hate it... :-)



  17. 1.) Buy FSX. No point in going any further if you don't. And it costs peanuts.


    2.) PMDG 737. The not-yet-released FSL Airbus will probably be as good.


    3.) Good idea. FSX needs a strong CPU.


    4.) Search this forum for "weather engine" or "real weather". Look out for Opus and Real Environment Extreme


    5.) Impossibly vague...


    Welcome and happy simming.  B)



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